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Thursday, June 07, 2012

My shaky debut at stand-up comedy

On January 22, 2012 I made my standup comedy debut on stage together with 5 masters of the craft. I was the toddling baby of the group. I had a wonderful time. I hope you enjoy watching the video. There is very strong language used so viewer discretion is greatly advised. Material is not suitable for children. On the video my segment appears at 0:33:10. Thank you.


monsterball said...

It's years too late and you did it...and it has to be in Australia.
I am so happy for you..that on Jan.22 are blessed to reveal another part of you..never been seen before...a stand-up Comedian.
God giveth and God taketh.
He gave you a
"voice of God" and took away one leg.
You are chosen amongst billions.
Bless friend.

KoSong Cafe said...

Truth be told, you are too guarded or polite in your foul language. I think it is not the right place for it.

I was brought up in the midst of motor workshops and you can imagine the Chinese foul language used.

I have watched a video clip from HK where a renown 'expert' in Cantonese foul language actually corrected another person in the 'proper' delivery!

Fardi said...

Unfortunately not many Malaysian artists could summon their courage to be creative like you to cari makan outside RTM/MediaPrima/Astro and to be the hamba to umnoputera!

Frida Teoh said...

Good one.

Soon that botak guy cannot claim to be the best in this industry.

Zed Zaidee said...

A desperate move to convince Astro that you are eligible for Raja Lawak or Super Spontan?

monsterball said...

Zed....Pat does not need to convince anyone nor crazy to be King of Comedians.
He is simply a unique person.
I guess....the more Pat shows his talents...the more he will be judged.
Just look at Lim Guan Eng...the more he brings Penang forward...the more jealous eyes will go after him.

monsterball said...

What so hard to be an Arm Chair Critic?

PK said...


Anonymous said...


You can count on the Star to provide you good materials for your act.

Like this one for our Birkin 1st lady:

Anonymous said...

You're relatively the best among the others in that show.

Others were either boring or crude. I don't understand why the audience laugh at every sentence they said. :/ They're simply unfunny. What a bad sense of humor.

monsterball said...

Pat sure is the best amongst the so call well known Stand up Comedians.
Why they laugh?
Some enjoys simple jokes.
However Pat had the most laughs.
One person's meat is another person's poison.
After knowing Pat for 40 years...I only know he is revealing something that should be done by him long ago...but in's impossible for a person like let go his thoughts with out getting arrested.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Wah , not bad lah Patrick .
Plus there are jokes about the short round and fat lady looking at the cock .

Eh , if KDN can bans cartoons , will they bans comedians ?

Well done to multi racist Patrick.

Xian said...

I'm so glad I could watch you do standup comedy all the way from Australia! Very funny and enjoyable. Thank you for sharing this with us!

Finas said...

Poster Filem 'Lembu Duduk Di Kondo' dari Zunar:

Pasti meletup di box office!

monsterball said...

I can school...class teachers are praying Pat will not make fun or pranks at them.
He does have a mischievous naughty look.
His creativeness and imaginations are far above intelligence and not weird at all.
To classify him a genius...he is not.
To classify him a cracko...also not.
I think he is between a cracko and a genius...half this...half Mahathir..half Indian ..half Malay...but Mahathir denies he is half Indian and sadly...Pat will deny he is half cracko too.
It takes one to know one........hahahahahahaha

Voyante said...

Thank you very much for the brilliant manner in which you treat the topic, the wealth of your information and consistency of your argument.

Anonymous said...

Come lah DJ Pat !!! Malaysia where can cari makan..??? .even Public Servant from sup-kow officer to Minister all also Comedian ..!!!

Damian Callinan said...

You are not bad by Malaysian standard, certainly better than Harith Iskandar.

monsterball said...

Some Public Servants are natural Comedians.
Pat is acting like one.
That's the difference.

Timmy said...

Why are you not part of the Singapore's Happy Ever Laughter event?

Call yourself a 'pendatang' to Singapore audience and they will appreciate your joke!

Frankie Kam said...

The jokes were vulgar, offensive and highly blasphemious. Of course, the theme was Sick and Twisted. Gone are the days when comedy could be done without vulgarities. Case in point: Victor Borge. My prayer for Patrick, is that God gave you a voice, and a full body, and I pray that you will find the One who can heal you from deep within. God loves you, and so do I. May your voice one day be used for Him who loves you. It's not too late.

patrickteoh said...

Thank you for your concern and prayers, Frankie. You should have heeded my warning re-viewer discretion. Believe me, Frankie I have a very good relationship with God. And I am not sure what you meant by being "not too late". But I thank you for your prayers and concern. Oh I said that already.

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