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Sunday, September 30, 2012


Nothing! You hear me?

A friend of mine (thanks Jeffery) shared this with me. This line is supposedly from the Pirates Of The Caribbean series. But it applies to pirates and politicians of any era. Of any country. Enjoy!

Take what you can. Give nothing back.


Anonymous said...

malaysia been taken.,

check those fellas bank accounts!

Anonymous said...

How the opposition can easily delivers 3.5% deficit with one eye closed whereas PM Najib struggles with only 4% deficit? Easy – the opposition took away figures from corruption, cartels’ cronyism, monopolies and whatnot from the budget figures. The present government is also tasting its own deficiency as a result of absorbing unemployable graduates into the public service – a mind-boggling RM202 billion for Operating Expenditure against RM49.7 billion only for Development Expenditure, an unhealthy 4 to 1 ratio. This means federal government’s estimated revenue in 2013 amounting to RM208.6 billion is just nice to pay for the RM202 billion operating cost only, not bad for a country with an estimated debt of RM502 billion by next year.