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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Mid week funnies

 Disrespect? No la. Where got?

Things are usually not very funny mid-week but today seems to be an exception :-)  When I opened my copy of The Sun this morning the first thing that caught my eye was the statement by Tun Zaki Azmi who is the chairman of the Special Commission to Study the Transformation of the Civil Service (did you know that you were paying for something like that? Special commission to study the transformation of the civil service??? What the fuck!!!). 

Anyway, back to the funny bit.  This Tun fler has proposed that traffic offenders be required to pay their fines on the spot or risk having their vehicles seized, clamped or towed. Okay, la I don't even want to laugh at the the complete farce that would very quickly become. What I found funny was this Tun fler's reason for wanting to do this. He said, "Millions of unpaid summonses are being put aside and this shows disrespect for the law. We have to force traffic offenders to respect the law".

This shows disrespect for the law??? Hiyoh! Mr. tun, I think you should sometimes give your driver the day off and experience Malaysian traffic first-hand la. Malaysians stopped respecting traffic laws and traffic police a long, long time ago. And unless things have changed since the last rempit ran a red light, the last motorist parked along a double yellow line, I think the Malaysian police are quite happy or at least nonchalant about that fact. We can't go into the total silliness of this cockamamie idea of yours here but come on la, tun fler. Don't take us for fools can ah? But thanks for the funny today la.

And by the way, how about showing us, law-abiding motorists some respect by not giving discounts for settling traffic summonses? Can ah?


Meanwhile, we folks in Selangor are still having to put up with the water ding-dong sing-song.

Federal government and MCA says WATER CRISIS!!! No more water for Selangor folks. Unless Langat 2 treatment plant is allowed to be built. Selangor government says NO WATER CRISIS!!! The baargers just want to push through building of Langat 2 plant so they can make some money all round. 

So in the middle here, what do we, the consumers and voters do? I don't know about you, but I say fire the asses of those Syabas flers. If you're a private business tasked with providing water for a whole state wouldn't you have planned on capacity management? And seen what was coming much earlier? Instead of ramming stuff down people's throats? Okay la, so the Selangor flers say can and you say cannot. Come out and tell us why la? Okay the main stream media tell us that you flers are right. But then we all know the MSM baagers all on your side, right? So what is the real story?

Eh? Actually, these two stories not so funny la. Quite too lan stories. Right?



Balas Budi said...

Shaberry Cheek will make Malaysia the first nation to organise and host the Olympics for pregnant women?

YSL said...

Dear Pat,

Your sentiments reflects mine exactly. TNM to these thick hide retards. TNMCCB to those invincible fat arses.

daniel said...

Actually this tun fella announcing new handout scheme for pdrm on jibby's behalf. It's called CYOS1M (collect your own saman disatu M'sia). Since jibby has no more cash to give away after the civil service bonus, the fellas in pdrm negotiate and collect whatever on the spot so that it wouldn't burden the govt.

KoSong Cafe said...

It was funny Tun Zaki suggested payment on the spot. Not only because most of us would not be carrying hundreds of Ringgit ready for such offence committed, it is actually my friend's way of suggesting 'kautim' to the policeman when caught, by asking, 'Can I settle the fine now instead of taking the trouble to pay at the police station?'

Anonymous said...

World's biggest moron competition is officially open now! Malaysia should be proud of having the first 10 uncontested! Sadly Tun Zaki holds the second position! First is Rais Yatim of writing the most "ampu-ampu" song "Janji Ditepati!"

Anonymous said...

I think all the Tuns who are alive today needs their heads examine. One don't understand bond, another keep talking out of his ass, another too busy failing asleep and now this one, he probably have not bees pull aside by cops in the last 30,000 years so that's why don't know that we can indeed pay out fine on the spot except The revenue is not earned by the Gomen, really TLS.

Tiger said...

It's the duty of the Fed Govt to take care of the rakyat's needs.
Water is a necessary resource, so if they can't do the job, yes, Patrick, you're right, we have to then fire their asses.

NurL said...

Hi Uncle Patrick.

I am not here to comment about this piece, just want to point out some irony about book banning in Malaysia.

We are know that there are many banned books in Malaysia. I was in The Curve yesterday, when I was in Borders, I was quite shocked to find out that "Fifty Shades of Grey" and its sequels are on the top 3 best seller chart. And then I realised that they are on the best seller chart in MPH too. I've read "Fifty Shades of Grey", and the description of BDSM and sex are bold and straight to the point. If they can banned Irshad Manji's book because she is a lesbian, how can they let these books passed and became best seller in Malaysia????

Really Niamah!


ordinary malaysian said...

This Tun fler was supposed to be a helluva great CJ what? During his tenure as the CJ, it seemed that there was no such a thing as a backlog of cases. All cleared up in the twinkle of an eye and everyone was so happy. His fame soon spread far and wide and other countries were all were falling over themselves to learn the secret and acquire the magic bullet to clearing case backlog, including our kiasu southern neighbour. For that we should have kept him on as the CJ for as long as he lives, no? What a blardy waste of such great judicial magician, don't you think Patrick? Now he can do the same magic with traffic summons also what. So, stop hammering the fler lah, Patrick. This man is no ordinary talent. You don't want to lose him to kiasuland, do you? Bolehland cannot afford to lose such a rare fler.

Anonymous said...

why so many water issue?

money not enough mah!!!


Anonymous said...

ordinary malaysian,

There must be something wrong - this Tun fella most probably can't even make the grade of a junior magistrate court registrar, if he'd ever worked in that RedDot.

Unlike Hassan Merican, the ex-Petronas supremo, this guy managed to get to his position via;

1)know who

2)willing to do the masters' dirty bindings by throwing all their 'adats', both cultural & religion, to the longkang.

So any wonder, one get so many of these low life holding high position in bolihland?

jac said...

I feel sorry for u selangor folks...least penangite are happy with current administration...

Harris H said...

The water crisis is so full of holes. Water wastage & unmetered is still not addressed by SYABAS. Reports in media states up to 30-40% treated water water go to waste /stolen! Please plug the holes before you guys in Syabas be branded as *holes!

Anonymous said...

why gomen never abolish the death sentence? many country is now abolishing this cruel. Killing people with your own law.
first commandment.
1) do not kill

if the government still not abolish the death sentence, i will vote for the opposition, and thats a promise. stupid BN

Anonymous said...

ask the zaki fella dont burn marriage certs first lah.
umno kaki.

Anonymous said...

mca needs money
to build some motels for the chief.
he needs to fuck again.
meantime, son is barking like a poodle for UMNO.
running dogs run in the family.
one day, dog will urinate at their graves.

Anonymous said...

Hanya 2% daripada 6246 orang menyokong (undi) "Janji Ditepati" yang dikeluarkan oleh Barison Nasional. 98% daripada 6246 menyokong "Sebangsa, Senegara, Sejiwa" yang dicadangkan oleh Pakatan Rakyat.

Sila undi di laman Malay Mail web:

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Amy Search, Mus May and Ibnor Riza Ibrahim have joined Umno because they seemed to think that if the party remains in power, Malay unity could be strengthened. Others who have jumped on the Umno bandwagon are AC Mizal and wife Emylia Rosnaida, Afdlin Shauki, Harun Salim Bachik, Jins Shamsudin, Jamal Abdillah, Zed Zaidi, and Adam AF.

Pakatan is also pulling in some celebrities such as Bob Lokman, Aishah and Dayangku Intan. Abby Abadi is affiliated with PAS judging from her frequent appearances in PAS events, while recently, Hairie Othman and Zulkifli Ismail have both joined the Islamist party.

What about you Patrick? MCA?

Lutfi said...

you might be right in saying that the water crisis is all about money, but what I don't get is why can't it be solved in a businesslike manner, gentlemanly even, instead of all this grandstanding that seems to be taking us nowhere. susahlah ini macam.

Anonymous said...

It is a legalised manner of "how about kautim or selesai now ah"? PDRM has been doing this for the past zillion years lah. I think this tun-niamah fella must be a modern day Rip van Winkle. Why resort to such measures when the PDRM baargers are the ones who actually condone and encourage traffic offenders not to settle their fines within the stipulated time? Wait for Hari Raya la and then there will be a BIG Raya Mega Discount for traffic fines. So why should you pay the ines on time. Bodoh betui. Tiu!

Justice Lover said...

It is of course Najib’s version of GTP not worth our vote. However, with our EC ‘s management rotten to the core by allowing vote rigging, gerrymandering,etc., it is really difficult to see light at the end of a tunnel. Corruption is rampant and abuses of power by the ruling elite are reaching climax. The situation now is bleak and what should the rakyat do in the GE13?

Well, boot umno/bn from Putrajaya and let Pakatan Rakyat forms the next federal government. Why is it so difficult for all of us as responsible voters to at least give PR a 5 year term?

hasbula said...

Shaberry Cheek wasted our RM20 million in his 'Road to London 2012' gold quest with promises of 4 gold medals from Archery, Badmintion, Cycling and diving.

No gold and he should resign immediately, as he has failed in 'Janji Ditepati'.

Anonymous said...

The BN government should use ‘Janji to Tipu Lagi' as their slogan - this will be much more appropriate and believable and hence attract a much greater number of patriotic Malaysians.

‘Janji Ditepati' is so unbelievable that it'll put off the rakyat who, after being screwed so many times, are really jaded by now.

Give us something which we can relate to, even if we have to tolerate it. We just like to hear the truth sometimes because, believe it or not, the truth can be uplifting. We are willing to put ourselves on the line again - in the name of patriotism.

Harum Sundal Malam said...

Suhaimi Baba is desperate to win Finas award?

cin2tan said...

" mr. tun ! "
...hahahaha, reminds me of
" mr. bin ! "

guessing saja :
LCW akan masuk mca after the '300k + pension reward' !!

Stone Cold said...

Alan Yun 袁锦伦 & Douglas Lim are really disgrace to the chinese community to sell their soul to be in the movie.

They are the 汉奸走狗!!!!

Please record your displeasure in their facebook:

We should boycott products that are endorsed by Alan Yun i.e. Pensonic, Monster earphones & 品香大饭店!!!!

patrickteoh said...

What movie are you talking about Anonymous 3:56PM?

Anonymous said...

The movie Anonymous 3:56PM mentioned is that Suhaimi Babi's Tanda Putera.

I hope you are not in th movie.

Kanasai Douglas Lim!

Fang said...

Hallo Suhaimi, if your Tanda Putera movie is not of national interest and just movie only not based on real history, how can Finas and Mdec fully sponsored your film ?! If your film is not based on real history then you just exhibit clear message on your film with caution & disclaimer statement that " Some scene may coincide with .... what naught ". Do we do you to do more current research for accuracy of the May 13th ? The name culprits started this incident is carved on stone and have you refer to UK official documents ? Did you fly there ?

ray said...

Director Shuhaimi Baba said Tanda Putera was sent to the National Film Development Corporation (Finas) for approval years ago, and it was only a coincidence that it is to be released near a general election.

You want us to believe you in that?We are no fools. Only God can provide such perfect coincidence and you certainly are not one.Please explain to us the inflamatory banners carried by the Chinese actors and actresses in the film as depicted in the promotion of the film?

In the article from AFP 2 Aug 2012, it was reported:"A person involved in making the film told AFP it was “government propaganda” and includes beheadings by communists played by ethnic Chinese actors". Is that true?Malaysians of all races are harmonious but it is evil people like you,Shuhaimi Baba,who are paid to do damage to our peaceful society.This is the Holy month of Ramandan for Muslims and here you are,directly or indirectly,doing unholy acts.

May the Almighty have mercy!!!

Tanda Ubah said...

Hisham has just realise that fighting crime is the priority of police. Truly Niamah!

Rusli said...

This propagandist Suhaimi Baba is no where compared to our beloved director, the late Yasmin Ahmad. Alll of Yasmins' films promote unity, tolerance, acceptance and love. She was truly someone who was dearly loved by Malaysians.

S.Baba is clearly a divisive character trying to instill fear with the intention of dividing Malaysians. Clearly propaganda reminiscent of Nazi Germany. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

From my experience with the MCA and the people whom I had worked with in the party, I can only say that most of them (from Lee San Choon, Koon Swan, Liong Sik, Kim Sai, Ka Ting, Tee Keat and all the other people at federal and state level) KNOW that the Chinese in Malaysia are not ever going to be in a position to influence the direction of how the country is to be governed, i.e. to say anything that affects MAJOR policies.

There’s just this denial syndrome that non-Umno parties are just there for window-dressing; so the next best thing to do is scoop up the scraps Umno throws their way... except Taib and PBB who take the lion’s share as well!

From the many, many sessions of central committee meetings and brainstorming, seminars, courses, etc, the one main thing to emerge is to only defend or safeguard Chinese position in education and economic sectors ... we’re down to TAR College, Utar and Chinese business interests which, sad to say, …is playing to Umno whims and patronage… macam crony business.

The rest in the SME (small and medium industries) can pray to God and hope to survive and are at the mercy of the idiots who run the bureaucracy.

There is NO hope ever under Umno that Chinese position will improve because the OVERRIDING philosophy since May 13 is that non-Malays/Muslims are to be assimilated (much like the Borg in Star Trek).

That is why the MCA is always fighting ghosts; Umno is always lying, even when the truth is exposed about their true intention.

MCA people know this and pretend to fight for Chinese when they know they are only protecting their personal interests/financial gain, through Umno patronage.

The BN was never a coalition; it is and always has been an illusion created by Umno to present an imaginary front to the world that the people represented by the various races and parties support them.

[Our elites] cheat and bribe their way in elections and steal what they can, when they can, with impunity. They not only do that, they find ways to criminalise the victims!! That takes them 10 levels above the Somali pirates!

To cut a long story short, and to answer your question about going back, even if Penang booms further under the DAP, the short answer is NO; I’ve burnt my bridges … It’s just too hard to ever hope that they will ever understand the meaning of a civil society, let alone try to forge one in the years ahead, even if PKR takes over Putrajaya... my prediction is that the worst is yet to come. I hope I’ll be proven wrong in my lifetime.

Hudud has always been used as a weapon to frighten the Chinese and some extremists in PAS may have been used by Umno/Perkasa to split PKR, so the MCA is just playing the propaganda game to try to win back some Chinese votes. Umno, on the other hand, is using [the Malay fear of] Chinese political power to frighten the Malays.

Ellese said...

Its funny when banning of Pr propaganda is against freedom of speech but banning of BN propaganda is not. It is funny when we call for freedom of expression but we don't allow people to express simply because they have contrarion views. Our laws are clear. If it defames you sue and can get millions. But to ban before being shown is simply hypocritical for those who extol freedom of expression. This is how funny the malaysians think.

On water, Selangor Govt is playing politics from day one. Selangor wants to make billion dollar middle man profit. They want to buy low from syabas disregarding any value that a typical concessionaire may have and sell high to PAAB compared with other states in Malaysia.At the end they don't bother that this translate to higher tariff. When this fail they unjustifiable relate langat 2 to the take over of syabas. Langat 2 is about production capacity. The construction job was supposed to be undertaken by Selangor itself thus not related to syabas. If my water is affected, Ill kick khalif's butt out.

Anonymous said...

TNMCCB! What is there to transform the civil servant? Just assess their productivity and attitude,then you know the answers.
On the Selangor water supply issue,why the f'king govt privatise it and pay those buggers high high salary and yet losing money and now causing hardship and anxieties to the people?