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Saturday, October 06, 2012

NADIRAH by Alfian Saat

Alfian Sa'at's award winning play Nadirah is being staged in KL with a cast of fine Malaysians actors and acclaimed Singaporean actress 
Neo Swee Lin reprising her award winning role. Check out our Opening Week promotion ticket price!

Nadirah is the popular and articulate Vice-President of her university’s Muslim Society. She convenes inter-faith meetings where students talk about how they should respect one another’s spaces.

Nadirah is also the product of a mixed marriage. Her father is a Malaysian Malay and her mother a Singaporean Chinese who had converted to Islam. One day, Nadirah’s mother tells her that she’s going to re-marry. To a man who’s not Muslim.

Nadirah’s best friend Maznah, believes that everyone has a right to happiness. Her senior, Farouk, however, is outraged and urges her to do ‘the right thing’.

How does Nadirah make peace between various religions in school when she’s having the same problems at home?

Can mother and daughter worship different gods? Will love or faith prevail?

Nadirah is a bilingual play, performed in Bahasa Melayu & English. Alternate surtitles will be provided during the play.

Funny, insightful and moving, Alfian Sa’at’s award-winning Nadirah wrestles with the complex issue of religion by grounding it in a story about a quirky family and the ties that bind.


DATE: Nov 1-Nov 11

TiME: 8.30pm (Tue-Sun) / 3pm (Sun)

VENUE: Pentas 2, Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre


Opening Week Promo: Nov 1-4 (Thu-Sun) RM48/RM38 (limited, students only)

Normal ticket price: Nov 6-11 (Tue-Sun) RM58/RM38 (limited, students only)

For ticketing, please call KLPAC Boxoffice @ 03-4047 9000 or for more info.


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