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Monday, December 10, 2012

Have a HaHaHa Monday

Some funnies to help start the week off right...

Does this photo show that Palanivel is a man who doesn't know left from right?

The most laughable statement heard from the government bureaucrats today...

Election Commission (EC) officers are within their democratic right to join political parties but they must not be partisan in carrying out their duties - EC chairman Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof.

Can join political parties but must not be partisan in carrying out their duties??? Has such a noble creature ever been born in Malaysia or anywhere else? 


This isn't the MOST laughable but it is funny nevertheless...

A good politician should not comment after he leaves - Samy Velu

Wonder if he got a call from Mahathir after that?



The Shrimp Warrior said...

ROTFLMAO! You da man!

Anonymous said...

Left hand is for wiping the arse. So must respect najib-lah!

Anonymous said...

EC Chairman- why dont you get a good night sleep!.

If you DONT sleep right , your intelligent will get screw-up like this ......!!? Huh!

Sure malaysia is going down the drain ...this time!

Anonymous said...

Samy vellu
why until today you never declare your asset? You ass will get burn once reveal isnt it?

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Let say that we do agree with the "bipartisan" statement from that Kepala SPeRM Abdul Aziz or Erection Chief Abdul Aziz.

This mean that a Hindu can take charge of Islamic affairs and Vincent Tan is qualified to lead their Friday's prayer.
The feeling is same as getting Rahim Tambi Chik as head of an all girls school , right?

And for Samy Vellu- A snake stirring up another snake.