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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Dei tamby why your FD interest so low one?

 Dei Samy! One more time la, okay?

Just saw this headline in The Malaysian Insider......

Najib calls on MIC to return Indians as 

BN’s ‘fixed deposit’

Najib should know, right? Fixed Deposits these days give very LOW interests. Hahahahaha...sorry couldn't resist.

And then hav

ing a photo taken with Samy Velu ain't going to endear old Najib to too many 
Indians. Right? Or is the old man still the Indian strong man?



najib manaukau said...

Who is to show the figures given by Najib that only 9,000 Indians are stateless ? He can very well give the figure of 900 and yet it cannot be disputed also why are these stateless indians' applications are still under consideration ? What about the Chinese applications, how many of them are there ? Najib will surely come up with a figures pluck from the air just because the GE is around the corner. Or is this turncoat's figures are only a fragment of his imagination ? Why are these stateless Malaysian born citizens have to wait for not months or years but for decades and most of them will not even get a response from the home ministry during their life times. When millions of muslims from southern Philippines and Indonesia born there were 'recruited' to become citizens in record times ?
Is it because the malaysian born pendatangs are not going to be Umno supporters and that the 'recruits' will surely cast their votes for Umno to remain as watchdogs of Malaysia ? Or were the muslims 'recruited' to dilute the population in the country Also are you coming up with a small number of unapproved application just to justify the injustices Umno have been doing to them but have no qualms to collect their taxes from them. Do the millions of recruited Malaysians pay any taxes at all ?

Anonymous said...

Indians in Malaysia are not human ar? How inhuman is it to call our fellow countrymen a thing such as "fixed deposits"?

Monday December 10, 2012

Indian community will be rewarded for being a ‘fixed deposit’

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak admits that the Indian community, while being a long-time “fixed deposit” for the Barisan Nasional in the country's general elections, had not been given the “interest rates” due to them.

“They had been our fixed deposit' all this while but we have not been paying high interest ... maybe our interest rates were not good enough,” said the Prime Minister, who is also the Barisan chief.

“However, in the last four years, the Barisan has been paying them higher interest rates,” he said in his keynote address when opening the 66th MIC general assembly at the Putra World Trade Centre here yesterday.

Rajesh said...

Indians kena nambikei once every 4 years from Umno, then suffer teh rest of the time.

They never learn.
That's why Najib is capitalising on their weakness.

Anonymous said...

After 50 over years and look where umno/bn has got your guys. If you still have faith in umno/bn then you deserve what's coming your way.

Waittaminute, if the indian community are the fixed deposit and yet there are hundreds of thousands of stateless indians in this country despite Merdeka over 50 years.....I dint know what they have been feeding you but it cannot be good, that's for sure.


Anonymous said...


rajanikanth said...

May I remind the Indians to watch Sivaji The Boss (movie) one more time to get the message before casting their votes.

Hello~ said...

Something is very wrong to call someone 'fixed deposits' in the first place. Then our dear PM admit that they have not been paying enough interest

Overs 50+ years, imagine how much interest rates are due? Yet never pay at all. Every 4 years, there will be news that few thousand of Indians getting citizenship. The years in between? Nothing

You guys need to take a bold step to ensure your right, not just sit there and hope. No offense but 50 years are a long time waiting for someone to repent. Guess BN never did and you guys as well.

Decisions are in your hands.

trisdass said...

Well it may not represent most Indians in Malaysia. It has gone too long and trust is lost. What is the exchange rate or interest for being a valuable FD? and for how long will "the FDs" get interest? Exchange with basic human rights, exchange with better chances of education when in fact all should get equal chance? Honest grading systems? I doubt they can keep their promise, after all if the promise is not kept, it becomes the will of God (as an escape route) because there is no black and white guarantee!