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Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Funny

 The last nail in the coffin

We have all heard of the saying about the final nail in the coffin. Something that happens that puts a close to something. Permanently. But do you know how the final nail going into the coffin SOUNDS like? Okay, listen up...the final nail sounds like this...

Nasyid yes, gospel choir no, says JKKN

I am sure you are familiar with the recent controversy surrounding the announcement that one of the conditions of use of auditoriums managed by Culture and Arts Department (JKKN) is that performances must not contain any elements of religious rituals either before, during or after the performance. But yesterday the folks at JKKN came out and announced that Nashyid performances are okay. But not gospel choirs. Why? Nasyid is chant in Arabic and is merely a music style or genre. Whereas Gospel is music written to express either personal, spiritual or a communal belief on Christian life, as well as to give a Christian alternative to mainstream secular music.


So what the fuck difference does it make to you flers managing a big hall? In case you've been sleeping for the past half century or so, Malaysia is a multi-cultural, multi-religious country. There are Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhist citizens living here. And they pay taxes to build those auditoriums. And pay your salaries for managing them. And they will want to use them for their own religious or cultural events. So why can't they? Will having a Muslim event, say about spreading the beauty of Islam to non-Muslims not be allowed? Will having a programme of  traditional Christian songs be banned? Will a presentation on the life of the Buddha be viewed as dangerously effective in converting other Malaysians of weak or little faith in their own beliefs?

I wonder if JKKN will approve Shakespeare's MacBeth? Got 3 witches ma. Surely, that is against somebody's religious beliefs. No?

Oh sorry, I forgot to mention. The coffin I was referring to is of course our Najib Razak's 1Malaysia coffin. I am glad the final nail is in. Aren't you?




Anonymous said...

People ! ! !

Lets get rid of this imbeciles once and for all come ge13.
The longer we wait, the longer the nail for the coffin we need.
ABUkan !

Anonymous said...

Knock, Knock, Knock

Who's there?


Oh no. I'm dead.

Anonymous said...

Christmas carol also cannot eh?

Anonymous said...

Uncle Pat... there's already 1 too many nails to that coffin liao... Even the Gods of Olympus won't have the strength to open it up liao.

My mind made up a long time ago. We need to flush the entire regime and overhaul how this country is run come GE.


Johnnie Lim said...

Those fellas never learnt one la. as long it is about islam everything can. When it comes to other religion and culture NO. Makes you wished the Election is tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

correct correct correct-- deafening silence from the top leadership. to divide n rule -- is this nation building or nation destruction<< 54 years of MERDEKA 00 what is this SHIT-- BULL OR COW

Trevor said...

I'm glad, too.

In fact, the '1' in 1Malaysia looks like that last nail also.

Anonymous said...

hahahahahaha, real show by the JKKN, sometimes silly.

how these fella get salary and promotion , i wander?

Working with the donkey boss.

one day a duck hear a thunder, and swing his head, and say what happen???nail the coffin sound like this JKKN.

Anonymous said...

If, after this last outrage, non-muslims still vote in this damned government, they deserve no sympathy; they lose their right to complain...forever. Let's see what those religious leaders who make up that joint religious whatever group say. If its anything less than a call to vote out BN, they too are damned. TRISTAN

Anonymous said...

I am a succesful crony. No way I want change. Die die also dont want change..!!!!You fellows sorry man...haha..ha ..Malaysia tanah saya ,make money like drinking water ,no need use brain ,somemore money just appear infront of me....happy lah saya. Great Country . Tapik Spring Ah Jib Kor! Tapik Sprng x 2 Marhatir .!


Anonymous said...

FYI saja : Sinchew is MIS-leading ...
86.4% Chinese dapat masuk univasity !

True fact : only 23.3% OUT of 38,549 successful applicants !

Anonymous said...

The BN is desperately want to "please" the Malay by denying non Malay rights. This is part of their race card game plan to show that BN very very pro Malay. But I'm sure right thinking Malay will not feel any happier with this ruling because they know this is just a trick to get Malay support for BN.

Anonymous said...

dont waste money on the coffinlah.
just bury BN well and good 6 feet underground come the GE. wallop MCA kau2.

Malaccan view said...

Bro,received invitation from Merc for the Paper Crane musical theatre on 3rd Aug.Since you are part the show,decided to bring my wife to support you..cheers.Raychee

Aidil Yunus said...

A lot of people can talk cock and anti BN. Unfortuantely they never even register to vote. That is why the final nail to the coffin can never be possible.

Anonymous said...

Dont be stupid. Nasyid is a official Malaysian Cuture , choir is not.Kaplak But

monsterball said...

They must have surveyed that they cannot depend on Christians votes.
There are few more funnies that if you group them together you will laugh that those jokers exposing who they are....what they are..nothing but hypocrites and racists.
Meanwhile....more and more corruptions being exposed.
To show sincere they are...notice big headline ex Sime Darby CEO charged for corruptions?
This is also to promote that journalists and newspapers are not controlled by UMNO b.
All sorts of evidences and stunts are expected for so call....last lap to 13th GE..yet ..that last lap nowhere at sight.
To me...Najib knows he is finished and holding on this freedom to the last day.....thus 13th GE last few days of his shameless party appointing him as protect him.

monsterball said...

Off the topic!!
Pat....I saw the movie...starring Joaquin Phoenix.."Return to Paradise" ans saw you played the part of a fierce no nonsense Malaysian Judge sentencing him to the gallows.
Before made a powerful speech....and you spoke in Malay and English!!
Pat...had you be like Michelle fucking UMNO could be now...a Tan Sri.