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Friday, June 01, 2012

The Ugly Singaporean

Some ugliness beneath the glitz.

My brother, Bill has lived and worked in Singapore since the 1950s. He is a Singaporean citizen and proud of it. Most of the time. Recently, an event was reported in the Singapore Straits Times that made Bill say he is ashamed to be Singaporean. Here is what he wrote on his Facebook page...
This week I am really pissed off by 2 events/issues. The 1st is the one where certain Bishan residents objected to the building of a Home for The Elderly near their flats. Their objections border on the absurd but the 1st prize for absurdity goes to the guy who said that he didn't want the "groans" from the old folks to flow into his rooms.CAN you believe THIS? The 2nd prize goes to a group of people who say they want the Govt. to pay for their extra power bills as they will have to switch on the air con all the time as the breeze will be kept out from their flats and also they stand the noise emanate from the Home. This is one time I don't want to be a Singaporean!!! What have Singaporeans BECOME??? I hope these guys will have immortality cos if and when they grow old I wonder who they will "groan" to in their families.
I don't blame him for feeling that way. If I was Singaporean I too would say LOUDLY..........
Or as Singaporeans would probably say........................
Lin Lau Boo!!!


Anonymous said...

.... BUT WHY ARE YOU SO SURPRISED? S'poreans have never been compassionate. Morally bankrupt!

But hey - take a look at the bashing Haris & RPK are getting ... see -

najib manaukau said...

Why is it then so many Malaysians plus so so many other nationals are applying to become Singaporeans and not the other ways ? Whatever it is at least one thing they don't do is to marginalise the Malays like Malaysia is doing to the non Malays.
94% of the Malaysian civil servants are Malays when the Malay population are only said to be around 60% even if that number is true and does not include the number of illegal muslim immigrants from Indonesia and southern Philippine, why ?

monsterball said...

They are not applying for S'pore citizenship.
They keep going to 'pore to seek employment ship.
S'pore do not simply give citizenship to any Tom Dick or Harry.
All must be 100% beneficial and highly educated.
Umno does that to keep increasing votes for them.
S'pore/Malaysia is divided by a bridge....and most Malaysians have relations from S'pore...especially the Chinese.
You do see all come back to vote at all GE.

Rafeal said...

Singapore is only a place to make money, not to stay.

Patrick should agree, right?

Anonymous said...

You see a person with moustache, that is your father? I saw one Chinese prostitute the other day with a man. So all your sister.... never mind.!

monsterball said...

I see a person with moustache...I say he is hiding something.
I see a Chinese prostitute with a man...I say that man is a stupid fool to be seen like that.
Sure..that pros is someone's sister.
Not all sisters are prostitute...and mind you..prostitution is a job.
Do not belittle a lady out to support her love being a prostitute...or for any other reasons.

Voyante sérieuse said...

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Hsien Liang said...

A “silver tsunami” lies in Singapore’s future, as almost a third the people in the city-state will be over 65 years old in a few decades.

According to a report by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) commissioned by Manulife Asset Management, the pensioner population in most countries in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) will triple in less than 40 years.

The report revealed that the ageing phenomenon is worst in Singapore. Almost 32% of residents will be over 65 years old in 2050, as compared to 9% in 2010. It will be by far the highest percentage among member nations.

It forecast that by 2050, dependency ratios would increase almost five-fold. Every 100 workers will support 58 pensioners, as compared to just 12 pensioners in 2010.

In addition, less than half of Singaporeans have signed up for a pension scheme currently, hinting at a future where significant numbers of people may enter old age with little financial support.

Anonymous said...

Singaporean lacking in compassion thanks to their govt, PAP's policy. Unfortunately some Malaysian who goes there too, are become like them, heartless worker with no empathy for others.