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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday Funnies

 Petty? What car you drive? 
Don't knock it, okay?

Funny #1

Hahahahaha...this is a damn good one from Najib. For the longest time his detractors have been hammering him about all sorts of things. Not least of which is this thing called FDI or Foreign Direct Investments. FDI fleeing the country la. FDI not coming in anymore la. So yesterday Najib came up with the announcement that Malaysia is "in search of quality FDI" only. He was quoted as saying that Malaysia was looking for "not just any FDI but 'quality' FDI".
Ah soooo...that's why la we don't see a rush of FDI into Malaysia. That's because we pick and choose. Ok now I understand.
Damn! his spin is improving. Full Star story HERE

Funny #2

This next funny must surely win the award for Most Tragically Hilarious Statement By A Policitian. 
It was reported today that Sarawak Chief Minister, Taib Mahmud said that he will step down when "the time comes". Don't you find that funny? No? I suppose it isn't that funny if you are Sarawakian la. Sorry ah. Story HERE.

Funny #3

It appears that the man leading the proposed pasar malam protest in front of Amibiga Sreenevasan's home by Jalan TAR petty traders claiming loss of business due to disruptions caused by Bersih 3.0 is not such a 'petty' businessman himself. Jamal Md. Yunus is the owner of a chain of successful restaurants as well as a luxury car dealership.  Just goes to prove that in Malaysia you can go very far by being 'petty'. By the way, Yunus claims that he still owns a stall permit for Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. Roots ma. Read Jamal's 'inspiring' story HERE and be inspired or otherwise.

Funny #4

Oh I almost forgot about this funny from our ever-dependent comedian in the prime ministers department, Nazri Aziz who said, "We are the generation of the sons of the previous leaders. Our thinking is different" Maybe we should stop having 'sons' of previous leaders in government and try some "new" talent?



monsterball said...

Our funny man is sure a witty smart ass and he is my dear friend for 40 years.
I think I will die laughing one day...that is with my last breath...I think of him????
No way. It will be that judge hammer cutting off few days of my life....less suffering...OK la.

monsterball said...

Now that I read the post more seriously...these leeches and rouges must be voted out.
Taib Mahmud cannot afford to step down.
The 13thb GE is Judgement Day for him...die die he will stand for election and win one seat.
It's ONE seat that counts more easy win putting out idiots and dickheads to more.
Now many smart asses do they have?
I mean real smart ass like Pat..not smart ass like Donkey Kong.

Anonymous said...

sons of a gun ...oops...soooorrri, maaaaaf !

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Datuk Ambiga and Patrick Teoh on BERSIH.-MediaRakyat

Anonymous said...

Uncle Patrick,

The cabinet clown Nazri certainly got it right that his generation of UMNO politicians came out of the rear ends of their politician fathers which explains why his generation of UMNO leaders think with their butts.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure his restaurant Sekinchan Ikan Bakar is successful?. I know for a fact, he openned one in Taipan, USJ, Subang Jaya, in 2011 and it was closed in less than 6 months.

Anonymous said...

Jamal Md. Yunus role model is Rosmah..which means they both started saving coins at VERY young age.

Eventually , she saves enough to buy a diamond while he saves enought to buy a Posche

I give them an ultimate NiaMah !!

Anonymous said...

That's why I don't understand how come Russel Peters show was sold out? We have got tons of talents much better than him, no?

Anonymous said...

'quality' FDI?

Lynas Gebeng is 'quality' FDI?

Ditto GuoGuan Petrochemical in Pengerang Johor?


Possibly quality for the crony's pocket. Toxic to all Malaysians!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

what he said is true; their thinking all screwed up!

Anonymous said...

Your Video is being commented in!

From Ipoh Mali clean and fair Michaelian.

1MalaySia-Sia Sahaja said...

ATM Abdul Taib Mahmud will step down, either over his own dead body, or when Mr & Mrs Rosmah turn over a new leaf, whichever comes 1st. Mark my words.

Jim Beam said...

The current BN government has given us lots of shit. Time to vote them out.

Please boycott the rotten fish of Sekinchan. Jamal is using the publicity to make more money from the poor malays hoping to win the sports car.

Perhaps Patrick can offer a car (Proton Preve) as lucky draw for dining in his restaurant?

Anonymous said...

JAMAL inspiring Story... JOIN UMNO to be CRONY...

monsterball said...

Events leading to 13th's now stones and eggs.
Previously...abusive words....then makan stalls.
The mad doctor Mahathir said BERSIH 3 is to prevent 13th GE...from happening.
Take the cue. He always says the opposite.
It is the many hooliganism acts that are trying to prevent 13th GE.
Malaysia is so lucky to see a living double headed snake talk like a human.
People Power!!!...go through all the calamities and come out victorious.
This double headed snake has false teeth and a real coward.
His filthy mouth will chase votes away from BN.
This is UMNO b first class idiot appear to look so smart....for under his 22 years...all the smart ones dare not correct him...because he encourages corruptions.....and money is the root of all evils.

monsterball said...

76 year old ...5'2 White Hair Lord of the Jungle married a 37 year old.. 6 footer Arabian beauty.
No details about the past of this Arabian beauty.
Come night's like an owl and a Pussy Cat playing on a water bed....bounce here ..bounce there..see who strike first.
Life is so colorful for this timber rouge.
Stole billions from back teeny weeny for decades...all were fooled.
After 12th GE...Rocket-Man caught thousands of Hornbills...strapped with rockets..filled with laughing gas..trained be bomb fighters...bomb all laughing!! Sarawak...the war will begin at 13th GE...with laughing gas.
It will be Comedians Vs Crooks....tickle tickle..all crooks defeated laughing.
Taib Mahmud have never seen such warfare tactics in an elections... in his whole life.
Run away...cannot.
Stay and fight...sure defeated.
What to do?...die standing la.

monsterball said...

Ate one big packet "M&M's" peanut...cannot shit ...cannot pee...for 2 days.
I thought my time is up..goOd-by Pat... my friend.
I never drink water..always coffee or tea with milk...and smoke cigars.
I thought I will die in way.
With the power of the FORCE...shit like stones...small drops of pee...keep coming out.....WALLA...few times...Born Again...not ready to go yet la.
Took the packets and packets of "M&M's"..... stored them away.
No more Judge hammerhead dreams.
Now....waiting for BERSIH 4 and 13th GE.

Anonymous said...

funny they bully the hindu many bully one womem where got jantan?

monsterball said...

Good-morning Pat.
My comment on "M&M" chocolate not appropriate.
Have a nice Min and children.

monsterball said...

Now no more Judge hammer... tock tock tock in my dreams.
It's vvvooooommm vvvvooooommm vvvooooommm....from my jalopy exhaust pipe: broken after seeing this bloody car picture.
It seems every picture is giving me bad vibrations....or warnings.
Changes exhaust old junk. so silent and new car.
Waiting new post!!
Meanwhile....EC said the 92% votes want him to clean the electoral roll are people who does not know what they are talking about...and Mahathir said there is nothing clean about BERSIH 3.
It seems UMNO b guys are the smartest and most truthful politicians in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

某些人试图抹黑沙末赛益(Pak Samad)参与净选盟运动,是出卖了自己种族的叛徒。

不过沙末赛益却轻描淡写地说:“ 不需要要求我做马来人,我本来就是马来人了,我要做的是马来西亚人。”


jalil said...

Mahathir is up to his old tricks of frightening the rakyat with racial riots and scaring the Malays of losing power, what he did in his 22 years. But he does not tell the rural poor Malays how he had squandered the country's billions in particular to rescue his son out of economic downhill. We all know that the thugs of Mamak Malays in Perkasa Penang creating problems there uncalled for and suspects that the agent provocateur could be the greatest mamak of them all. He is desperate to set up his son Mukhriz who is not made or cut out to lead. If one has to choose between KJ and Mukhriz, KJ will get the votes. Let us all deny him this desire and vote out UMNO. Remember to be brave and face the has-been trouble maker to his words and vote for Change by voting ABU.

monsterball said...

Business must be very good in restaurants.
Tired tired....few hours here few hours there and counting money till wee hours of each night.
Pat deserves to be a multi carrying crony to anyone.
But I know when he meet me at the other world...both of us are as poor as before.
There money no talk.
But we will never suffer for we are freedom fighters..fighting for all Malaysians.
Bunch of UMNO b crooks...same same ..not one sen stolen by the billions..can buy any favours.
But the accumulated sins...they will all feel extremely hot.. burning and suffer throughout ...having Hades as their King.
Najib and Mahathir will suffer most.
One play out Tunku Abdul Rahman....the other played out another Tunku Razaleigh...same characters...same pieces of shit... dirty politicians.

``Felicia Kok. said...

Your posts are funny!! :D