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Monday, December 24, 2012

Public safety

Boss, jangan gelak boss. Semua ok ke?

When I was driving yesterday I heard this Public Service Announcement (PSA) on Capital FM. The announcement was about public safety and what we should do to stay safe.

This announcement had Xandria Ooi (one of Capital's morning presenters) tell me,

"...with the situation these days, I always assume that I am UN-safe..."

I felt kind of sad hearing that. How do you feel?



Sasuke said...

Everyday we read about murder, rape, robeery...

Enough said.

Do not trust PDRM KPI-based statistics.

Anonymous said...

UN-safe bcos AES cameras everywhere laa TAKUT nanti kena shot ma !!

Joyce said...


the local DJs talked a lot of nonsense to syiok sendiri.

You should go back as Radio DJ, at least on part-time basis. MediaCorp 90.5 FM is still using Brian Richmond to host certain radio shows. You should emulate him and stay active on the airwaves!

What about Sen Heng's Fantastic Facts & Facies?

patrickteoh said...

Thank you, Joyce. Well, I guess during my time on radio I talked my share of nonsense too:-)

I was on BFM89.9 until October this year. Then the show got canned because some of the "authorities" deemed us not kosher.

Yes, I know Brian. He's a good man. I guess Singapore values its veteran radio presenters more than Malaysia does