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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ini la cara kita...we do it OUR waaaaaaay!!!

In Budget 2013 the government plans to spend RM591 million on measures to reduce the crime rate, such as setting up a police unit for motorcycle patrols to watch over housing areas, and installing about 500 CCTV cameras in 25 urban areas to deter street crimes.

But...but...but...what about better recruitment, better pay, better training, better quality policemen??? Isn't that how it should start? Motorcycles and CCTV cameras??? What the fuck!!!



Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,

There is already better pay; you can pay your summons on the spot!

Quality? The Education Minister already said our education is better than other first class nations.

Better recruitment? the Home Minister said the experts on motorcycles(REMPITS) are being rounded in to fight crime. That is why the motorcycle units.

CCTV cameras? To get more lucid videos-mah.


Unknown said...

We wave our wads of cash all our social ills, problems will vanish into thin air.
Spend our way out of debts this present administration will led you to believe.

wongty robert said...

The comments raised are relevant and essential and I am certain half of the top guns in PDRM would be thanking you silently. But to the politicians in Putra Jaya and at Bukit Aman, their views are different, too water tight, no leakages.

Anonymous said...

I hope the motorcycle not just for the police to makan angin saja and the CCTV can shoot a sharp image of the culprits like the one they recently installed to catch speeding vehicles.

daniel said...

Pat, you haven't got it fully correct. Malaysiakini reports that almost half of that RM600 million, or RM272 million is directed at remedying public perception of the problem-more specifically to "improve safety perception index" under the National Key Results Area (NKRA) on combating crime. So that amount is going to be spent on brainwashing or numbing the public so that if your mother just got robbed it's no big deal. How? Have the mata-mata do the gangnam at the nearest shopping mall lor.

Ti Beng said...


Anonymous said...

This is the Chinese song that Shila Amzah sang in China to win the Asian Wave Award:


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