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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Want to take photo or don't take photo?

Some day we may be 'compensating' somebody for these toys.

This is clear proof that our lawmakers (I hate that name. Lawmakers? They are more like clowns with verbal diarrhea) are sleeping on their jobs, or worse closing one eye and shutting the other.

Putrajaya is considering holding back the implementation of the controversial Automated Enforcement System (AES) to avoid duplicating the police summons system that can double the hardship to motorists...

Considering? Now? What the fuck were you doing when the whole cock idea was being mooted and then approved? Too busy counting how much money you could make or siphon off, issit? 



Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Patrick, they are smart lah. Already paid RM180,000 per camera (90% of it for training), now if they cancel the project but money oredy paid what, supplier no need to supply but money oready paid. Who is stupid???? Look in the mirror lah.

Anonymous said...

Believe this is another money scam. Would not be surprised that the T & C between the gomen and the operators will have the clause stating that "should the AES be cancelled, the gomen is liable to pay the minimum gurantees i.e. the cost of the 800+ units". They only have 14 now. Someone is gonna be very rich!

Anonymous said...

These 'lanciau' people only know to milk the ordinary citizen.They should have thought of spening the money to instal more sophiscated cctv to catch street criminals to protect the citizen.
We must throw these 'lanciau' people into the dustbin, if not forever the citizen will suffer under their administration.

Anonymous said...

surely you know better patrick that this a ploy to ease the heat until after the GE....then it will be back in force!

Tiger said...

I got 2 summons within 5 minutes of each one.
The law says you can only be punished ONCE for ONE offence.
I pay because I was wrong once, ok, but why burden the people DOUBLE?

Jeffreyek said...

they are not LAWMAKERS, they are LAWBREAKERS.

Jessie Selayang said...

CSL suddenly realised that most chinese are agaisnt AES because it is a crony project to suck money. He, as usual, changed tune to suit the mood by asking for AES delay. MCA got no principle at all. Look at teh Transport Minister Kong who are evading issues all the time.