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Friday, October 05, 2012

Friday funnies

I think there might actually be some guys in Universiti this-or-that, Malaysia working on finding a vaccine for the LGBT 'virus'. Don't you think?

Couple of good ones for the start to the weekend. Funnies, I mean.

The most tragically, ironically funny story is found in The Sun today.

Najib Razak was speaking at the 6th International Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities Conference (IAACA) and General Meeting in Kuala Lumpur. When presenting a RM1million check to the IAACA for their "future endeavours" (God knows what the fuck that means. Someone suggested that it is a "please look the other way" payment) Najib said........................

"This reflects our continuous commitment towards eradicating corruption not only here in Malaysia but also internationally."

Sorry, if that made you chuck your breakfast. Funny kan?


That sick idiot is at it again. Deputy Education Minister, Puad Zarkashi now says that school counselors are to be frontliners to curb the spread of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) phenomenon. The headline in The Sun story is even more hilarious.

"School counselors can be frontliners to PREVENT (my highlight) LGBT"

Curb the spread of the LGBT phenomenon??? Prevent??? It is not an NGO movement that can be controlled by water cannon and tear gas. It is not a school-yard prank that can be curbed by using guideline identification. It is not a disease spread by a virus, you moron!!!



Anonymous said...

The i million , what thats for??? another buying vote. maybe channel to someone accounts.... haha
MACC my foot! even teoh beng huat dying for free...... Imagine voting for a criminal in the next election...... susah lah macha!

Anonymous said...

Samsam: "Lu tolong wa, wa tolong lu"! I help you with 1Million and you help me by looking the other way, ok? Its a win-win deal!

Anonymous said...

Uncle Pat, so nice to see you back. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

tell me which cabinet minister is not a moron?
fuck,you begin to think these cabinet ministers are all born out of wedlock and consummated with some martians in a hotel room somewhere in batu pahat.

Sahur said...

Dr. Mahathir galak rakyat simpan emas (Utusan: 18/12/2010)

Beliau berkata demikian ketika ditemui pemberita selepas merasmikan Pelancaran Produk Emas Genneva Malaysia berkonsepkan syariah.

Anonymous said...

BN has demonstrated that it has different sets of laws for different sets of people.

A 19-year-old was arrested for baring his buttocks over photographs of Najib and his wife, Rosmah Mansor, while the incidents of BN supporters burning photographs of Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and urinating on the posters of Kelantan Menteri Besar Nik Aziz and DAP leader Lim Kit Siang have been ignored by the authorities.

And a 19-year-old girl who surrendered herself to the police for having stepped on the photographs of Najib and Rosmah got handcuffed like a criminal. But if you were to look at photographs of ex-menteri besar Khir Toyo and ex-minister Ling Liong Sik when they were arrested – one for land fraud, and the other for cheating the Government – you’d see that neither of them was handcuffed

It looks like on the one hand, we are told we are 1Malaysia, but on the other, there are these double standard.

Anonymous said...

It will be even more tragically funny if the speech is made by non other than the infamous S'wak CM, Abdul Taib Mahmud, the trophy boy of the successful implementation of NEP.

Anonymous said...

Only in Malaysia, my friend. MALAYSIA BOLEH, nah.