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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mahathir's billions. An update.

An update on Mahathir's billions...

2) The Wikipedia page listed a source that said Tun M was the wealthiest head of state/government in the world. (

3) I checked out the source - ( - and this is what it said:

"Using the same rule of thumb that Mubarak 'earned' about US1 billion to US2 billion annually, Mahathir’s wealth easily top US$22 to US$44 billion over his 22-year of iron-fist rule."

So, basically the source determined the value of a person's wealth by "rule of thumb". Is that a good way of counting money?! Rule of THUMB?! And every year the same amount?

4) Wikipedia has since removed Tun M's name from that listing - obviously the source was laughably questionable. So now if you look back to the same Wikipedia page, you won't find Tun M's name there anymore.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is not reported by Bernama?

Mr Bojangles said...

He must be pretty disappointed. Having their names alongsides the likes of mubarak and mobutu has been the pride and ambition of many a turd world dicktator.

Anonymous said...

No worries laa,Tun's entry is now removed but our friend Assange will be sharing a lot more in time to come.

I am sure it wont only show Tun Mahatir's bank account but many other tun's, tan sri's and the likes for our purview.

Hope the rakyat realizes what is going on in our mother land Malaysia.


KTWong87 said...

I agree with you, Sir!

While itis almost beyond doubt that the Devil we know is the Devil in many ways, it is still imperative that accusations framed against him be on solid basis.

And half-baked "rule of thumb" analyses can only come back when the Devil we know, or on of his legions of cyber-iblis tear apart the flimsy arguments which fall apart all too easily.

It would be good for folkslike financetwitter chap to learn from what "cannot account" Ah Tee Chua kena.

Tungsten said...

why are you so anxious to defend Mamakthir?

Anonymous said...

tun m not in the list anymore? no problem ... just go back to view history page

you will know who delete it and you can still view the previous version ... see ...(^_^)v

Anonymous said...

All these corrupt, Islamic and illegal governmental criminals who just cheated in the recent General Election are using Allah as a prostitute to play the divide-and-rule system so that they can plunder the nation's resources and milking her citizens.

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