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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

It was sponsored ma. Cannot ah?

Takde ape. Diorang bagi I ambik je. Apanama? Ah...Sponsor. Ya tudia.

There! It's out!  

The official reasons.

The Malacca Chief Minister's record-setting wedding banquet for his son and 130,000 guests was paid for by......(insert fanfare here)...Tataaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!......


Apparently, caterers and "other businesses" sponsored the event. I will bet that you never knew that the Malacca CM, Mohd. Ali Rustam is sooooooooo loved by Malaccans. The CM insisted that the banquet was not a lavish affair and that nobody was forced to attend.  But 130,000 guests is still a mind-boggling number. However, according to the CM's special secretary the reason for the high attendance was very simple.  Okay, I think you better sit down for this...ready?

"This is the first wedding ceremony for the chief minister’s family and every Malaccan wanted to take part. Even estate workers wearing slippers stood in line to shake hands with the bride and bridegroom."

Does that make you want to scream NIAMAH!!! ?

Go ahead. Stick your head out the car window. Open your office door.


Feel better now? Thank you.



Anonymous said...

Can someone post any photos of the wedding to see if this is true.

wongty robert said...

Hats off to this UMNO/BN CM for his creativeness. Sponsors for children wedding! Even Dr. M and Samy Vellu have to take a page from this guy!
Well, calling all UMNO/BN ministers, MBs excluding the CMs of Sarawak and Sabah, warlords, marry off your children fast otherwise you will miss the opportunity to get sponsors for a grand wedding and feast!

Ho Choong Sin said...

Mohd. Ali Rustam's behind must smell like roses - that's why there was a rush by "sponsors" to give FREE things for his son's wedding ...

Azmil said...

MACC buat dodoh?

When the Selangor MB Tan Sri Khalid changed 4 tyres to his car and during Hari Raya when cows were slaughter and the beef offered to residents of Bandar Tun Razak, MACC was quick to act on the allegations..what about the late Teoh Beng Hock who paid with his life for a fraud allegation of RM2500-00..

After 55 yrs of abuses under UMNO/BN, it is time to UBAH for the Angel we dont know than the devil we know..

Anonymous said...

Ali Rustam is showing his wealth i.e. coming Umno Assembly he will be a force in money politics.

Shila said...

Thanks to Rustam, Niamah Teoh is awakened to amuse us once again!

Anonymous said...

Still considered as income in the eye of Tax Law. Have to declare to inland revenue. Tax deductable or not is another matter.

Anonymous said...

i am Malaccan,i know who is Ali Rustam and what he is doing and did. He is second to our 'white hair' goon from East Malaysia. Any projects, whether small or bigs he has interest direct or indirectly.
Did Malaccan like him as what his Machai claimed?Go to hell and Niamah chau Hai as Malaccan hokkien said.

Anonymous said...

Still treating us like idiots to believe that the banquet was sponsored by some enthusiastic people.

Of course every Malaccan wants to take part as there were free food mah !

But some people attended to "polish shoes mah ".

Niamah !

Ellese said...

Samalah macam pr being sponsored of private jets. Shouldnt we call the MACC as well. But you know lah MACC. Will they touch powerful people.

Anonymous said...

Minister : You know Tan Sri TauKay, my son's wedding coming up soon ...
TauKay : Dato, lu punya anak macam saya punya anak mah. Itu dinner saya bayar. Ikhlat !
Dato : Ikhlas ? Betul ke Tan Sri?
TauKay : ehhhh mesti ikhlat mah. Dato kasi lulus tanah gomen 10,000 ekar saya tada lupa. Ikhlat !
Khairy : See, a perfect transaction made in heaven. If ikhlas it's HALAL.

Anonymous said...

Very soon this fler will claim that he is a descendant of parameswara. So cannot ah to have the biggest wedding in the state for the descendant?