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Sunday, September 30, 2012

In case you missed it, Leon, said on my Facebook page that this quote from the film "300" is more appropriate...

"Give them NOTHING! 
Take from them EVERYTHING!"

But I think that applies not on the Peninsula la but on...oh cannot say issit? Seditious ah? Oh okay. Sorry ah.


Hub-ba, Hub-ba!!!

Hahahaha...did you also know that Malaysia is going to be a mega petrochemical hub. Just what is a petrochemical hub I don't  know la but we are set to have another hub. Or is this an old hub that's been dusted off? Hiyah! Dunno la!

Story here......



Nothing! You hear me?

A friend of mine (thanks Jeffery) shared this with me. This line is supposedly from the Pirates Of The Caribbean series. But it applies to pirates and politicians of any era. Of any country. Enjoy!

Take what you can. Give nothing back.

Gimme somemore. Please. Thank you. Goodbye.

I read in the MSM that some 'survey' results showed that some Malaysians are "very happy" with the handouts that came with Budget 2013. Bonuses for civil servants. Money to buy Smart phones. RM500 'ang pows' for those who qualify either by virtue of income level or whatever.  But anybody reading stories like those would wonder what Najib has planned for the FUTURE of our country in the coming years. No? Did he do that in his budget speech? Have we Malaysians evolved into a nation of Gimme Gimme spongers with no thoughts of what happens tomorrow? Or are we so frustrated that we just want to take what we can before we abandon ship. Oh wait, I think that's what they are doing?  Hee hee hee... sorry ah.


Apa the FUCK!!!

As a loyal tax-paying Malaysian I am glad to have the Government spend my money for the betterment of the country. Infrastructure. Civil service delivery. Education. Health....

But can someone please explain to me how spending RM300 million on giving rebates to youngsters buying SMART phones is going benefit me or the country? In the short or long term. No, this is a serious question. I really want to know. I might be missing something and blaming Najib unfairly. And I don't want to do that.


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Budget 2013. The day after....

 Jangan risau. It's a Rakyat-friendly budget.  A-fucking-gain!!!

Not being very good at things such as budgets the only thing I got out of yesterday's big Budget 2013 announcement by Najib was that he does so love slogans...

“Prospering the Nation, Enhancing the Well-being of the Rakyat: A Promise Fulfilled”

And as someone pointed out "prospering the Nation" is wrong English. We're not quite sure after his speech exactly how our well-being is going to be "enhanced". And as for a promises fulfilled, we're so used to politicians making promises, especially during election years, that we have stopped paying any attention to the promises. This time they, sort of , kept their promise in not introducing GST. Just yet. So they lower personal income tax by 1% on the 1st RM50,000 but before you start to cheer remember that it could be a disguised GST introduction for all of us. Okay folks, less income the way we will be taxing you on stuff you buy and services you use. Fair ma. 

With each Budget Day we hear the well-worn phrase "People-friendly Budget". Does anyone remember the last time it was not a people-friendly budget? So if it a people-friendly budget year after year, what is the big fucking deal?

I discovered what a Malaysian Budget is good for. Selling newspapers! I went to half a dozen places and could not find a single copy of The Star or The NST. 


Ini la cara kita...we do it OUR waaaaaaay!!!

In Budget 2013 the government plans to spend RM591 million on measures to reduce the crime rate, such as setting up a police unit for motorcycle patrols to watch over housing areas, and installing about 500 CCTV cameras in 25 urban areas to deter street crimes.

But...but...but...what about better recruitment, better pay, better training, better quality policemen??? Isn't that how it should start? Motorcycles and CCTV cameras??? What the fuck!!!


Another slogan!!!

Not being very good at things such as budgets the only thing I got out of yesterday's big announcement by Najib was that he does so love slogans...

“Prospering the Nation, Enhancing the Well-being of the Rakyat: A Promise Fulfilled”
All I can say this morning is...

Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy Friday???

 This is an excerpt from a story in the online Star today. Read it and see if it sounds wrong to you.

Mohd Soffi said the only hindrance now was the absence of an approval by the Selangor Government for a “development order” to construct the Langat 2 treatment plant.

“We expect work on all the components to be completed by the middle of 2014, and if Langat 2 plant is not given the go-ahead, the whole project will not take off."

If Langat 2 Plant is not given the go-ahead (by the Selangor government) the whole project will not take off???

This is how the government spends taxpayers' money? Spend hundreds of millions building something which eventually may not be approved for use? There's logic there which only politicians can understand.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Farewell Zakwan

Young Zakwan Anuar passed away peacefully yesterday, September 27, 2012. 
May God rest his soul. RIP, Zakwan.

When Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge was here she visited Hospis Malaysia and spoke to 15-year old Zakwan Anuar there. Zakwan is dying and doctors give him 2 or 3 days to live. Tomorrow our Raja Zarith Sofia, consort to the Sultan of Johor, flies in by helicopter to visit with Zakwan one last time. Why? Because she promised Zakwan that she would see him and say goodbye before he leaves. Bless her royal heart. Spread the word and say a prayer for Zakwan and keep him in your thoughts.

Hospis Malaysia also has a Facebook page...
Send Zakwan a message to say farewell and wish him a peaceful journey.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Take Me To Dinner

Just 5 ordinary guys with rather UN-ordinary jobs.


A film by Gavin Yap


Tuesday funnies

Private jets. Mine one better than your one.
I found a couple of funnies while surfing the Net this morning. First, I read in The Star that we are going to get another HUB. This time it is Asean's rail manufacturing hub. The Chinese flers are going to build some big-ass rolling stock manufacturing plant in Perak. The RM400million centre is going to be sited in Batu Gajah. Great news for the people of Batu Gajah I guess as it will mean more jobs and development. Well done to the BN for bringing this to the people of the state of Perak.

But when I thought about this latest hub my mind also remembered all the other hubs we had. Do you remember? How many can you remember? How many are still around? Okay let's do a list.

1. The E-Village. Remember that one? Dr. M had Jackie Chan come over and cut the ribbon with him to open the regional film-making hub. The last I heard the Malaysian jungle has reclaimed the site. Or did somebody make it into a oil palm plantation?  But now they've just announced that Pinewood Studios are opening their facility in Johor's Iskandar so I guess we're going to get another hub to replace the other hub.

2. The Multi-Media Super Corridor. Wasn't that also named some sort of hub or other? Bill Gates came for the ceremony didn't he?

What other hubs can you remember the government announcing and building?

The other funny is about the private jet trip that Anwar and his flers took that made the social media sites. Now, that is really funny. If you're Opposition and want to be 'close' to the ordinary people of the country so that they will vote for you would you post photos of yourself and your ma-cai's traveling in private jet luxury? No, right? Well, unless you're dumb like Tian Chua who alledgedly posted the photos on Twitter. "Wah! My first time in private jet wor. Next time I in power time I osso want my own jet leh." Great strategy to instill confidence in the people you want to vote for you, Tian. Maybe at the next rally or demo you can lead another charge at the FRU and get your head bashed in for the camera. Jeez!


Monday, September 24, 2012

My Facebook page

For those of you who might want to read my rants on Facebook, please go HERE...


Hiyoh!!! When is this madness going to end? Will it ever? It would appear that this is the worse time to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transexual in Malaysia, a land of racial, cultural and religious tolerance. Ha! I always said that "tolerance" will eventually end and become intolerance.

There is a report in The Star today that a local entertainment outlet may be hot water. Their perceived "wrongdoing"? They alledgedly organised parties for the LGBT community.
Huh???!!! Since when has that become a crime? So if I organise a dinner at my steamboat restaurant and invite the LGBT community I can get into trouble with 'the authorities'? What kind of fucked up system is that?


The old man speaks. Again!

 I am not lazy. I am not stupid. I just need a chance, Dr. M.

Yesterday I was surfing the Internet and found this story in The Malaysian Insider which I thought was funny. Well, funny in a very sad way la. See what you think.

"Dr Mahathir took pains to remind the Malays of their colonised past in the decades before independence, detailing horror stories of how the British had called them lazy and stupid, enslaving them in their own country. He said the Malays were only allowed to take on menial labour jobs and were made into drivers and orderlies or clerks and office-boys at most."

So he's done such a great job doing otherwise when he was prime minister??? Sure these days Malays drive BMW's Merc's, Bentley's. Malays live in multi-million Ringgit residences. Malays fly 1st Class.  Malays sit as chairmen on boards of companies...etc. etc. etc. Some Malays.

But look around, Dr. M. 
Who ride kapcai's? 
Who work as drivers (mostly)? 
Who are the office despatch boys? 
Please stop insulting them lest the Malays lose their patience and really tell you what they think of you and your Vision 2020.

Thousand apologies

Yes I know. I have not been updating Niamah!!! for some time now. This has resulted in some of you thinking that I'd been "silenced". Or bought over. Or something la. Truth is I've just been using other media. Social media that is. Heh heh heh...   Although I have not been writing here I have been ranting over at Facebook. And to a much lesser extent Twitter.  I find Facebook a little bit more immediate la. But I will still write on Niamah!!! when there are stories worth spending more time on la. Some of you have told me that you want to read Niamah!!! because you can't be bothered/don't know how/too lazy to Facebook or Twitter or anything other that what you're so used to doing. Okay, so what I am going to do for now is duplicate the rants from Facebook here whenever they happen. Can? Of course there will also be Niamah!!! rants as and when good stories come up.  Thank you so much for your support. I really appreciate it.