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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Happy Malaysians?

Richest Malaysians

This is going to sound like I am belly-aching but it is really a serious question. Do you notice that the people who claim loudly that they love being in Malaysia and would not live anywhere else usually come from:-

a) the local privileged folks. Meaning those in the RMmillion per annum income group. Or close to it.

b) the privileged expatriates.

Having options is a great way to enjoy what a country has to offer, isn't it?

Would the Malaysian taxi driver, plantation worker, teacher, average office worker feel the same way?

No I am not being sarcy or grumpy. I just would like to hear how you feel. People with options can also answer and help us understand. Thank you.



Anonymous said...

No Shitz!! I am just working on fattening bank balance just enough to get out of this country. My ancestors who came from China 5 generations ago to due to hardship back then and now its my turn to do the same.

Being a pendatang in my own country doesnt make much difference if I am a 2nd class person in another country.......waittaminute, I retract that statement KoalaLand appreciates what I can bring to their country!!

Call me unpatriotic

Call me coward

I call it survival and being appreciated.


Anonymous said...

sad to admit we are not happy due to many reason BN rules for donkey years.
1) non-bumi been marginalised.
2) Authority- been biased
3) Privilege to certain race on benefit even though no need to work hard for it.
4) take over the most profitable business where certain race build on it since last generations.
5)Quota System for certain important matters.
--- So ass-hole BN , better burn yourself with your ass politics and greedy heart.


Ruix said...

.i'm 26 going on 27 next year

.i'm working as a software developer n earning around rm2000+

.while i would relish the opportunity to work n live in other parts of the world. i DO love being malaysian n if ever i decided to go out n see the world, it's my hope to return here someday n die a malaysian.

Ho Choong Sin said...

I am not particularly rich. But I have studied in Singapore, Australia and England. I have also been to Munich in Germany and Bellagio in Italy, and have taken a conducted tour of Europe.

Generally speaking, Malaysia is still a good country to live in. It has fine weather - not many natural disasters except for high humidity.

Its peoples are generally friendly.

Its foods are varied and delicious.

So, all in all, Malaysia is alright to live in still.

What I can't stand is the corruption of the current regime. For example, the shamelessness of Shahrizat in her court appearances. Makes me want to vomit, seeing her face, wearing a white tudung and a white dress. What bullsh*t.

megaman said...

Not unhappy but NOT Happy either!!!

Definitely can be Happier !!!

Compared to other countries, I definitely still prefer Malaysia because my family members are here.

BUT make no pretence, if things go really bad, I still have the options to migrate because my skills and capabilities are in demand overseas. We definitely can still make a living elsewhere.

Ellese A said...

Don't pretend. You want to listen to your kind of view and censor contrarian view. What a bull load of pretense?

Yo. said...

I think a lot of people are happy to live in Malaysia, but they are mostly the type who just so grateful for the air in the country that allows them to breathe, and are oblivious to the future of the country. Like my dog. He is happy. I'm the one paying the rent (can't afford to buy a house), buying the food, getting stuck in traffic, and watching my tax money go to people who want cheaper smartphones instead of community development.

It's just easier to be oblivious.

KTWong87 said...

Who spews "I love being in Malaysia" ad nauseum?

The fat cats officials who offer inane statements like "cannot raise prices but can reduce the size of roti canai", "Tidak membebankan rakyat" and "adjust your lifestyle" when another round of price hikes are announced on the back on wanton wastage of public funds for empty gradiose schemes and/or blantantly crony-enriching projects.

And someone notorious for self-aggrandising titles and awards and jetting off in the govt's VIP Airbus for garish spending sprees and holidays but is thick-skinned enough to stand up before an assembled crowd of syncophants and ask, "Do I look like a liar? No right?".

And they wonder why folks are disgusted with them, and vow to vote Anything But UMNO/BN ??!!

The rakyat have suffered enough, and cannot be fooled any more by election-candies and "You help me, I help you" vote-buying bribes lah.

Anonymous said...

Feel Like killing people that is if i am not ISAed for that I said

Robert Aaron Kuok

kbc said...


I'm an average guy. below 50k annual income. I'm not particularly happy with how our beloved country being run currently.

But I think its a bit 'unpatriotic' to leave and just see it deteriorate. We can do something to mend it. Cannot give up before try right?

Anonymous said...

Only those who have been OUTSIDE of Malaysia would ever claim they like being IN Malaysia. Anyway there are many, many patriotic yet average or low income Malaysia... They are the ones who stick Jalur Gemilang on they car or go to watch the national football team. Maybe they aren't as vocal but they are certainly no less happy to be here.

Anonymous said...

How come Taib Mahmud's mugshot not here?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I am from the middle income group...I am happy to live in Malaysia. But surely VERY MAD with how my beloved country is, hopefully thing will be better for our future generations.

Anonymous said...

I also be happy if BN made me a crony with ali-baba business lifeline.

Anonymous said...

My fella sufferers, join PK win next GE and seize power from BN!

Anonymous said...

I hv university degree upto master and working for 20 years earning 2500 pm. In malaysia its not what you are but rather who you are and who you know to go up in your career. Those having knowledge mostly work for elite group of people the politicians and their cronies who control the government, the business, the projects and the rakyat.

Ni4la said...

I am happy because in 8 years time (2020) I will become a high income rakyat thanks to Naj1b's transformation.

ps: I got hang over from my bir halal!

Anonymous said...


monsterball said...

The richer they are...the more selfish they become.
I know Robert Kwok is living avoid being used by Mahathir.
Come 13th GE...many multi millionaires are taking their family on a long holiday oversea....yet many keep promoting supports for BN ...yet dare not cast their votes.
These people do not have Malaysia and Malaysians in their hearts.
All they care is their and their money.

tommy said...

After 42 years in this country i thought our country is one of the best places to be for raising my young family. For the past 4 years things are beginning to change with my outlook. Im beginning to notice a lot of my friends and relatives are making effort to migrate esp australia in search of better lifestyle for their family. However i had the opposite view all the time thinking that earning a five figure salary and affording a comfortable life would be good enough what else could you ask for. Until the time i visited australia and discuss in length with my siblings and experiencing myself the lifestyle over there i realise that the two basic issues i'm facing in here is the education and security. These two basic issues if not corrected immediately will become worse in days to come. I can only say people who have the capability will leave the country for the sake of the next generation. Me too. We are not rich but we are trap in the middle income syndrome if we continue earning what we do our kids will end up worse than us when they grow up.

Bogey said...

are you kidding me? If only I had the chance and enuff money, I'd split from this country without a second thought.

But...I'd definitely stay on if there is a regime change for the better.

mcchok said...

I m.still staying in this country because there is no place like home eg. food, family, friends... NOT because I love the govt...A change is a must before it is too late.