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Friday, December 21, 2012

Oh-oh!!! The end is nigh.

Can stand earthquake or not?

According to Malaysian numerologist, Marinah Ng, the numbers 21-12-2012 represent revolution, strife, anger and aggression. On this day she predicts that there will be earthquakes or burst pipes underground.   She also said that disasters, if they do take place will be in places where many bad deeds have been committed.

Oh SHIT!!! Really ah?

I hope Putrajaya is earthquake-proof. Is it?  What about the world's biggest TV screen, the Putra World Trade Centre? A lot of innocent people too in these places. Remember folks there's still quite a number of hours left of 21-12-2012. Take care ya?



Anonymous said...

If that's the case, I imagine police stations in our country will be leaking with water and experience flood at the end of the day !

Anonymous said...

Shit! No wonder KLSE dropped today.Damned the numerologist!

Anonymous said...

It looks to me this numerology study is all bullshits afterall!
It is their own interpretations with no basis at all!
Isn't it sound stupid?

Anonymous said...

Burst pipes? Taking place where many bad deeds have been committed? End of the world?

Hahahaha...The only pipe that will burst on this day is my "JOHNNY" & it's taking place at my underground la.

Anonymous said...

Still has a chance to enjoy wham-last christmas. Do you know who end of the world? Actor studio comedian stardom laid to rest forever.
Cougar town hit the street. Welcome snake baby for the year of 2013.
Ummi Hafilda Ali, the star witness in the Sodomy I trial, will be marrying beauty therapy specialist Dr Zaman Khan soon.

Anonymous said...

BN to import English teachers from India?

Oh no!

nshinah said...

21-12-12 came and went, Patrick.

Putrajaya is intact, so are the rest of 29 million rakyat who did NOT even bother to go support the Opposition 112-event at Stadium Merdeka.

40,000 people...haha..mostly Malays..chinese mana pegi? That number represented all the 16-odd factions of the pro-Opposition ?
Where's the rest?
The police did not stop anyone from enetering KL, you know.

What say you?