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Monday, December 10, 2012

It's a very funny Monday

This photo clearly shows who is the real Number 1 fler in the MIC. Numbers don't lie. Much.

Najib called the Indian community Barisan Nasional's "fixed deposit". Meaning that the Indian flers are all in BN's pockets la. Insulting enough, right? But Najib and his speech writers didn't seem to think so. So today's reports quote Naji
b saying...
"They had been our fixed deposit all this while but we have not been paying high interest...However, in the last four years, the Barisan has been paying them higher interest rates"

So Jibby, after 55 years of neglect you're now telling the Indian flers that BN have just realised their mistake and will pay more attention to their (Indian) needs. Is that it? I don't know la. If any Indian flers will take that sitting down I would be really surprised and disappointed. Insult heaped upon insult and still don't get it ah? How can?

"However, in the last four years, the Barisan Nasional has been paying them higher interest rates". To me that is a IN-YOUR-FACE insult. But of course, I am not Indian la.



Anis said...


Go read Rosmah biography and tell us your review.

Sure meletup!

kamalampang said...

Its their mentality that has been brain washed by MIC in the likes of Sammy and their UMNO bosses all these years. The result is an obedient, cannot complain, low esteemed indians in Msia, while their country man has emerged to be world leaders in so many fields. This BTN style of brainwashing us intended in order to keep the indians as BN's FD with peanuts interest. Some are only paid by a once a year 1 packet of rice and few goidies. At least during the white man era they had cheap toddy to drown their sorrows. Today, no more such luxury. A bottle of beer is already rm12. So how? The indians have only themselves to be blamed, unless of course they are prepared to come out of the present cocoon.