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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I miss you, Malaysia.

I suddenly remembered my primary school friend, Raja Shahrul. He was a pint-sized fellow and was my close friend from Std. 4 to 6. I think. I didn't know he was 'royalty' until other friends pointed out what Raja meant. I always called him Shahrul. I never knew where he lived or what his family did. When you're 10 years old there are more important things in your mind than details. Shahrul used to come to my house in Ipoh often for lunch after school. Somehow, my mother knew to cook pork-free dishes just for him. Shahrul ate. His parents didn't beat him for it. No police reports were lodged. This was back in 1958. We were friends. Things were a little different then.



Tiger said...

My best friends were Hang Tuah (son of Datuk Jins Shamsudin, go figure), Taufik, Nurul, Kathiresan, and heck a lot of other non-Chinese.
In our school, we never identified with race, only that we are Tigers (King Edward VII forever!) and we grew up together like brothers.
Who gives a flying fuck whether the other guy next to you is a difference race? We were already 1 Malaysia then, and it's only now that we can see the non-unity policies getting ugly.

ordinary malaysian said...

Well put, Patrick, in a few short words. That was then, and this is now. Niamah!!! indeed!

Anonymous said...

We sure miss the old days.We play along without fear and no racist term appear on our own , so sad when those politician want to separate us now.Imam -pork,nevr clean handlah,how we handle our foodlah, all shit come-out from politician, maybe they have a better way to reach heaven faster than non-muslim. Haha Niamah

Anonymous said...

The good old days!

When kids mingle to play guli and gasing.

Catch ikan laga in the drain.

Climb coconut trees by the beach.

Make meriam buluh during Hari Raya,go around collecting duit raya.

Eat at the same table.

Run to help our 'brader' when they get into trouble with Lakshmi's dad,Rajoo.

Tolong jolok rambutan at Ah Kheng's orchard.

Sapu Makcik Meon's kuih pulu from her kitchen.

Those were the good old days!


Ajiboy 2020 said...
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Ajiboy 2020 said...
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Anonymous said...

Wake up, Patrick! The Malaysia you knew is long gone.

Move on, Patrick! The Malaysia you now know does not miss you. In fact it wants you to go back to tongsan even though you have no freaking link with that prosperous country other than being born an ethnic Chinese. You might as well jump into Selat Melaka because you are a pendatang.

Leave Malaysia, Patrick! The god-forsaken country has indeed been forsaken by the man (or woman) upstair.

Have a nice day!

Fakemalaysianews said...

Nice post Patrick. I find it sad that in Dubai or Jakarta you can go to a hotel and halal and non halal buffets are side by side and the people can all dine together. All we can do is ensure that we ourselves are not examples of intolerance. I do my best to befriend all Malaysians and encourage my kids to do the same. The fight for unity begins here in our home.

Harris H said...

MasyaAllah, Anonymous .What a terrible thing to say. The Malaysia you think is long gone is still evident all around you, and it'll will proven in the coming election.I vouch that Patrick is an upstanding Malaysian, thank Allah for his mercy.

juliana said...

Produk AYAMAS Mengandungi Chloramphenicol!

The Sarawak Government last Thursday, to ban the import of the product with immediate effect, following tests which detected the presence of chloramphenicol. The antibiotic is used to treat bacterial infection which could be harmful to health.

Anonymous said...

Which country has had only one political party in government for more than half a century?

Which country allows the government to use public funds for political purposes?

Which country uses the Police to beat up peaceful protestors and corner them when they have already dispersed?

Which country has a Prime Minister linked to murder?

Which country has a Prime Minister linked to corruption and his colleagues don’t bother?

Which country uses Islam as a political tool to destroy other Muslims?

Which country gives money to the rich to buy houses cheaper because of their race?

Which country gives money to ministers so they get very rich while the poor suffer?

Which country punishes honest former top Custom and Police officers who whistle-blow?

Which country allows its government to rob the poor and fill the pockets of the rich by unreasonable road tolls?

Which country bails out cronies in business with public money into billions of ringgit?

Which country forces religion down people’s throats while the political leaders live in sin?

Which country has an anti-corruption agency accused of murder?

Which country has a police system that sees so many Indian youths die in police lock-ups?

Which country has former soldiers take part in politics and act like thugs against a clean and honest lady?

Which country has a ‘First Lady’ who spends the people’s money when the country does not even have a president?

Which country builds a costly palace when many people do not have proper housing, water and electricity?

Which country denies the Opposition time to speak freely yet claims to be the world’s best democracy?

Which country allows the Police to beat its journalists doing their jobs without mercy?

Which country has its Prime Minister say something and the DPM disagrees. Remember 1Malaysia and “Aku Melayu”.

Which country has a Prime Minister who runs away while important things happen in his country?

Which country allows dirty videos and other slanderous material to be
published against others freely?

Which country has conspired against its Opposition leader in a sex scandal that we know is a conspiracy?

Which country has someone like former Premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad whose word cannot be trusted – who has said he has retired from politics but is still blabbing?

Which country has a Royal Commission which exposes mismanagement and corruption in the police force but nothing is done to correct the shortcomings?

Which country has a Royal Commission to expose judge fixing and yet still no one is charged?

Which country has the NEP but sees many Malays denied opportunities because they belong to the wrong political party?

Which country sees the non-Malays discriminated against and deprived of the constitutional rights while the corrupt take the lion’s share of their prosperity?

Which country sees the people divided into bumiputra and non-bumiputra and practices apartheid policies?

Which country has gone so backward in its political culture and stays in power by bribing others with money?

Which country has a farmers’ cooperative and short-changes its members not giving them their due money?

Which country has seen so many abuses of power and yet can still stay in power because of electoral irregularities?

Which country has punished its honest citizens for calling for democracy and clean and fair elections?

Which country controls all the country’s mainstream media and spreads propaganda?

Which country punishes media producers who merely want to promote a free country, what’s wrong with that?

Which country spends money on 1Malaysia but promotes racial hatred and disharmony?

Which country allows a politician like that white snake in Sarawak to be filthy rich and rob the natives of their lands and trees?

Which country allows a politician to spend public money to promote himself overseas?

Which country has been censured by the BBC for censoring their news we see?

Which country but Malaysia!

Trishia Ho said...


This is a great video depicting the true history of Malaysia since independance from the point of view of rakyat.

Watch it and share the video before the coming GE:

LTitle: List of Malaysia

Duration: 13:42 minutes
Selamatkan Malaysia!!!

Aidil Yunus said...

will Nadirah be made into a movie?

patrick should connect with Metrowealth for a movie possibility. Sure meletup one.

monsterball said...

That was the good old days where I too missed my Muslim childhood friends...where we treat each other like of obvious different cultures and way of life.
We respect the faith and beliefs...of each other..sincerely.
We eat together..sleep together in holiday camps.
The Muslims I know are...well behaved and brave Malaysians.

Anonymous said...


Just like in the recent US elections:

1. 70 pct of Malays over 40 will vote for BN. 30 pct will vote for Pakatan.

2. 60 pct of Malays under 30 will vote for Pakatan.

3. 80 pct of Chinese will vote for Pakatan.

4. The Indian vote is likely to be 50:50.

So no one will get two-thirds, and it can go either way. When it goes Pakatan's way, BN will implode, all the thieves will run away to London, Geneva, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Indonesia. Some who can't run will squeal on the BN's atrocities.

The ultimate result won't be racial, it will be truth vs falsehoods.

Keep the faith, man.


rpremkumar2u said...

When I was schooling from Form 2 on-wards, every Divali saw a friend who was of the same race but a Muslim pay me a courtesy call. I asked my Mom if the chicken we were going to serve was dressed according to Islamic rites and something told me she was lying when she replied in affirmative. I insisted on accompanying her to the Buntong N/V wet market and told the chicken fella that I wanted it done my way and that guy merely had to tell it to a Malay guy who did the needful to all 3 broilers. When my pal came I informed him what had been done out of respect for his faith. I was the one friend he never missed inviting to his humble home- his dad reared some dairy cows.His mom was an amazing cook and very hospitable - I guess he had narrated the incident to her. Little things go a long way in life.

癫狗 said...


Jolly said...


I miss you while you are in hibernation once again.

Nothing to niamah or you have stopped rading the Star?

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Are you OK?

Why nothing to rant about these days?

Try reading The Star...

Jessie Ho said...


hope to see you for autograph at SUBANG JAYA ELECTION FUNDRAISING DINNER next month!

Anonymous said...

RM50000000 donated to Huazong but Huazong no qualified accountant or staff to handle thus make the account like mess. Huazong no qualified accountant or staff? terrible to those donors............

Anonymous said...

Why you do not take part in Maharaja Lawak?

You can partner Douglas Lim, right?

Thiru said...

please read thsi open letter before you go to vote.

Selamatkan Malaysia!

Anonymous said...


JasOne said...

Niamah Teoh must be slpeeing well in November, as there is no fart from him this month.

This is truly Niamah!!!!

Anonymous said...

To me it doesn't matter how long it has rule the country. Only ungrateful people would talk bad about its own country. Nowadays there are plenty of our people who would rather talk lies in order to rule Malaysia. We have been living happily here. Please do no simply talk and listen to the lies that has been told from mouth to mouth. If should the country brcome like those in Syria Egypt or even like indonesea than you are to be blame and curse.

Ngan Tengyuen said...

we need a time machine...

Ajiboy Wreck It said...

Adnan's pledge to cut off his ears in Bentong:

Hello~ said...

To both 'anonymous' 9:16 PM as A & 12:42 PM as B

It will be Greece if we continue to be 'thankful' and to be oblivious to all the things going on right now

Also, you said "rich chinese around because of Malays are sincere"
First of all, there are the everyday honest Malays and there are the 'Ketuanan Melayu' Malays.
Second, instead of following what you said, how about "there would be more rich chinese, malays and indians if the policies are sincere and just"

Sorry but being a Malaysian, I can't really be thankful when my gov is draining the nation dry via corruption and race-based policies.

Again, B said "only ungrateful people would talk bad about its own country". How is it ungrateful if the people wanted a change for a better future? You're happily living here perhaps of quotas, have you ever thought of the people sidelined by those quotas? In general people will most probably think "After all, who cares since I'm getting the goodies and it is good to have a discount, why question it at all?
But if there is someone questioning it and might jeopardise my benefits, I must condemn them"

Please don't degrade countries especially Indonesia. I admit it used to have riots but in the end, they are progressing and catching up to us. Even the corruption rate is getting better compared to us getting worse

In the end, are you really that blind to see what is going on in our country? Or you are just closing one eye and continue to enjoy the benefits from a biased policy which clearly contributes to certain race rather than the entire nation.

Please think before you post yeah

Kafe Jez said...


Are you OK?
Or are you 'silenced' by the authority in order to safeguard your TV career?