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Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday funny

What offence? If you want to sit in front of her house without disrupting other people there is no offence - Deputy Inspector-General of Police. Ya the fler in the photo there.

This has to be the best Funny of the day. It kinda rounds off the first day of the week quite nicely. Enjoys!.....................

Now 500 traders claiming to belong to the Malaysia Small and Medium Entrepreneurs Alliance (Ikhlas) plan to have 500 traders demonstrate outside Ambiga's house. They claim that Bersih 3.0 had disrupted their business.

And the Deputy Inspector-General of Police says that the police will not take action against the group that demonstrated on Thursday and I suppose also the group that plans to demonstrate on May 24. Why? Because those flers have committed no offence it seems.

“What offence If you want to sit in front of her house without disrupting other people there is no offence “As long as they don’t commit any offence such as trespassing on private property we will not take action ”

Hello Tan Sri, Datuk, Sergeant, Corporal or whatever you are......What if they all set up stalls to sell burgers and air bandung and jagung. Can or not? 500 flers wor. That would constitute a pasar malam (or pasar siang whichever the case may be) wouldn't it? Then they have to get permit right?

Then as if to make sure that all Malaysians regardless of race or creed felt his Deputy IGP kick to their collective balls, this police baarger said that under the recently-enforced Peaceful Assembly Act all parties should be allowed to conduct peaceful gatherings.

Pain or not that kick in the balls?
Oh in case you want to know the name of this latest addition to the Malaysian comedy troupe his name is Khalid Abu Bakar. He is the Deputy Inspector-General of Police. Now that's another kick to your balls. Pain?
 (full Malaysian Insider story HERE)


Anonymous said...

My balls feel very soar. Like really soar.

foo wy len said...

Obviously someone saw there might be an opening at the top, so time to show your credential to the boss la.........

monsterball said...

Dumb dumber and dumbest remake...Malaysian style.
Everyone is trying so hard to defend the bunch of police gangsters...defend the jungle laws applied...defend Najib's leadership.
A Deputy IGP is speaking like that???.
I hope PR just expose and talk and do not fall into the trap..doing a
...tit for tat gig.
These people cannot hide their pride to belong to one race one party .....the UMNO b party..only that will allow and encourages massive corruptions
When money is concern and easy to get....UMNO b is the party is the best.
This dumb ass deputy ignores unlawful traders with no license to sell anything at the roadside.
It is saying anything the UMNO b supporters are doing will be protected.
500 stalls are planned at Ambiga's house surroundings.
What bloody childish acts to go against BERSIH chairwoman.
Sick Sick Sick idiots are governing the country... arrogant...with weird mentalities and behaviors....ALL.
Mahathir and Najib are rejoicing.

Anonymous said...

This is a real boleh land.

even Putrajaya Guys want to change an alternative Bar council!!!

malaysia boleh.NIAMAH

monsterball said...

kemo think that fella got kick at the rear for not talking something to help Big Boss win votes.
Me think Hishammuddin is the owner of the Umno born again comedy troupe.
Me going NUTS reading so many UMNO b comedians performing lousy shows.
pain pain pain remedy.
only way...kick them out from PutraJaya...then...siok siok siokalingam la

Anonymous said...

I am a Bak Kut Teh seller, does that mean that I can now set up stalls in front of Najib's house and maybe branches in front of Ibrahim and Hasan Ali's house?
I am also thinking of selling oxtail soup in front of Sharizat's house if she can supply me the tails.
Suddenly I am so enterprising!

Anonymous said...

We should also get Ah Beng 'Bak Kut Teh',Ali nasi kandar and Samy roti canai set up stalls infront of Seri Perdana and Bukit Aman ..can or not?

Osbon said...

he is auditioning for 'Raja Lawak' to supplement his income?

Anonymous said...

One question for Najib and ‘Burger Nasional': Can you promise a Malaysia that is safe for every citizen where the rule of law prevails?

If there were participants of mock funerals or politically-fueled burger sellers outside our houses, can they be dealt with by impartial police officers?

I will vote for you if you can promise us this. If not, then just carry on flipping burgers.

Anonymous said...

in this case don't cha think those traders will even suffer more LOSSES..? very sohai right..?

Anonymous said...

A bastard malay that needs to go the way of the dodo.

Anonymous said...

This DIGP has been eating too much of his own shit.

monsterball said...

Brand new spelling created by UMNO goons.
Astro channel 801 "Arena" is Govt. channel.
Bowling is now spelled
"BOLING" for the whole world to learn.

monsterball said...

A "chow tawfu" stall should be set up... right in front of this stinking Deputy.

Anonymous said...

His got himself promoted from the handling of the cowhead incidence and later TBH case. Go back to old news archive and the comments/statements he has made in those cases, you will know what I mean. And, he is aiming for the top job, it is ok to act stupid.

Anonymous said...

In Bersih 3, we seen and heard rakyat in boots and covered faces taunting the police. It was so obvious that these rioters are policemen in disguise.

In Bersih 4, these 'rioters' will be so violent that the police will be forced to be more brutal. A few people will accidentally get killed. Najib will declare emergency and send in the army, suspend the constitution and send Ambiga and everyone in the opposition to jail.

Najib and cronies will FUCK Malaysia big time. They don't care if the rakyat dies or rot in jail, so long as BN remains in power.

cin2tan said...

NOW, some xarmy people dancing their backsides there !

Anonymous said...

Look at his screwed-up and $%^&-up face and you'll know he's got no brains to talk sensically... Ignore these type of good-for-nothing bargers.....

Anonymous said...

if you re-arrange his pompous title -IGP you find out what he really is!

Anonymous said...

When a senior police officer talks like that, it confirms this country needs a big change! Total change! It is really hopeless otherwise.

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JM Loke said...

I was wondering how did someone of such high IQ end up being the Dep IGP. I pondered and I think I found the answer. This is the result of our better than US/UK/Australian/Japan/S'porean education & training. Correct ah?

sywong said...

This socalled DIGP has the actual capability and intellect of a kampong rookie constable!!

Anonymous said...

pure UMNO stupidity.

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