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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday funnies

 Funny #1

There is a very funny story in the front page of The Sun today. Did you see it? It says that among the Terms Of Reference (TOR) decided by the independent panel headed by Hanif Omar is the hope that it will establish, among 9 other things, whether allegations of police brutality towards the public and the media are true.

What???!!! Are they blind? Or are they not Internet savvy enough to be able to watch YouTube videos of the event? Establish allegations of police brutality towards the public? Okay la, if the fler had said that they were going to investigate WHY the police acted the way they did I'd buy that. But 'establish allegations' ah? So that means we Malaysian citizens are again accused of being bloody liars la...... hiyoh damn farnieee  la.

Funny #2

The front page of The Sun also carried the story that the Sultan of Johor had paid RM520,000 for the car registration number WWW1. The story also revealed that Health Minister, Liow Tiong Lai paid RM24,200 for WWW15. I don't know about you but I find that rather distasteful. At a time when most Malaysians have been told to tighten belts and whatnot our so-called "leaders" more than show us, and rub our faces in it, that they have money to burn. As a tax-paying citizen it kind of makes you damn TOO LAN (pissed off), right?

Funny #3

When I was in Desaru yesterday there was this Lamborghini parked in the hotel driveway. Being a typical Malaysian I went over to kay-po and look it over. One thing caught my eye. The road tax sticker. It said the road tax on the vehicle was RM0.00!!!
How can ah? What category of Malaysian does not have to pay road tax? Only Royalty, right? But Royalty also do not have to have a car registration number right? But this Lambo had. WWS1***. Maybe it is a car that belongs to Royalty but it was not an "official" royal vehicle. In which case it would have to pay road tax. No? Damn confusing la, this Them and Us system.



Anonymous said...

Kalau bangsa Melayu masih bersama Umno yang tidak menegakkan Islam yang sebenar, berlakulah amaran Allah:

وَإِنْ تَتَوَلَّوْا يَسْتَبْدِلْ قَوْمًا غَيْرَكُمْ ثُمَّ لَا يَكُونُوا أَمْثَالَكُمْ ( 38

Maksudnya: Sekiranya kamu berpaling (tidak mahu menegakkan agama kamu) nescaya Allah menukarkan kaum lain, kemudian mereka tidaklah seperti kamu. (Surah Muhammad: 38)

Anonymous said...

@#$%^&* , i've NOT decided to eat rm2.90 vege chap-fun OR rm3.50 with meat-pork for braunch !
...@#$%^&* , even a mentri ubat can afford 24,200.00 for a no. WITHOUT a car yet !!

KoSong Cafe said...

Most people were under the impression that special numbers like No. 1 are reserved for Sultans and therefore free for them. But since JPJ got this money-making process, I suppose even royalties have to pay. But then again, most people would assume some people would be more than willing to pay on their behalf, to be in their good books. But it is puzzling why they need to be like us, having the usual registration letters. They could have any identifiable letters, even their own initials (with JPJ approval) with the number 1. If JPJ could allow special names like Proton, Sukom, Bambee and so on, they could easily have one for each royal household.

As for zero road tax, I am sure there are many illegalities unknown to us, where undeserving people are enjoying such privileges with impunity.

Juliet Sim said...

Any update on your next project?

Mag7 on NTV7 featured the 3 local stand-up comedians. I do not fidn them funny. Wonder why you are not featured.

patrickteoh said...

Aiyoh Juiet! Why you say that? I thought Douglas and Rashid were quite funny. But I have only seen them on their first day la. Why am I not there? Simple. In a country like Malaysia which is still a country where electronic media is in its developing stage, TV and radio are very much YOUTH media. I can be called a lot of things but young is not one of them. :-) Hee hee hee...

Anonymous said...


Some are more equal than the others. This is very true in our Bolehland. If petty traders can set up their stalls, ex-army veterans perform butt exercises and burger sellers giving out free beef burgers all in front of Ambiga's house with the police blessings, isn't it the grandest example of some people being more equal than the others?

Anonymous said...

Eh Mr.Patrick. if i write something bad and fuck the govt. so now the law catch you or me..??

Niamah hai law make be confused !

Anonymous said...

Haiyah Uncle Patrick,

Now those MACC flers want to investigate kelantan water board's lawatan sambil belajar. How come Selangor's ex-MB trip to Disneyland with the family maid not investigated geh? Damn niamahai right? This bid for the mother fucking plate is too much. And here we are being asked for this proof and that proof for claiming back some of our income tax. This US and THEM system is really screwed up. Your ass painful or not? Mine is numb already la. PUKI!!

monsterball said...

My comments thrown out.

ordinary malaysian said...

Patrick, you really have an eye for the funnies lah. What is there to add to your wisdom. Anything that we can say will just unjustly take away your whoomp man. So I will not add my two unworthy cents ya? Keep up the work man. You inform and keep us entertained and for this you really deserve a datukship not like some unfunny flers.

cin2tan said...

hey. watch lah Rebina Berry video from mediarakyat !

monsterball said...

Pat can see the funny sides of many things....because from young..he enjoys a good laugh....and that's why he never grow old.
I catch on his funny ideas and be inspired to let go whatever I can think of.
Back to......
Funny #1...if Lim Goh Tong is still alive...he will be sacked.
He hates Mahathir and his crooks and love Tunku Abdul Rahman like a brother.
Whenever Tunku short of money..all he needs is to play poker..and 3 will loose as much as they can.
The old UMNO guys are corrupted...but want enough to pass the days without money problems..and all live in modest ways...not boastful...not like Kings and Queens.
None of the past PMs before Mahathir ever traveled by the plane loads..unless to a Summit or an important International meeting.
Mahathir went to Alaska and North the plane loads.
Hanif will be fired ....if he behave like this..if Genting Lord is still alive.
Funny #2....Shame shame shame for Liow to show his true colour...and why not.
He belongs to the Rat Pack...that steals.
Big Rat can do it...why can he borak borak a little.
Johore Sultan can buy anything he lijkfes. He is really rich..not like the Pahasng Sultan..lost RM 10 million at Las Vegas...detained and Musa Hitam has to rush there to get him released..with the Govt...paying his gambling debts.
You w ill never find the Sultan of Pahang goes against Mahathir or Najib.
Funny #3....Tax free road tax for a private owner of a M1 million car?
hi undecided..young voters...make up your minds...who to vote and not sit on the fence.
You will be the biggest fools to support corruptions and race.

Anonymous said...

Pat pls be reminded that you and most of us are lesser human beings so pls shut up and be humble-we are nothing, get it?

monsterball said...

The 3 funnies reminds me of the colorful "M&m"s chocolate.
Purple should be what Hanif is now....old ...bad sign.....make hay while the sun shines.
Black will be the color Tiong Lai's relatives wearing soon...if he goes overboard with his boastful character.
Yellow will always be the Sultan's favorite color. Long Live the Sultan!
What a co-incident. BLACK suits UMNO b crony's Lambor. Black is bad sign for him.
All of them should eat "M&M's" colorful dangerous for old folks.

Anonymous said...

PT,UMNO-BN still think we are idiots and live in the caves.Tell them go and fly kite .WE WILL send them to HELL soon.

Felicia said...


You should be proud of the accolades from Juliet Sim.

Since you are now carrying tongkat (not the NEP one unfortunately), may be you can host the CSL-LGE debate 2.0 to be conducted in English?

Anyway, plenty of good comments about you on on your interview of Ms Ambiga. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Hi Teoh

Did Mahathir stand for election? Who does he represent?

Ben said...

Hi Pat,

It's not surprising that the Lambo you saw has a RM0.00 on it. This is because whenever a car has gone for change of registration number (interchange), a new r/tax will be re-issued and the amount will always be RM0.00 until their next r/tax renewal.

patrickteoh said...

Thank you so much for your kind words, Felicia 5:33PM. In the art of Interview I am merely a novice and have much much more to learn.

Anonymous said...


Go buy the June edition of Singapore FHM magazine, it features Singapore comedians, besides those bikini ladies that you do not get to see on Malaysia edition.

monsterball said...

He hosts the LGE-CSL's like asking Russel Terry to do that.
His voice ....his English..will make CSL & LGE fumble and mumble...and audience laugh...forgetting it is a debate.
Pat said he is a novice SUCKS!!
This guy is the master of all ...but depend on his moods.

Anonymous said...

Petronas gives gomen 30bill... Frrrrrcccckkkk u petronas