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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Funnie

 Drops or Deluge

This whole water thing in the Klang Valley is damn funny la.

1.    SYABAS says there is going to be a shortage of water due to big demand for treated water. They said that the current hot and dry season is also contributing to the problem. They show photos of low water levels at some treatment plant.

2.    DAP says that there is plenty of water in all the catchment areas and reservoirs in the state. Enough to satisfy the demand. YB Ronnie Liu even takes a photo standing in front of a reservoir which looked like filled to almost overflowing.

3.    Selangor threatens to take over management of water in the state if SYABAS can't do it properly. Requests for Federal approval.

4.     SYABAS says dry weather going to continue to add to Klang Valley water woes.

5.    People in Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur get caught in traffic jams because of daily downpour of heavy rain. Dry weather? Where got?

6.   Meteorological Department announces that the water crisis in the Klang Valley could become worse as the current southwest monsoon season brings a dry spell and minimal rain until September. HAVE YOU NOTICED THAT EACH THOSE FLERS ANNOUNCE THAT THERE IS GOING TO BE A DRY PERIOD IT RAINS? Every time!

7.    Today I read in the Star that the president of the Association of Water and Energy Research Malaysia (bet you never knew that such a creature exists) announced that “The core issue is not raw water but the supply of treated water, which is not able to keep pace with the rising demand”.  This statement really makes me damned too-lan (pissed off in Hokkein) la. Not able to keep pace with the rising demand? What the fuck does that mean? Syabas is a private company awarded the contract to supply water, right? As a private company shouldn't it have planned for this rise in consumption? What kind of a company is it then? Shouldn't shareholders be baying for blood? And if they can't cope shouldn't the government sack them and give the contract to another more efficient company?

Damned confusing right this water thing in the Klang Valley? But today a bit of light is shed on it la.  The Star reports that a special Cabinet Committee has been set up to discuss the looming water crisis faced by Selangor. And guess who the committee members are?

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Datuk Seri Noh Omar, Datuk Seri Idris Jala, Federal Territories Minister Datuk Raja Nong Chik, and Green Technology, Energy and Water Minister Datuk Seri Peter Chin.

I guess we should not hold our breath for a solution to the Klang Valley water problems anytime soon la.  I wonder what else they will try and starve the Klang Valley folks of in efforts to win back the state? You know ah?



C++ said...

Dear Patrick....

In a Quran.. there are a verse (Al Imraan, 54) that said "They planned (their sabotage) and God also planned (returned back the sabotage, and God is the greatest planner"

So... that's why... when every time they said there is a dry season, God bring down the rain...

It's a point to ponder by the way...

Babararella said...

Singapore is happy.

Selangor may have to buy NEWATER (aka shit water) from PUB Singapore!

Anonymous said...

20.07.2012, 7.30 pm;
Teoh Beng Hock 3rd anniversary memorial public rally;
Taman Rishah, Ipoh;
Speakers: Gobind Singh, Ngeh Koo Ham, Nga Kor Ming, V Sivakumar; Enq: 05-2531 532

KoSong Cafe said...

I find Chua Tee Yong and company holding pictures of land under water funny because they seem to contradict Syabas's claim of water shortage, though not relating to the same matter.

Anyway, shortage of treated water means Syabas not doing a proper job. No shortage of raw water means actually there is no need for that expensive project to pipe water from Pahang to Selangor.

I believe because of their intention to lie and give the perception of water crisis, there was divine intervention with rain soon after the dry spell. I dread to think what the public would do with continuous dry spell, deliberate water rationing and NST's propaganda that it was all due to MB Khalid's stubborn stance.

I hope MB is given the chance to prove to them that the state can do a better job than Syabas, before BN leaders criticize (like always) without giving him control of the situation. That it was their deliberate sabotage to ensure their original scheme is carried out, is so darn obvious.

Anonymous said...

aiyah Patrick, where got rain? where got traffic jam in Klang Valley? It's just our perception only what! The BN gomen will run some campaigns to convince you that you are just having the wrong perception...look into my eyes, and repeat after's dry spell, very dry water, ration water......

wongty robert said...

Yeh-lah, the present government is very good at appointing committee for this and that. That's itself is a solution to the problem, which was never a problem in the first place but just a white lie. Sweep the damned lie under the carpet and no more problem. The committe just sit around and have some coffee and scorns-loh!

Anonymous said...

The only way to let this water issue clear is to kick out BN forever from Selangor.Hidup Rakyat!

najib manaukau said...

This water shortage is just an excuse to up the price ! A typical example of an excuse used by the scumbags and parasites from Umno by don't worry even if it is true, I say only if it is true, we can always count on Singapore. They are ever ready to treat the unlimited sea water into drinking water and have them sold to us. Just remember the company who treat the water was an ex-Malaysian, Fortunately for her she did not stay on in Malaysia but how come with so many NEM (not enough money) top students sent abroad to acquire and enhance their knowledges none of them can come up with her skill and know how ? This is what I call a cow's horn will always remain a cow's horn regardless of how many polishes you can give it.

A non Malay, she is, and now one of the richest women in this part of the world without being given her wealth on a silver platter or turn to corruption ? Would she ever be as rich as she is now if she had stayed on in Malaysia ? Najib's Talent Corp. should try to bring her back to Malaysia and turn the sea water into drinking water after all she is just a stone throw away. Come on all the warlords from Umno, don't just talk show us you can just give more cash incentives, or at least try the impossible even though she is a non Malay what a bloody shamble !

Anonymous said...

Don't know about you but I sure feel like off loading a big leak on the water tank supplying Putrajaya now. And while I'm at it, I think Ill throw in a bonus and do a shit too.

monsterball said...

hhhhmmmm... not raw water shortage but the supply of treated water shortage.
These crooks will create fear and bad news and when no one complaint..they will make consumers pay more.
But if they are exposed...the masters of defending mindsets will take over with their cock and bull reasons.
Good example is Mahathir said he was not a Dictator and gave his cock and bull reasons.
A survey made....79% said he was a Dictator.
These crooks are trying to squeeze more money from consumers.
S'gore Mentri Besar..Khalid has done an excellent job to confront them.

monsterball said...

Pat...out of the topic again!!
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If you enjoy it....please do put a comment.

Crazyant said...

They would do anything to win back the state. Didn't Najis said this some time back? Every day there is shit about PR-ruled states. Logging in Kedah and hillslope project in Penang. HELLO??? What the fuck has been going on in Sarawak??? Not logging ah? No ah? sorry it's called DEVELOPMENT hor? DNMCH! all go die la... stooooopid!!

ordinary malaysian said...

We know. NAIAMAH! to the flers who are supposed to serve us and not themselves lah!

Trevor said...

Every time , they will setup a 'special cabinet committee' to solve issue.

But i'm sure the issue won't be solved even after GE is over.

I'm waiting for GE instead.

Anonymous said...

All BN Ministers use KANEBO cosmetic from Japan, I suspect.

Anonymous said...

Dude get your Quran knowledge sharpened first.

The best of deceivers and best of planners are two different meanings.

Why don't you go ponder on 9:29, 66:1-5 and 5:51?

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile Wee Ka Siong still dare not ask that malay-first DPM when is he going to approve the Kuantan independent school.

Anonymous said...

six years of drought and 1 year of wet water in Australia, the dam level is back to 100% .. no more water restriction. In malaysia six months of dry weather and 1 month of heavy downpour.. dam dry..huh?? dam design to store so little ?? Why these nuts always treat malaysians so stupid one lei.