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Friday, July 27, 2012

Weekend Sunnie

 Take 2 Panadols and see me next week. Ok, that will be 14% more than you paid the last time. Please.

No it isn't a spelling error. I got these couple of stories to share with you from today's edition of The Sun.

1Malaysia. What's it mean? How does it work? Where does it start? I am sure that a lot of us have asked these questions since Najib launched that slogan and started sticking his index finger up our...(okay I shall spare you the details).   But the good folks of Penang have come out to show the rest of us what 1Malaysia is really about. Working together for the common good.

The front page of the Sun today carries the story of how Penang folks want to buy over Penang Port. I am sure that you know that recently the Federal government decided to 'sell' the port to Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary who already owns other ports in the country and whose debt levels have often been cited as being a danger sign for the country's economy.

The people of Penang are taking positive steps to keep Penang Port in Penang hands. The Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce has announced that it wants to buy the entire stake from Seaport Terminal (Johor) Sdn Bhd which was selected by the federal government to take the port private.

Chamber president Tan Kok Ping also announced that the effort, to ensure that the port is developed and managed sustainably, was "to give something back to the people of Penang". And what's best of all, the bid to buy back from Syed Mokhtar will be by a consortium comprising the state Malay and Indian chambers of commerce as well as the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturer.  1Malaysia in action. All communities coming together for the common good.

But I guess it won't go down very smoothly with Putrajaya.  Eh? How can, man? These Penang baargers too much la. Bring out the Perkasa goons! Fire up the race and religion battle-wagon.

We wait to see the games begin. Again. But thank you, Penang. For doing what we should all be doing. Working together for the country we call home.


The slightly not so good news on the front page of The Sun today is the report that very soon going to see a doctor is going to cost more. Up to 14% more the report says. Well, as a working slob I expect such things to happen. But what I find that I cannot stomach is that every time prices of stuff go up in Malaysia there will be one moron (that we elected, by the way) who will tell us that compared to other countries we are better off. The "better than Ghana" syndrome.  This time, with the impending doctors' fees increase, it falls to Health Minister, Liow Tiong Lai (again!) to make the moronic statement.

"Compared to other countries in the world, the fees our doctors are getting are far lower," he said.

Well, pardon me all over the fucking place Liow.  But compared to other countries in the world we also get paid shit for our work. Can you move for us to pay our doctors fees with shit? Thank you.



Anonymous said...

Thank you,Patrick.Penang,Go!Go!Go.
Someone will not be too pleased.Anyway,let's have Chee Cheong Fun at canning garden when you come back next.The Uncle there is waiting.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Hello Patrick. Glad that you are aware of current affairs concerning our country. Now the hot issue is politically and racially motivated movie, Tanda Putera.

Can you give your comments on the fiasco, since you're in this circle/line of work.

Many have seen the pre-screen and I am sure you have some contacts about the storyline and how may 13th is depicted.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Penang Char Koay Teow is going to goreng that Mamak Moktar betul betul. Once again, Penang people, all of us in Makaysia salute you! Now we only the East Malaysians to tick the right column when they vote!

ordinary malaysian said...

That excuse is another blardy tahi indeed, Patrick. Cheaper than Ghana, yeah!

wongty robert said...

Agreed, Penang folks have once again show us what could and should be done for our country!
Thank you, Penang.

Anonymous said...

Do not miss this paraody of Janji Najib:

Anonymous said...

Liow the Liar.

No cannister in the hospotal compound? fucking MCA is poisoning Raub residents with cynaide-laced gold mining operations. Yes, one of the senior MCA members is behind the project. Tell me no, Liow the Liar.

Tiger said...

Haven't seen any doctors dying of poverty so far.
Can someone ask the MMA and Healthy Minister to FUCK OFF?
Only the poor die young in our country and only the rich can afford to get sick!

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh, that Liao fella ah, that fella lying number one, bodeking oso number one, what else not number one? If not where got Alphard to drive?

Angry Guy Next Door said...

He sticks his 1 index finger into our asses, we still our millions middle fingers up his nose.

Sick and tired of everything going up except our wages.

House price going up ...
Rental going up ...
Food price going up ...

But our wage is stagnant & no bonus or increments, nothing ...

We normal folk have to scrimp and save for just about anything and everything whereas those bargers drive mercs, bmws & audis n live in mini palaces while losing Billions of our hard-earned tax monies.

NIAMAH x 1000 !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Malaysia is the only country I know of where doctors' professional fees are regulated by an act of parliament, not by market forces, guidelines, etc. The last fee schedule was from 2002, so in 10 years doctor's fees have NOT changed at all. TOTAL fees that the public pays at private hospitals has certainly increased, due to medical inflation.
Would a lawyer's fees be limited by parliament? Would that of an engineer, or a journalist/thespian/media star/comedian?? We do NOT get any increment, we earn a fee for service. A Private Doctor

Angry Guy Next Door said...

To docs reading this blog n my comments ...

I have totally no objections to raising your medical fees if it is justifiable.

Understand that the fees have been stagnant for a very long time since 2002. You have my respect for maintaining good service for so many years despite no raise.

But, please understand and empathize with your patients too.

At least you have a union that can lobby and pressure the government to raise fees to cover rising costs and to preserve your livelihood.

What do we have in return ?

Government say pay tax, we have no choice but to pay.

Government say raise, we have no choice but to fork out more.

Nobody is looking after the interests of the average joe on the street.

He is left to fend for himself and worse, gets bullied all the time by the higher authorities.

monsterball said...

Doctors in MCA party are out to make money from getting tips on shares and hope to be chosen to be pimps for someone powerful in UMNO.
MCA are wellknown pimps from UMNO b politicians.
They accept to be second class citizens long long ago.

1MalaySia-Sia Sahaja said...

How about regulating all the miscellaneous fees at private hospitals instead? I see many Datuk doctors having fancy cars, fancy properties & fancy oversea trips, including those from GLC hospitals like the KPJ group.

The USA has Obamacare, we have NajibCaresNot.

YSL said...

Dear Pat,

Dont know what they are exactly up to but no way will I ever trust Mr Alphard. That bugger is one of Malaysia's biggest hardcore liar. Fan Kuat Chai. Ptui.

Anonymous said...

1. Besides praising Penang folks, for people from other states, please use your vote wisely and show to all Malaysian you done the right thing in coming GE!

2. The Federal Gov does not even care the proposal from Penang Chinese Chamber and according to the news today, they are planning to privatize it to Syed Mokhtar after wining the GE. So, again, please vote wisely in coming GE.

Anonymous said...

mca goons would even sell their daughters for UMNO.
for such running dogs, best to terminate them entirely by votes in the coming general election.

Anonymous said...

Doctor fees is so low, we cannot find any cari makan now with so many barger 1 malaysia klinik , that kill all our profits. so better increase, damn also the FM (facilities management ) RaDICARE, PANTAI MEDIVEST, FABER ,all not performing,many hospitals got cats running around and shit.also wor!!the gas leaking everywhere, gas pantai timur is selling more gas to hospital, crony to someone.. Linde (previuosly mox) says, sales went up also wor! offcourse lah Mr Wong siew yap your salary is 80,000 per-month mah! with shell petrol card mah.
nIAMAH! CHICKENSHIT ALL CRONY AND BARGER Healthcare,we buying drug have to go to BUMI company 5% konlow mee , no -need to work.just supply to govt hospital ,,, chiek beh liew....

Anonymous said...

When 1 Care was leaked to the medical profession, we stood to protest and spread the pros and cons to the public, who mostly disagree and oppose the move, to get back on the doctors, the Minister brought up the fees increase which would be very unpopular for the Drs, thus moving the anti 1 care sentiment to anti greedy drs. So please think carefully and not fall into the trap. Most drs care for their patients more than wealth, if not I would have joined MCA long ago.

cin2tan said...

In a bone-specialist clinic Ipoh .

"...dr. can my heel be healed ah !?" '...dun know ...only GOD knows !!'
" ...dr... VERY painful lah !"
'm...m...ok, give you pain killers !'
" dr. ...!"
'Come back next week !!'

Anonymous said...

Alan Yun 袁锦伦 & Douglas Lim are really disgrace to the chinese community to sell their soul to be in this racist Tanda Putera movie directed by Suhaimi Baba.

They are the 汉奸走狗!!!!

They have been screwed big time in their facebook!

We should boycott products that are endorsed by Alan Yun i.e. Pensonic, Monster earphones & 品香大饭店!!!!

Shit to Douglas!