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Thursday, December 20, 2012

The End?

According to these guys the End is tomorrow. 21st December, 2012
Of course, if they could really predict stuff they might still be around. No?

It's 20-12-2012 today. Cloudy. Grey skies. Rain clouds in the distance. End of the world coming? Unlikely. Traffic gridlock in Kuala Lumpur? Definitely. And if you haven't done your Christmas shopping for the wife and kids...well I guess it is the end of the world for you. :-) Have a nice day, folks.



Only stupid people will believe what stupid people says. *Sigh*.

mw1 said...

Mayan people are still around.

Even after 21/12/12. =)

Anonymous said...

Well, just to clarify, if you actually read up on the research behind the Mayan calendar, the Mayans never claimed anything about the end of the world - it's just the end of a cycle of their calendar. It's us "modern" people who believe that the end of a calendar signifies the end of the world... it's like believing that 31st December 9999 is the end of the world because our year is always 4 digits...