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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Say sorry. Now!

Rosmah and her Qatari host, Sheikha Moza (photo from The Star)

Ha! All you baargers (that includes me) who doubted that FLOM was on  a valiant mission to Qatar to do the world some great good, you can now please say "SORRY FLOM. We bow before your benevolent wisdom." Why? Read about FLOM's mission...HERE.

Apparently, Qatar "had sought Malaysia's cooperation to realise its desire to provide the most extensive and highest education for children and teenagers, especially those who did not have access to the best possible education."

It's so sad isn't it? People from faraway Qatar appreciate our high quality education systems enough to want to learn from us! And we complain that our education sucks! Or is it that camels, oil and money fuck up your assessment capabilities?



Anonymous said...

BN’s two BR1M cash handouts amounting to RM1,000 to each qualified Malaysian. You divide this amount by 55 years that BN has ruled Malaysia and you get RM18.18 a year.

You divide RM18.18 by 12 months, you get RM1.51 a month.

You divide RM1.51 by 30 days, you get 5 sen a day!

Anonymous said...

When najib talks about street demos not part of malaysian culture he is talking about Lynas and Bersih.

When najib talks about demos reflects vibrant democracy, he is talking about perkasa demo, butt demo at ambiga’s residence, mamak protest at LGE’s residence, cow head stomping.

Arunzab said...

Just a waste of public funds by our fat short good for nothing you know who !!

Ellese said...

There's a funny story. Tony phua call dr Mahathir senile but Lks is the one senile. This is really funny by a brick in the wall. Lks condemned Anwar til the end on the Bnm losses n even wrote in his book condemning Anwar Kau Kau. Then when Anwar bluff again on this subject, Lks kept quiet and forgot what he passionly wrote. Lks getting senile. Really funny this politicians.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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1M4U said...

Apart from Musa’s RM40mil cash ‘donation, there is Taib Mahmud’s RM45 billion…er…’nest egg’, Mahathir Mohamd’s RM30 billion losses from gambling the people’s money in the currency markets, the RM12 billion PKFZ scandal, the multi-billion George Kent-Najib Razak Ampang LRT expansion, Shahrizat Jalil’s RM250mil NFC scandal and Najib’s very own RM7.3 billion Scorpenes scandal.

Will all these be attributed to SUARAM and Jewish billionaire George Soros? If Soros was wishful to place his own man as Malaysia’s PM, is Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew harboring the same ambitions since Musa’s RM40mil was in cold hard cash – SING dollars!

Stephen Ng said...

Nazri Aziz, the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, said that RM40 million which was channeled to Sabah through Hong Kong was for Umno, not for the Chief Minister.

He said there was nothing wrong and the MACC will not conduct its investigation further, claiming that the money was not for personal use, therefore, does not constitute a bribe.

When Suaram, which is representing Malaysians as a plaintiff in the Scorpene case which has Najib Tun Razak’s name as one who demanded for US$1 billion from the French submarine manufacturer, DCNS, we are told that foreign funds came from George Soros.

We also learnt that the Malaysian AIDS Council has also received money from the same source, but no actions was taken against the organisation.

Foreign funds have been linked to individuals who have been alleged as trying to topple the government. In the case of Suaram, despite this being a court case in France now, the Malaysian government is going after Suaram.

What about Umno receiving the funds through a bank in Hong Kong? Is this not considered a foreign fund? Who is therefore behind the fund?

Why is the funding coming from overseas? Is there a hidden hand trying to use Umno to topple Umno? Could it even be a Jewish hand, perhaps?

Or what should we make of it? Someone in the country has been stuffing the nation’s money outside of the country and transferring it back when it is needed? In billions, if not millions?

Or, who could be the donor in this case? A corporate giant that has been given a contract, and in return is channeling the money to Umno from overseas?

Does not any of this constitute some form of corruption? I leave it for you to judge Nazri’s statement, and Najib’s actions against a civil society like Suaram. Come the next general election, you have to decide who to vote for.

I’m already fed-up with all the nonsense that our politicians can utter. They are nothing but morons, who think that Malaysians on the average are also morons.

Anonymous said...

Philippine govt, MILF sign pact to end separatist conflict by 2016

The above is STAR ONLINE headline this morning. I couldn't believe my eyes. May be you might want to 'educate' STAR what MILF means in cyber lingo ......hehehehehe

Have a nice day, bro!