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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday funnies

Private jets. Mine one better than your one.
I found a couple of funnies while surfing the Net this morning. First, I read in The Star that we are going to get another HUB. This time it is Asean's rail manufacturing hub. The Chinese flers are going to build some big-ass rolling stock manufacturing plant in Perak. The RM400million centre is going to be sited in Batu Gajah. Great news for the people of Batu Gajah I guess as it will mean more jobs and development. Well done to the BN for bringing this to the people of the state of Perak.

But when I thought about this latest hub my mind also remembered all the other hubs we had. Do you remember? How many can you remember? How many are still around? Okay let's do a list.

1. The E-Village. Remember that one? Dr. M had Jackie Chan come over and cut the ribbon with him to open the regional film-making hub. The last I heard the Malaysian jungle has reclaimed the site. Or did somebody make it into a oil palm plantation?  But now they've just announced that Pinewood Studios are opening their facility in Johor's Iskandar so I guess we're going to get another hub to replace the other hub.

2. The Multi-Media Super Corridor. Wasn't that also named some sort of hub or other? Bill Gates came for the ceremony didn't he?

What other hubs can you remember the government announcing and building?

The other funny is about the private jet trip that Anwar and his flers took that made the social media sites. Now, that is really funny. If you're Opposition and want to be 'close' to the ordinary people of the country so that they will vote for you would you post photos of yourself and your ma-cai's traveling in private jet luxury? No, right? Well, unless you're dumb like Tian Chua who alledgedly posted the photos on Twitter. "Wah! My first time in private jet wor. Next time I in power time I osso want my own jet leh." Great strategy to instill confidence in the people you want to vote for you, Tian. Maybe at the next rally or demo you can lead another charge at the FRU and get your head bashed in for the camera. Jeez!



Anonymous said...




najib manakau said...

I never thought I would live the day to see the pendatang will ever be needed in Malaysia !
One lives to see wonders but the need to have the pendatang has to be the eight wonder of the modern times just to build rail coaches. Are we saying that after 54 years of independence Malaysia is still in need of pendatang to build rail coaches in boleh land ! Wonders never cease in this boleh land .

Anonymous said...

Why suddenly everybody was so exciated about Private Jet.
I think Tan Chua doing the right thing.He is telling the Malaysian that Pakatan also having support from corporate leader who are ready to dump BN.

Are you telling us,that we Malaysia belong to Jakun orang Asli tribe who never enjoy any development.

Wake up Patrick

farouk said...

i do remember BioValley or something during the Dr M era (somewhere in cyberjaya)... and there was a Bionexus something during the Pak Lah's... (somewhere in no no land in Nilai...)
oh yes... all of it is now where the jin kicking each other's butt (tempat jin bertendang...)

Anonymous said...

And patrick ,dont forget the numerous corridors, northern,southern,eastern ,western and in theretoo corridors.
Bloody hell,WTBF are these junkies trying to impress.
Aiyoooh man, those guys think we just turun dari the trees lah.

Santi Vardhana said...

Dear Patrick,
what's really going to cook you is the fact that we, Malaysia, had one of the best railway coach making factory right here in Sentul. Until that Mamak fellow decided to get rid of all the Indians in Sentul and sold all that KTM land to his friend Vincent Tan cheap. That Mamak fellow simply destroyed a whole industry and wonderful KTM village full of Indians, Malays and Chinese all working for KTM. And now these idiot wants to start a similar factory! What a nutty case of economics.

Anonymous said...

Why you all get excited about the private jet ? This is not the tax payers's money so what is wrong ? Remember our DPM used the army helicopter to attend a function in UMNO Sabah ?

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick, we all getting old oredi la! Can log on to Niamah and read all that you write, we are very entertained lo! Happy la enough! Somemore got to learn facebook and twitter ah, very hard leh! Hope you continue niamah blog like that for long2 time! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

so bad one la u, osso steal my joke. hee hee.

Anonymous said...

I hope your story has informed rakyat that BBN promiseda lot but made money for cronies only!