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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

What is corruption?

 Corruption? It's just business.

I have taken the liberty of copying this from my friend, Art's writing. If you ever wondered why corruption is so rampant in Malaysia this story might shed some light on it...

I am grappling with the issue of corruption among Malaysians.

I used to have a relative who was a vendor manager in one of our national car company. Outwardly, he is a pious and God-fearing man. He prays 5 times a day. Would not drink alcohol. He fasts. He doesn't even eat or drink in a Chinese restaurants. (he however eats in Indian restaurants).

The thing is this. He takes money from vendors. Some vendors would bring him to expensive karaoke clubs every week. And he takes cash from them too. If a screw for the car costs 5 sens each, he would mark up to 6 sens and he keeps 1 sen.

One night we were talking. I told him that what he is doing is corruption. He disagreed. He said it is "business". And it is within his "power" to do so. He did not see any harm done by what he was doing. If the vendor doesn't want to do it that way, the vendor can go and fond other business, he says.

I think this mentality is prevalent among Malaysians nowadays. Is this the way our politicians think and is this the reason why corruption is so rampant? They just don't see it as corruption.



messiahhh said...

"I either want less corruption, or more chance to participate in it."
–Ashleigh Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

It's commision and umno people feel its their right-rezeki
I have seen pro umno bloggers defend it to the point of calling opposition politicians a bunch of sore losers because they are not in the loop of these'commissions'

helmi said...

MACC must investigate how CM melaka Rustam can made Malaysia book of Records with his lavish wedding banquet!

Tuah said...

Well, in BN stories most Malaysians knew that there were many corrupted leaders.

Ali Rustam was found guilty of money politic (bribing) in one of the previous UMNO election and as a result of that he was disqualified from contesting. But no further action taken against him in spite of that.

Now like several other BN leaders, Ali Rustam has moved into a new level of corruption. Did it openly as if it is not a crime. Maybe to them, it is as MACC dare not and will not do anything. They should have taken action against him long ago but did absolutely nothing. Perhaps for that reason, he became braver and dare to do it openly. Isn't wedding dinner paid by sponsors is a form of corruption? Now that it has came up in the open, what action can we expect from MACC?

Farouk said...

couldn't agree more.....

Anonymous said...

Bro,to them,take money is allowed in their custom and teaching. That why,they have to pray 5 or 10 times a day just to seek forgives or visit the holy land once a year to entirely cleans their sins away.
Just look at all the UMNO-BN goons,they would tokok infront of us that curruption is againts any religious but they did it behind.
Now you know why Proton or Produa cost so much !!!

Anonymous said...

even screws are used in corruption and that is why the rakyat are being screwed

najib manaukau said...

Just like all the scumbags, parasites and corrupted morons from Umno that must be a fine example of what they are so used to. They just want an excuse to rob and steal and that was why they are of the opinion that they are not stealing.
Try this next time, bring a dictionary along when you are to meet him and show him the meaning of corruption. May be is the standard of education in Malaysia wherein it teaches the Malaysians what he does is not corruption. Is that why there is so much corruption in the civil services ?

Karut Komedia said...

'Beri Rasuah sama Malaysians' (BR1M) amalan BN!

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,

It is already official-mah!

"You help me, I help you"

This policy is now in the daylight!!


Anonymous said...

Chuah Soi Lek..said." Money politics is not corruption!
CHief Minister of Malacca - people paying for my son's wedding not corruption
PM said, I give you money, you give me vote not corruption..
My business friend say...I give you money, you give me contract, not corruption!
Our country everything can!

megaman said...

Many Malaysians have no idea how to do business the right way without the so-called commissions or kickbacks.

When this is the only way you know how to do things, how else do you expect them to change ?

When you only got a hammer, everything else becomes a nail.

When you only how to negotiate for kickbacks, everything else becomes rezeki.

When you start off on the wrong track, this is what you get.

kamalampang said...

Dont dream that will happen now, unless you are from PR. Remember the devil have 2 minimum sets of law.

Anonymous said...

In any religion, regardless pious or not, commiting corruption is wrong. Taking what is not yours and oppressing other people is considered a major sin. Your friend has done a good job by highlighting this matter to the manager. If he doesnt get it now, he will get it sooner or later. We cant control everything but we can become a better person by setting a good example, maybe stop squabbling and badmouthing other people. Cant change the world overnight. But we can make the world a better place to stay. Peace be upon you