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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Budget 2013. The day after....

 Jangan risau. It's a Rakyat-friendly budget.  A-fucking-gain!!!

Not being very good at things such as budgets the only thing I got out of yesterday's big Budget 2013 announcement by Najib was that he does so love slogans...

“Prospering the Nation, Enhancing the Well-being of the Rakyat: A Promise Fulfilled”

And as someone pointed out "prospering the Nation" is wrong English. We're not quite sure after his speech exactly how our well-being is going to be "enhanced". And as for a promises fulfilled, we're so used to politicians making promises, especially during election years, that we have stopped paying any attention to the promises. This time they, sort of , kept their promise in not introducing GST. Just yet. So they lower personal income tax by 1% on the 1st RM50,000 but before you start to cheer remember that it could be a disguised GST introduction for all of us. Okay folks, less income the way we will be taxing you on stuff you buy and services you use. Fair ma. 

With each Budget Day we hear the well-worn phrase "People-friendly Budget". Does anyone remember the last time it was not a people-friendly budget? So if it a people-friendly budget year after year, what is the big fucking deal?

I discovered what a Malaysian Budget is good for. Selling newspapers! I went to half a dozen places and could not find a single copy of The Star or The NST. 



najib manaukau said...

This is a typical vote buying budget by a desperate moron from Umno. Therefore they don't be fooled once more and just vote these scumbags and parasites out of Putrajaya in the coming GE !

Anonymous said...

fuck the budget, I'm an employee and it does not really address my income range. Maybe they have the statistics on the people that is in the range of the budget to get votes. We want to see improvement to the country not wasting my tax money and give it to people for the sake of your vote. To be honest, years after years, i do not really care about this budget "thing", but when i grew older and see my tax money being wasted just to give freebies out without improvement to the country - I feel cheated. Youngster may see this is good, i used to be. But if you think properly, it's nothing to cheer about this budget 2013. come one what ammussed me is the RM200 for 3G phone , WTF, but its only for those <xxxxx income. What is this going to improve, so I'm contributing just to give 3G phone?

fakemalaysianews said...

Haha! Brilliant! Thank you for putting in words what Ive been feeling since reading pandering newspapers covering this 'people's budget.'

I think many Malaysians want the election yesterday to put an end to this self serving government tax payer funded promotional spin doctoring. Taking time out at the end of a BUDGET to criticize the opposition is unforgivable. The same opposition our PM is too gutless to engage in a mature policy debate a basic requirement of normal democracies. And we wonder why capital flows out from the country as foreigners and sadly Malaysians find better places for their time and money than here.

Ti Beng said...


Jamlus said...

BN gomen always fishing for votes by giving out cash hand-out. Not doubts it will lessen the economic plight of the poor M`sian. but the impact on the international debts tat the country hav will continue to rise! Every RM500 given, their grandchildren will have to pay triple the amount to settle in time to come. Najis administration had put M`sia in the fourth place of most `kalam-kabut` financial fiasco in the world! Imagine worst than Burma & Congo! I prayed for my beloved M`sia & all M`sian that we will prevail tis situation one day.

Anonymous said...

people friendly budget,
mana friendly?
so many tak ada kerja....

Anonymous said...

mana otak mu?

three cronies company:
Healthcare ok
1) Faber Mediserve
2) Radicare
3) Pantai (all sapu Facilities service in hospitals) All tak jalan betul... Najib mana otak mu?

Three Cronies company:
1) , 2) , 3) all sapu suppying to government hospital on medical equipments..... All profit go to who....Najib mana otak mu?

Highway cronies:
1) North south highway.
2) all related tols.
...... Najib mana otak mu?

Car cronies:
1) Ap license ( naza group, sime darby group,mofaz )......mana otak mu???

dont say all for the rakyat !! I think all for the goons and monkey that vote for you and family members. NIAMAH!