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Monday, September 24, 2012

The old man speaks. Again!

 I am not lazy. I am not stupid. I just need a chance, Dr. M.

Yesterday I was surfing the Internet and found this story in The Malaysian Insider which I thought was funny. Well, funny in a very sad way la. See what you think.

"Dr Mahathir took pains to remind the Malays of their colonised past in the decades before independence, detailing horror stories of how the British had called them lazy and stupid, enslaving them in their own country. He said the Malays were only allowed to take on menial labour jobs and were made into drivers and orderlies or clerks and office-boys at most."

So he's done such a great job doing otherwise when he was prime minister??? Sure these days Malays drive BMW's Merc's, Bentley's. Malays live in multi-million Ringgit residences. Malays fly 1st Class.  Malays sit as chairmen on boards of companies...etc. etc. etc. Some Malays.

But look around, Dr. M. 
Who ride kapcai's? 
Who work as drivers (mostly)? 
Who are the office despatch boys? 
Please stop insulting them lest the Malays lose their patience and really tell you what they think of you and your Vision 2020.


Paygelian said...

Rob from the poor to make the rich richer... kaninneh

Anonymous said...

we are walking into a pit. There are very rich and there are very poor. Indeed this is worrisome.

Indded this is nothing to do with a certain race, but do with powerful authority in the BN flock of monkeys.

Some even didnt know they are an accessories of this hidden agenda.
niamah indeed

najib manaukau said...

The grand son of the pariah from Kerala, the shenanigan Mahathir please be reminded that Malaysia was never called Malaya in the first place.
Just like Australia or the U.S. they were never ever called these names like Malaysia.
All you so call Malays immigrate to Malaysia from Indonesia in overwhelming numbers and sized the land from the real natives, the Orang Asli as appropriately named by you ancestors. Because of the overwhelming number you then took control of the political scene of the country and the right to name the land belonging to the Orang Asli and called it Malaya just like the white immigrants in Australia or U.S..
Therefore the Malays are not the sons of the soil and must always remember that, it was because of the political dominance you are able to do the many things that this country is facing including margination the real sons of the soil the Orang Asli ! Like the whites are never the sons of the soil of Australia and U.S. just to name two countries as examples.
Therefore stop this nonsense calling the Malays are sons of the soil and everybody else as pendatang especially the Orang Asli. The Malays are the real pendatang just like the non Malays. Please remember the non Malays have never claimed to be the natives !

TOKZ said...

Dear Patrick,

Based on this article of yours, I'm saddened to see your intelligence is NOT that high after all. You can't be expecting every Malay to be driving luxury cars, do? You can't be expecting every Malay to be residing in posh bungalows, do you? You can't be expecting only Chinese & Indians riding 'kapcai', do you? Mana bikin lu punya otak? In ya NIAMAH's HAI??? Alamak!!!

The statistics of Malay doing well now as to where they were before during colonial times had of course improved. Unless, you had been living in a nutshell, then, you wouldn't know it & by the way, are you still in that nutshell? *Sigh*

The Malay really ought to be united. This is becos it's very obvious to see Malays being divided in today's society & I believe it's due to the current political scenario. Should PAKATAN RAKYAT take over the country, then, we can expect the Malay to be classified as 2nd class citizen. This is why voting for BN is very, very important to ensure the Malay stay united.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Teoh what you said above is "Korek korek"

Anonymous said...

Old horse is irrelevant while IJN is sustaining his life.

malay that can remember said...

When Mahathir hedged on British pounds and blew $30 billion, Soros did the opposite by borrowing Brish pounds and put the money in a French bank. When the British pound devalued, Mahathir got whacked to the tune of $30 billion and not “PAPER MONEY LOSS ONLY” as he claimed. Soros transferred the money back to British pound and made 1 billlion pounds. One is a genius and the other one, a stupid prig.

Anonymous said...

aiya uncle Pat, mad people can say anything, no salah one, they can even kill and no salah also. Mad people ma , right or not ?

Muhammad Ridhuan bin Kasim said...

Haha, I'm done with Dr.M. Lost my patience when I first read his "Malay Dilemma" almost 20 years ago...
Interestingly, someone who keeps forgetting things that was said and done by himself, now "took pains to remind the Malays"... The irony of things. But not much amusement there...

Anonymous said...

That old man should shut up his mouth for goodness sake.He has past his useful age,not unlike Lee Kuan Yew who still give his country man good and sensible advice.Ask him(that mamak kutty) go to hell!

Anonymous said...

Politician does not talk truthfully. Their job is to stirr shits to achieve their own agenda!
The more Dr. M, the more his tarnished his image becomes, poor ols man!