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Friday, December 28, 2012



I got this headline from a Twitter feed....

Dr. Chua: Govt will keep stimulating economy

Somehow it tickled me and made me think of what Chua was doing to that woman in the video.  I suppose the operative word was STIMULATING.

Sorry. It's nearing that time of the day. I just couldn't resist.



Anonymous said...

Yes, this piece of news is very stimulating. I don't know how he stimulates the economy? Because I just don't feel very stimulated in my daily life...expecially when I look at his not-stimulating-face..

Anonymous said...

Good one Patrick.

Anonymous said...

Ha...ha...ha...ha ya, he keeps on stimulating.... that's what he's good at......

Anonymous said...

If he resigned from his post, I think he will still garner some dignity from the Chinese community.

The more he talk, the more he is shooting his own feet !

Haiya ! Niamah lor !

Anonymous said...

He has been stimulating himself! Too much will make him blind (not that he is not buta to what BN has been doing to our country), according to my old teacher.So I live in hope.