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Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday UN-funnie

This is not really the kind of funnies you're used to on Niamah!!! weekends. It's a couple of UN-funnies.

Un-funny #1

In Parliament recently the MP for Sri Gading, Mohamed Aziz, asked, "Can we not consider Ambiga (Sreenevasan) a traitor to the Yang DiPertuan Agong and sentence her to hang." Of course, the shit hit the fan when that was reported. Yesterday, the YB sort of explained that he was merely asking a rhetorical question and he even apologised to the Indians in MIC, the PPP and also the Chinese in MCA. Huh??? What's race got to do with this, YB? You insinuate that a fellow Malaysian has committed treason and called for the ultimate punishment then you apologise to Indians and Chinese but not to the person you accused. What's race got to do with this stupidity, YB? I think you need your head examined.


Today in The Sun there is a story about what can and cannot be staged at auditoriums that are government-runned. Places like Istana Budaya in KL and the P. Ramlee Auditorium in Penang. 

(The Malaysian Insider also carried the story HERE)

According to Penang state director of the Culture and Arts Ministry, Mariam Sulaiman, there is a huge difference between performance arts which involves aesthitic movements and choreography and cultural performances where religious elements were present. These religious rituals include chanting, prayers, reading verses and blessing the stage.

And so auditoriums managed by state culture and arts departments which are under the purview of the Culture and Arts Ministry cannot be used for the latter. 

HUH??? HA??? APA??? 

Performance arts are okay but cultural shows cannot???   HUH???

So Puteri Gunung Ledang - the musical can. 'Cos got choreography, music and some quite aesthetic female bodies prancing around the stage. So can show in Istana Budaya.

But then I seem to remember that there was also a show, cultural or whatnot I don't know la, about the life of Buddha that was staged there, right? So how? Somebody's head going to roll for sure now for approving that show.



The Phoenix Foundation said...

He kept saying he was a :disciplined....someshit or the other!

Actually , if you translate from Hansard, properly, what he said would have him, beheaded in days of ol!!

But, now....... as you would say NIAMAH and a bottle of RUM!!

(Crickey, Pat, I need a bloody special reading glasses to figure out the alphabets to prove I am not a robot - like as if you would allow a MM DJ to be a Robot!!!)

Zed Zaidi said...

Each time the haslam & son's movie on mat rempit hit the cinema, the incidents of mat rempit went up.

The correlation is there and so obvious.

The 'Bohsia: Jalan kembali' movie should have been banned. Haslam & son made money while the kapcai rempit create menace on the road to emulate the movie stunts.

Finas should be held accoutable!

Anonymous said...

These policies and the people behind them are like goldfish. In a year we won't remember these rules.

Anonymous said...


... so the hangman finally became the hanged man, metaphorically, of course. LOL Ninpeh! (instead of Niamah!)

najib manaukau said...

Race is the only and ultimate retaliation these deceitful and corrupted scumbags and parasites has as a mean to impede those from questioning or expose their atrocities. It is part of their innate culture so there are no ways for the people to get rid of these morons. The only way is just vote them out of Putrajaya in the coming GE !

Anonymous said...

these gomen machai are all stupid n have no brain laaa...serve the stupid umno goons also!

cin2tan said...

fyi saja :
In Ipoh i saw a car WVW 3xxx but nampak macam VVVVV 3xxx !?

Samad said...

Hudud will be implemented first in Johor, said ADUN Umno Johor.

Anonymous said...

tell me why economy so poor,
market demand and cash flow cannot move much......?except for drinks and food.

Rakyat susah.Is it a euro effect which we blame? or maybe burma export very low?
niamah BN

alan yeo said...

MCA is despicable as Umno now to use sex tactics. Shame on Gan Tian Loo who is diverting attention as MCA cannot answer that Umno Johor wants hudud in Johor!

Gan said...

Why so quiet when MCA is making those fucking noises?

Anonymous said...

We shall all see who gets HANGED?

Anonymous said...

Najib had time to meet Sodomy II complainant Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan to discuss his scholarship, but no time to debate national policy with Anwar.

Swallow said...

It is not something to be proud of the fact that a Malaysian minister Yen Yen actually used her PR status to get free education for her son in Australia.

This is no different from a bumiputera minister making use of her bumi status to get government scholarship, even though she was rich enough to afford it.

For every scholarship taken up, someone else more deserving had been deprived of it.

Anonymous said...

What Ng said was that she got her Australian PR so that her son could get free education in Australia although she has no intention to settle down in Australia.

And she is proud of what she did - that she cheated the Australian government?

There is no misunderstanding here. It is a case of a dishonest Malaysian who became a minister. The basic struggle of MCA, i.e. championing the Chinese cause, had been lost a long time ago.

Apart from a few good guys like Ong Tee Kiat and Lee Kim Sai, MCA never really had good quality politicians. Most of the MCA leaders are there for the spoils and some crumbs thrown to them by Umno.

And they wonder why MCA is becoming irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

Can use to stage tiger show or not?

DJ Jammin Jay said...

MCA will be irrelevant, very soon