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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Why you all say me until like dat?

I was at a party last night. The conversation eventually turned to the popular story currently circulating on the Internet. That Mahathir is worth more than USD40 billion! 

Ha! Who said one?
Wikipedia! My friend told me one. He read it in Wikipedia.

Why are Malaysians so eager to believe the story that Mahathir Mohd. is worth more than USD40billion because they read it or was told by somebody who read it in Wikipedia?

There is a list of heads of state (current and past) and their net worth on Wikipedia. But Mahathir's name is not on it. Unless there is another list that I didn't find.

Wikipedia is an online, open encyclopedia. Anyone can invent, update and post stuff on it. 

Ya! If you want you can go there and update the entry on anyone and say they are worth billions or that they had sex with a menstruating camel while on a lawat sambil belajar trip.

While writing this I received another email from a friend telling me the 'sensational' story or Mahathir's USD40 billion. This time the email tells me that the story is spread by this website  but when I went there I couldn't find the Mahathir billions story. How come ah?



najib manaukau said...

I am most surprised of your problem to believe that the grand son of the pariah from Kerala, the shenanigan Mahathir, is worth more than US$44-.
After all when you consider how busy he was developing mega projects when he was supposed to ensure that the aim of the NEP is to achieve 30% of the country's wealth.
How come he could not achieve that even after 22 years under his aggressive push ? Even a retard would know he was too busy filling up his own pockets instead of trying to achieve the target of NEP. Especially when so often he said everything is possible, therefore to become the richest man in Asia and also to be one of the top five richest man in the world is very possible. Don't forget that in spite of his old age and heart problem he was still traveling around the world. To do what ? To audit the ill gotten gain especially to London or on transit to London. Everyone knows London is the place to go for transit to many places in Europe or some other places in the world hard to go to. He must gone to London more times than one passport can hold. Especially when he kept asking and telling all Malaysians no to look west but instead we should look, just in case one might inadvertently bumped into him. It is just like telling the people not to light up even in the dark but the shenanigan himself is allowed to set fire whenever he likes to.
So you don't really need to read or be surprised that he has such a colossal sum he has hidden away. He told the world everything is possible, don't say he did not tell you so but has only 200 shares of Malayan Tobacco.

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