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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


MILF here...........

MILF everywhere else..........

Both The Sun and The Star today carry stories with the acronym MILF either in the headline or the body of the article.

I never thought that I'd ever see the day that the acronym MILF would be used in our local MSM.  A few short years ago it might have been totally alright I guess. But in today's context MILF is not an acronym I would post up in the headline of a newspaper story. That is unless you purposely want to spread some laughs around la.

Wikipedia describes MILF as and acronym for 
"Mother/Mom I'd Like To Fuck".

But the MILF in the news today stands for 
Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

I wonder if those Moro flers know the more internationally accepted reading of MILF? Maybe they do. And they just have a weird sense of humour.




Anonymous said...

I thot that it also stands for mature individual loves fucking!

Anonymous said...

UNcle Niamah

Uncle Zorro is missing for more than two weeks. Please tell us where is he. We missed him.

Hui Lin

hobbit1964 said...

I am so sorry but I think the Moros took the MILF acronym first, way back in the late 80s as soon as the MNLF managed to from the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao as brokered by Nur Misuari, leading to the breakaway faction which was dissatisfied with a mere 'semi-autonomy'.

However if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I am afraid it is not such a good sign.
However, Mr Teoh, you may find similar evidence of the comic erosion of the language as it also been unabashedly advertised all over the place MSM included, that there are many health gains to be made when you are a patient of Dr Jism.

Have fun, sir.

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,

Must be a great co-incidence that Megan Fox just been titled as a MILF when her month old child was just announced. LMAO!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Niamah -

You are showing your ignorance here.

MILR - Moro Islamic Liberation Front has been around since the late 70's ...whereas the love to f*ck thing only the last few years.

You gotta separate the husk from the rice...cant go believing all what wiki says.

Thieu nia ma ka chow hai!

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