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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gimme somemore. Please. Thank you. Goodbye.

I read in the MSM that some 'survey' results showed that some Malaysians are "very happy" with the handouts that came with Budget 2013. Bonuses for civil servants. Money to buy Smart phones. RM500 'ang pows' for those who qualify either by virtue of income level or whatever.  But anybody reading stories like those would wonder what Najib has planned for the FUTURE of our country in the coming years. No? Did he do that in his budget speech? Have we Malaysians evolved into a nation of Gimme Gimme spongers with no thoughts of what happens tomorrow? Or are we so frustrated that we just want to take what we can before we abandon ship. Oh wait, I think that's what they are doing?  Hee hee hee... sorry ah.



Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,

You are right; that's what they are doing.
From their habits come their actions.

They have been very happy by raising their own paychecks, so they gave some bonuses for their ma-chai's.
They have been taking money to buy bags, rings and watches, so they give you a bit to buy Phones.
They have been giving RM250,000,000 "soft-loan" to people who know somebody so they give RM250 pocket money to those who know less.

So, Patrick, no need to be sorry-lah.


Anonymous said...

The new agreement now is...(health medical equipment ownership) and now belong to three crony companies.
All these cronies conquering malaysia supplying of medical equipments to government hospitals.
You and me also need to kautow to this three companie to cari makan from now on. ... susah lah nak cari-cari makan . Alll telan besar-besar.. Niamah