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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

If it didn't work try it again somewhere else...

 Got meh? Gerakan and BN took away Penang's Free Port status in the first place meh? 
I dinch know osso.

Remember Najib's famous 'you help me, I help you' speech in Sibu? That was when he offered RM5million to resolve the flood problems of Rajang Park. And of course we all know what happened after he made that speech. I think Najib is still trying to wipe that egg off his face. And you would think that the speech-writers in Barisan Nasional would have learned a lesson. But it is quite apparent they and their masters have not learned anything at all.   I have cut and pasted an article from The Star today which illustrates this point of BN's seemingly mindless arrogance. You read and decide if that's true.

GEORGE TOWN: Barisan Nasional wants to restore Penang's free port status as part of a “comprehensive development framework” to make the services industry an engine of growth for the state.

State Barisan chief Teng Chang Yeow said it was part of a detailed “alternative blue print” for the state's future development.

“Our plan is to narrow the development gap between the island and mainland.The services sector will be the new engine of growth for the island, which should be developed as an international tourism hub in the fields of medicine, entertainment, sports and education. This will result in more job opportunities and higher incomes. To do this, we need to be a free port and if Barisan forms the state government we will work towards restoring the status,” he said at a press conference here yesterday.

Teng said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak was “positive and ready to look into it”.

He said Barisan also planned to develop the mainland into an international monetary centre, innovation dynamo park and modern aquaculture centre. He said the proposed “people-centric” plan included infrastructure and public amenity projects. Denying that the development plan was announced to fish for votes with the general election looming, Teng said it was no different from Pakatan Rakyat tabling the Local Government Elections (Penang Island and Province Wellesley) 2012 Bill four years after coming into power.

Of course, we cannot do this (implement the plan) overnight because there are various technical and legal aspects to be considered and we need to see whether we have the people's support. To implement such a development, we need to be the state government and we will need federal backing,” he added.

(The highlights are mine and the rest of the Star article is HERE)



Anonymous said...

This fler tokkok only. It is practically not possible for Penang island to be a free port. Just imagine the long queue at the bridge when all the cars need to be screened by customs. Last time it was possible due to a significantly lower traffic and the mode to travel between the mainland and island then was via the ferry service. This fler only tokkok to try and fish for votes.

KY said...

as someone from Penang, my blood boiled a bit this morning when reading this.

cin2tan said...

NOW, even lemon tastes sweeter than jip's muka in London !!

Why did they go to London ah ?
Went there to Donlon lah !!

The Angry Medic said...

Um, I may be missing the point here (that's also what my girlfriend tells me every time we have se-- UHM nevermind) but didn't the current state government announce that they wanted to do the exact same thing (the free port status) right before these guys did?

Anonymous said...

This run dog ! kawan go eat your fish.
try pocketing money somewhere else! try with to my diamond shop.

Anonymous said...

We Malaysians rakyar are all treated like prostitutes by BN all these years. And this again show BN acts like a pimp to the rakyar!
The pimp takes away what the prostitute earned and entitled. The tell the prostitute, that if you stay with me as ur pimp, I give u back a little of what I have taken away from you!
We, the rakyar, should send a clear message that we disallow to be treated like prostitutes anymore by any political party.

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