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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

That Effing place

Yesterday I drove past what must be the most explicit public signage I have ever seen in Malaysia. Are the "authorities" really becoming a whole lot more tolerant than we give them credit for? Hahahaha......Okay, the story...

There is a new housing area in Bandar Utama. A totally walled-in, guarded community. Huge 3-storey stand-alone's (I refuse to call them bungalows) that reputedly start at a minimum price of >RM5 million!!! And the name of this housing area?
Phwaaar!!! Haram on 2 counts man! Hahahahaha...
Now you can pay RM5 million for the pleasure of telling everyone that you're living in Effing Ham.
"Where do you live?"
"Effing what???!!!"
How could the developers have chosen this name? Or were they purposely fucking with us? Sorry I should have said Effing with us.


Xien said...

Hahahahah I saw it yesterday and couldn't believe my eyes either!

najib manaukau said...

May be the whole idea behind is to keep the muslims from the ' Fucking Ham' !
Would be interesting to know if there are any muslims living in the area, please remember ham is part of the pig and is therefore non halal ! Or is it alright to live in the area called 'Ham' as long as the muslims are not eating ham !

Anonymous said...

Patrick: I think the developer gets the name from Effingham Estate where Bandar Utama and Mutiara Damansara used to be. There is a SRJK Tamil Effingham in BU11 area. I suppose the developers are in the mood of naming their latest housing schemes with "exotic" names like "Casa" "Villa" or "Siera" or some other hard to pronounce alien names to vent the "upper-class-air" of their projects. If you feel so uncomfortable with "effing-ham" then may I suggest to See Hoi Chan to change it to "Affin-home"? By the way, I believe Malaysia is the only country in the world with multi-stories bungalows all over the country, out match India where bungalows originated. Samsam.

sabre23t said...

Patrick, there are both Effingham Surrey UK and Effingham Illinois USA.,_Surrey,_Illinois

CK said...

There is actually a Tamil School called SRJK Effingham in BU11. Used to be the name of a rubber estate before See Hoy Chan bought over the land.

Anonymous said...

It should be renamed Effing-Home. All those have or going to buy have been Fxxx.

If the price is $5mil it is not cheap. What you get is a ten feet long land behind and ten feet land at the side. It looks like a bungalow, sounds like a bungalow, price of a bungalow and sadly it is not a bungalow.

The land Office has classified it as 'Rumah Teres Mewah' in the title deeds.

It is a sale gimmick the developer called it 'Zero-lot bungalow'.

If you have a one of a kind neighbor, god knows what will he do to one side of the wall which is yours but facing his garden.

If he builds a waterfall on your wall and leaks later, then your have a problem.

What if the neighbor decides to do some renovations that 'join' from his house to your wall???? Does your 'bungalow' looks like a bungalow anymore?

After say 10 to 15 years, who will paint the wall which belongs to your neighbor? Problem????

Anonymous said...

RM5mil to pay for that kind of property with a controversially named housing estate,is not worth it.I think you could have lots of choices with that kind of budget.

Anonymous said...

Hello... It costs that much bcos it each comes with a private swimming pool in the middle of the house!! But i guess who paints which wall will nvr be your problem cos u wi never be able to afford it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Its not Effing Ham. It's Effingham in one word. The problem with the word is not the Ham but the Effing. Effing is how the young say f*cking. Like, "please pass me the effing cup". It stems from the alphabet F. Like what the F. What the eff. Effing. Sigh

Anonymous said...

Bringing in Muslims into this discussion is simply put.. moronic and pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you see hoy effing chan

Anonymous said...

Don't be sour grapes just because you can't afford it

Chet said...

Sorry, late to the discussion.

Yes, there was an Effingham Estate many years ago where part of PJ is. In those days, the first part of that name did not mean what it means now. Things were "cleaner" then.