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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

A new record from Malacca!!!

The Malacca Chief Minister's son's recent wedding banquet reportedly attracted 130,000 guests. Wow! That is some HUGE wedding dinner. The PR flers now want to know how and by whom the event was financed. At just RM10 per head for F&B it would come to RM1.3 million. Does the Malacca CM earn that much? I am waiting to hear what creative reasons will come from the CM's office. What do you think he will say?

My friends paid for it.

The event was covered by the ang-pows my son and daughter-in-law received.

I have been saving all my life for this occasion.
Wait! Actually, cerita started already. In the Malaysian Insider story it was reported that Malacca Umno executive secretary Akbar Ali responded to the Pakatan Rakyat's kacau. He even threw in some racist shit to make things more spicy. He said the PR flers should not assume that the wedding banquet was similiar to a Chinese wedding dinner!!! Phwaar! He said that it was not like the dinner had sharks fins soup. Okay Akbar, let's say you're right. No sharks fins soup. All the guests had were teh tarik and Nyonya kueh . Let's say the cost per head was just RM5. That would still add up to a bill of more than RM500,000! A chief minister would have to work and save a lot of years to have that sort of money to blow on a wedding dinner. No?



Ellese said...

If reference to Chinese dinner is racist what about derogatory reference to mamak here and mamak there as usually seen. This is more racist isn't it?

nick said...

This will be the last year as Chief Minister for Ali Rustam. Even najib knows that Ali is a liability to UMNO Melaka and the ground movement in melaka suggest that if Ali remain as CM, UMNO will lose melaka as well. So in view of these development, Ali wanted to go out in style and with a bang! let him do want he wants for now. But once we are able to wrest Putrajaya from UMNO, we will push the new government to open up all the MACC and police files on these "politician" cum robbers. lets make sure the rakyat has the last laugh! GOD willing, our weapon, ABU will do the job of bringing down these corrupt people!


Anonymous said...

Minister : You know Tan Sri TauKay, my son's wedding coming up soon ...
TauKay : Dato, lu punya anak macam saya punya anak mah. Itu dinner saya bayar. Ikhlat !
Dato : Ikhlas ? Betul ke Tan Sri?
TauKay : ehhhh mesti ikhlat mah. Dato kasi lulus tanah gomen 10,000 ekar saya tada lupa. Ikhlat !
Khairy : See, a perfect transaction made in heaven. If ikhlas it's HALAL.

Nur Sufiah said...

I called up a friend from Melaka about the sponsors for the wedding foods, he told me no caterer is so stupid to provide free foods for such a big crowd without getting any return or benefit. The most the caterers could do were charging the foods at cost but without paying is out of the question. My friend provided me the names of developers and contractors most likely to pay for the foods. Najib spent RM400,000 for a luxurious dinner of his daughter's wedding had drawn criticisms from the public so for a Chief Minister who has a record of lavish, wasteful, boastful and big spender, RM1.3m was a small money to him. Who are the business sponsors? Hermes Berkin, LV, Patek Philips, Rolex, Chanel or.......that required him to be a advertising model? Ali, everybody knows you are the most "C....." Chief Minister of Melaka so please don't pretend you are so innocent.

Anonymous said...

This is the way you lose on next general election. Keep on racist remark, and stupid answers. iF 500,000 ringgit being spen , i wander who can give such angpow ? let say 130,000 attended, with teh tarik and nasi kandar , opps sorry, kueh sahaja!!!

wongty robert said...

Likely justification from this CM? An event paid for by buddies and friends, nothing to do with state coffers. There is no stopping them when these kind souls wanted to make the event the biggest in the country. Family members are only involved in event planning, sending out invitations and collections of gifts, green or red packets lah!

Anonymous said...

It's blatant corruption, no two ways to this.

Let's hope the people of Melaka are smart enough to oust him out come GE.