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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Funny

We've all heard and read about those burger-selling protestors who staged a demonstration (no, not burger flipping) in front of the home of Ambiga Srineevasan, the co-chairperson of Bersih 3.0

Today, Malaysians awoke to read about another tragically hilarious demonstration in front of Ambiga's home.  This time by a group of retired soldiers or veterans as they would like to be known. This group of veterans chose a rather unique way of protesting against who they claim was someone who had smeared the nation's good name .  They brought along a few manila cards with some protest or other written in Malay. But their main thrust was to perform some sort of buttocks exercise. With butts facing Ambiga's house of course.

I don't know about you but I think this has to be the most sorry-assed (sorry!) demonstration of childishness I have seen so far since the reactions to Bersih 3.0 began.



FrankRose said...

HAHAHA... Uncle, what do you expect from the ass****....of the course some other ass****.....

Anonymous said...

All these Bn trained dogs are only good at tokking kok!

John said...

Endure Ambiga. If Aung San Suu Kyi can do it for the love of her country and to pursue change for the better tomorrow for future generation, you can do it.

All these video evidence should be played over and over again so that our youth can see for themselves the struggle that you have to go through for a better Malaysia.

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Roti Sunshine said...

Anybody need some kick ass practice?


monsterball said...

Some Army veterans show their butts as a protest?
My oh my....Army guys.
I guess these are the old timers that are so proud to serve Najib as their Defense Minister before becoming a PM.
These are Najib's Patriots butting Traitors ...not with a rifle but with their backsides for the whole world to to fight traitors in Malaysia.

kiss my arse, morons, haha... said...

What a bunch of pathetic losers. Niamahhh....

Anonymous said...

this is a bunch of stupid idiot i ever seen

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,
I think that those people who used their ass or asses to forward their views must somehow had their brains moved to that part of their torso. In place of the blank where the grey cells had been removed, the muck which belonged to the butt must be placed there.


Anonymous said...

You heard what the ex-army said. So the next time you see your Muslim friend enjoying teh tarik, tell him that as a Muslim, they can only drink air suam.

Anonymous said...

what to say uncle pat. no brainers ... turun temurun.


Anonymous said...

The more these kind of stupidities happen, the more Bee the End (BN) will lose votes and that'll be the end of them.Datuk Ambiga, we salute you for your brave front to face these brainless humans.... That's real INTIMIDATION...

Anonymous said...

if they have guts, they should have done the full Monty!

cin2tan said...

" our dancing is to jaga the pungung one ! "

Ambiga : this IS intimidation !!

Anonymous said...

Would have been better if they performed it JLo style!

Arunzab said...

Does the police realize that by taking no action against this shameless arse wigglers, they have opened the flood gates for any one and every one to do the same every where and any where including the PMs residence. What have the stupid veterans come to, have they nothing better to do.

Anonymous said...

Wah! Uncle Pat! First time I find you having difficulty to put the right words to the above incident!
Wah! Their butts must have really affected your thinking! NIAMAH!

The Angry Medic said...

What sort of half-assed protest is this?

(Okay, not as good as your 'ass' pun, but it's late and I'm sleepy.)

Seriously, see the respect with which veterans are treated in the UK and the US. The whole film 'Battleship' was based on that. These are heroes who have put their lives in danger for our country.

And THIS is how they're using their voice in society?!

Fucking disgraceful. Bersih or not, they should not have used veterans like this.

Anonymous said...

The work of someone else behind the scene.
Guess who? The authority,the powerful,the siapa nama, can permit or turn their head around pretending .

this is how malaysia nowadays run! if any problem too hot to anywer the press ; go set up an enquiry, go set up a commission to probe into this , go pass the ball to someone jurudistion, go refer to some,some NIAMAH!

niamah indeed the politician.No comment

painter said...

Hmmm...i wondering of giving free SIU YOK rice and CHARSIEW rice in front of Deputy IGP house leh...anyone wanna join me??

Anonymous said...

Didn't know UMNO could stoop so low. They were using the exact antics that they said are "western" culture which they reject.
It is OK if they're doing it and when others (read opposition) do it then it is against the law. It is so obvious now what's going on.
Corruption and high handedness in handling things are now on the table and no longer under it.
Looks like you would soon have enough articles/funnies to come up with "Theology II" any moment.
Looking forward to it.
UMNO = U Must Not Oppose
Viva Ambiga! We are behind (no pun intended) you.

United Mamaks National Organisation said...

Rakyat Malaysia KNEW celaka umNO deployed plenty Mat Rempits, Samseng yang Perkasa and undercover K9 units at Bersih3.0 !!!

Barisan National FeedLOOT Corporation said...

Silly Cows!

Anonymous said...

You have to understand. Who are most of these "veterans"? Nothing but sad dropouts from the "Towering" Malaysian Education system. Fight for their country? When? When was the time when Malaysia really went to war? If unemployable, say lah unemployable. So if they are unemployable even though churned out from the "Towering" Malaysian Education System, what more can we expect from them?

Anonymous said...

Soldiers are soldiers. they will continue to take orders from their master although the orders may be a stupid ones.

Alias Bin Hasan said...

Obey your master!!!


so this is the result..

Jeyan said...

For those of u who still don't believe in the theory of evolution , this is the proof. These guys are the missing link - the link between baboons and humans ! Or are they the missing link between fishes and baboons!

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Maybe it is a new squadron of Buntot DiRaja Malaysia created by either Perkasa and/or umno.

It is perfectly okay if they want to show their butts. But then they failed as Malay and as Muslim .
By showing their buntot in public, those veterans are distancing themselves from Melayu and Islam.

However their antic is interesting indeed. Maybe on one fine day, they might organize nude protest and drops their pants.
We need to attract more tourist as majority of the tourist are asking where to go nude in sunny Malaysia.
Pat, lets encourage those Buntot DiRaja Malaysia squad .
As this will boost the nudist vacation sector.
Hey, this sector need someone to start. Thank You Buntot DiRaja Malaysia.
Special mention to Saiful too for boosting the anal sex tourist industry and datuk T and Soil lek for making Jalan Alor's porno DVDs selling like hotcakes.

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick:
Wonder what the law-abiding Tunku thinks about the unlicensed burger-seller and this bunch of butting-arses doing peaceful-demonstration of the intimiidating kind in a peaceful and affluent neighbourhood? These arses are seen donning the satu-malaysia attire if we are to view carefully. Hahaha, "only BN/UMNO have the experience" and "they are on the right tract!"

Anonymous said...

Are they paid to do that or was it their own free money changed hand. We do know money can do wonders to a poor, retired, jobless man with family to feed.

Anonymous said...

HOPING to see MORE of these FREE disgusting malay acts !!

Suci Dalam Debu said...

BN oh BN. Your days are surely numbered with morons like these in your stable.

What a shame.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Those are the 'left-over 'Malay of the Dr.Mamak era . Not all Malays are like that...hopefully they dont fall into the trap in mixing Malay & Islam all together ..then they will have a hard time disassociate with those moron. Dr.Mamak still hope this will happen...

Nevertheless ..whatever will not work in today's world.

P/S. By the way how come no body want to set up a roast pig in my neighborhood..damn ...Rm45.00per kg now... Hope I could get it free!

K .W. Chang living in USJ

Anonymous said...

When the government allows such disgusting act, it shows what type of government the country has. Developed country? A long way to go.

Oshawott said...

Rais Yatim will make 'Tarian Buntut' kebudayaan melayu, thanks to those ex-army folks!

daniel said...

With asses like these, Malaysia is doomed. Maybe we can have our veteran army clowns who only drink "air suam", and who sayang PM and BN shake their fat bums at our enemy if we have an incursion at our border.

Kickass said...

Is there any contest for the most stupid act ? I want to submit the arse video for competition. I think may win a prize and also create some laughters and a name for Malaysia Veterans. Malaysia Boleh !

monsterball said...

After 28 years under Mahathir's UMNO b..these are one of the fine results of the God fearing Muslims in his party.
Muhyiddin mum at Scorpion matter.
Najib ....first PM being booed overseas.
Mahathir keep dreaming he is the King of Malaysia.
Dollah sleeps day and night.
Butts showing....
Ibrahim Ali thinking how to get some limelight.
Stupid Hasan Ali gone
Tunku Aziz try to rub it in...
These are some ideas how BN going to win 13th GE...under Najib.
His is the real Defense Minster.
Mahathir is still the PM.....and he speaks nonsense all the time.

Anonymous said...

ONLY the Mxlxyx with their brain in their ASSHOLE will did this kind of things..sorry to say that.

1MalaySia-Sia Sahaja said...

Why la all so angry? These acts all exceed the stringent hi standards of umno baru's gutter politics mah.

ubah said...

I don't care what the Main stream media says. I was never so proud to have participated in Bersih 3.0.

Anonymous said...

These are also the people who are engaged to conduct and managed ‘Khidmat Negara’ (National Service). If they can show their butts in public, I cannot imagine what they can do to the teenage girls in the NS camps.

Any miniature cameras in the girls’ bathrooms?

monsterball said...

Given 100 Plus by Ambiga they refused and said Muslims drink only luke warm water.
Ambiga gesture was kindness towards idiots and those idiots must use Islamic religion to talk cock.
They said their butt showing made Ambiga cancel the idea of BERSIH 4.
Why buy Scorpion and defense weapons when we have the smartest Army idea how to win a war.

monsterball said...

I asked my first time young Muslim who participated at BERSIH 3... will he do it again at BERSIH 4...he never hesitated and said yes.
He works for the Govt....and that's what makes me happy.
All know Najib cannot be trusted.
Between the two devils...all prefer Anwar anytime.

PKM said...

Most stupid act of the century and maybe for zillion years to come. Did this (the arses show) make it into that Malaysia Book of Records? Pity if it does not. Just goes to show how shallow-minded and pathetic these imbeciles could be. Pity I was not there to offer them Bak Kut Teh. I believe it will wake them up and make them sober.

Anonymous said...

I think there will be more of this kind of childish and foolish act from the other side of the political divide to come !

They have stoop so low just to protest the very basic rights of Bersih 3.0 to demand a clean and fair election !

Just a very simple and basic rights of citizens of M'sia and seemed to end up like a police state now.

Every now and then, you see those men in blue patrolling Ambiga's house. We saw that happening during Namewee's time where he sang some apparently deemed sensitive songs !

Anonymous said...


Only One thing I can say about them!



Anonymous said...

Sapatut senaman punggung secara bogel kalau berani, baru ada kick nak tengok. Buang masa saja. Nampak macam cari makan.

monsterball said...

So many Tuesday have passed...for that funny.
How about Lim Kit Siang challenged Najib to announce openly that BN will accept defeat..gracefully.
Challenge No:2....3 ..4...?????

Anonymous said...

What to do, Pat? Shamelessness is the order of the day. We have shameless ministers, shameless politicians, shameless high-rank officers, shameless administrators... you name it, Malaysia has it!

cin2tan said...

HOW to beat your enemy = butt-dancing lah !!

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,

this is a response to monsterball 12:18

The challenge you mentioned has been raised and the answer was "I do not have to answer that"

and with that the function of the day ended.Remember??


monsterball said...

Najib frequent reply has always been.. "I do not need to answer that. I don't want to answer that"
He challenge Anwar to a debate...if he is freed from the Sodomy charge
Anwar is free and chickened out.
I guess he can say...AG appealing...Anwar not really free yet...and so debate can KIV.
Najib can KIV all he has promised.
Who cares!
I just hope I don't hear the Judge hammer knocking at my dreams..tock..tock..tock.
Maybe need to see a shrink to get it off.
Best a good massage by a sexy masseur....bathe and sure to sleep like a baby...after that.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Patrick,

If I am the children of any one of these buttocks ex-army veterans, I will throw myself off from the Petronas Twin Tower in disgrace and embarrassment that I am a product of such low life intelligence homo sapien.

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Anonymous said...

How come the Perkasa fella (read felon!)defender of the King, Queen, Prince and Princess, for not voicing his unhappiness that the veterans soldiers have disgrace their Supreme Commander who is the King with their "butt dance"
His silence is deafening!

Anonymous said...

Wah, claimed to have lost money but still can give away free burgers, how generous this lot can be..... Of course can lah, usIng our taxpayers's money why cannot??? Na beh