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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Apa the FUCK!!!

As a loyal tax-paying Malaysian I am glad to have the Government spend my money for the betterment of the country. Infrastructure. Civil service delivery. Education. Health....

But can someone please explain to me how spending RM300 million on giving rebates to youngsters buying SMART phones is going benefit me or the country? In the short or long term. No, this is a serious question. I really want to know. I might be missing something and blaming Najib unfairly. And I don't want to do that.



Anonymous said...

The saving from sugar subsidy cut needs to go somewhere.

Why not smartphone? Angry bird is a nice game afterall.

Anonymous said...

Gd evening Uncle Pat,

I don't know what is the relevant Jibby gave the rebate rm200 for the youngsters to buy the smartphone. I cannot see any concrete reason of that. rm300 million to burnt just for nothing. I believe some of the low educated working youngsters (especially those who are the Pechachai BeNd Kipas Susah Mati supporters) will say this is the most good thing ever that the Ah-Jib Gor can gave to them. They don't even know that this "gula-gula" is only one-off b4 the GE-13. All they know, i got 1 BeNd/UmnGOK t-shirt, rm50 for menchachai upah, 1box of DunHELL and minyak moto full tank.that's it!!! I will support this party and the government until i die.. hahaha, pathetic!

For me rm300 million can be spend for the youngsters development regardless of what races/religion but especially for Malay/muslim youngsters. As a malay/muslim, i feel very embarrassing to see the very critical social illness of malay/muslim youngster nowdays. What do Ah-Jib Gor do haaa??? All his mufti/minister and what not??? Nothing.. all he knows now is to save his ass if he's losing this coming GE. I really hope for a better future will coming soon.

Anonymous said...

I am a tax payer and I am not qualified to get the Rm200 smartphone rebate?!!

I mean what the Fark!!? Those between 21 and 30 are probably not paying tax ,afterall there are only 10% of us that do pay tax!!

I am going to figure out how not to pay anymore tax while being an employee.

KNNCCB - sorry Patrick, just cant control my emotions at the moment. feel free to remove this bit.


Unknown said...

Maybe it can create more Gen C folks in our country...?

Anonymous said...

As usual please call and miss call hoping to be called back.
They can't afford the monthly charges or prepaid reload cards.
Please THINK - those kepala besar guys.
Mahu free WIFI it is a better idea.

Anonymous said...

Well just say in M'siakini, only selects dealers offers this rebates!!!

Anonymous said...

I seriously think that the "guy" has gone cuckoo. It's time for him to spend some time in Tanjung Rambutan. Wasting our hard earned tax payers' money. He has wasted our money on his 1 Malaysia craps (the campaign, the shops, the clinics, etc) trying to give himself a good name but back stabbing us in one way or another with his Lynas and now...nuclear power plants!!! What's next? I think we should give him a one way ticket to fly to Mars or even better...Jupiter