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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


To all my friends and fellow-Malaysians, 2013 is finally drawing to a close. Being the pessimistic cynic I am, moving forward even I am thinking that 2014 is going to be the start of a great period of our history. Let's continue to speak up and speak out. Let's build the country we want our children and grandchildren to have. 
Happy New Year, Malaysians!!! 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

And a Happy New Year. Hopefully.

There is no free lunch. Oh this lunch? 

You're paying ma. So I eat lor.

No free lunch, it is either increase toll rates or taxes, says Najib

I will buy you dinner if you can tell me with a straight face that you understand Najib's logic for increasing highway toll charges. 

Nobody said anybody wants a highway to use free, Najib. We are asking if highways are such a great profit making business why did the government privatise them? Get it? Oh. I forget. You're a politician.


When Barisan Nasional won by a simple majority to form the government, the opposition backtracked on their word and disputed the result of the polls - Najib Razak

Sure they did. But talk about backtracking I think you and BN are champs in that area since GE13. No? Toll rates increase. Electricity tariff increase. Subsidies for petrol and commodities reduced. Huh? What? Oh you didn't promise issit? I thought you did. Maybe I misunderstand la. Backtracking is only for Opposition. I see. Thank you, sir.
Is there Viagra for improving your memory?


Federal Territories Minister, Tengku Adnan says that he was misinterpreted when he compared the value of women to property rates. He explained, "I did not mean that women are property. What I meant was, if we build a house and want it to appear nice, it needs to have make-up, like (how) women (put on make-up)." is that better, minister?

And according to this chauvinistic goon's logic, "I respect women... I've got six daughters". Errr.... I don't think it works that way, Adnan. That's like saying you're not corrupt because you already have 2 billion in your bank account.
Aiyoh!!! And we thought our standard of English was still salvageable? 


Aiyoh! This Zaitun woman must get her logic reset la. She said "Leave Malaysia if you dislike BN govt" wor. Since when has a BN, or any other, government meant a country? A government is a group of managers employed by the country's owners, the people.
And she is a Wanita Umno big-shot. Tsk tsk tsk...shame, shame.

I just read something my friend I just read something my friend, Pang suggested. Why don't politicians leave Malaysia if they don't like the rakyat who say that they don't like how Malaysia is being managed. Ya. Balik la. Where? Java? Kerala? I'm sure some of them remember where they were from.


Can we all send an email to the Puteri?Wanita Umno chief to tell her that we are ALL Malaysians who love our country. And that those of us who speak out are merely wanting things to be done better so that ALL Malaysians benefit. We don't want to go anywhere because Malaysia is our country. 

I have posted this message there......

"Dear fellow-Malaysian and Kuantan Wanita Umno division chief, Zaiton Mat , we, who speak out are merely wanting things to be done better so that ALL Malaysians benefit. We don't want to go anywhere else because Malaysia is our country and we love our country."

You can write something on their FB timeline HERE


Wednesday, December 18, 2013


What platform am I standing on now? I pun tak tahu la.

This has to be the biggest piece of bovine excrement to have come out of his mouth. So far.

"I can become a prime minister that stands on the populist platform, but this way, I will destroy the future of our beloved nation"- Najib Razak when speaking to civil servants asking them to "Work Hard".

But he IS a prime minister who stands on the populist platform. He proved it in the Umno GA. He proved it the last time he made that 'you help me, I help you' speech. Remember?


It's just been announced that the toll for 15 highways in the peninsula will be increased by between 50 sen and RM2 on Jan 1.

Works Minister, Fadillah Yusof the rates have not been adjusted for the last six years. And that...

"The government's contracts with the concessionaires allow for adjustment every three years. If the government does not allow the concessionaires to adjust the toll rates, it has to pay them compensation amounting to RM400 million"

What kind of deal did our government make with these companies? If the highway is so lucrative why did the government privatise it? No money to build I think was one reason. With such a win-all-the-way deal any bank will gladly loan a government the money. Right? Cannot lose one ma. So why did our government privatise it?

Can some genius economist please help poor slobs like me to understand ah? Otherwise, life here is getting quite unbearable la. 

 Balik where? Oh, ok. Thanks a lot.


There was an advertisement in The Sun today placed by Tenaga Nasional titled SUBSIDY ADJUSTMENT RATIONALE.

The ad says that TNB spends up to RM6billion a year on capital expenditure and infrastructural maintenance.
Now, capital expenditure is so that you can do more business and make more money. So why do we have to pay you to do that? Insfrastructural maintenance is part of the cost of doing... business. Why do we have to pay you to do that?

TNB says that 70.7% of domestic consumers using 300kWh and below per month will not be affected. Really? Manufacturers will charge more for their goods sold to the same consumers. So how will it not affect poor people?

FREE electricity for consumers whose monthly bill is RM20 and below. Very good. But the government is telling everybody rise up out of their shit-hole. So now you are advocating that these people stay there?

TNB also said that with the new increase in power rates the government will still have to bear RM14billion in subsidy costs annually.
What kind of deal do our government make with TNB? TNB makes billions in profits each year. Increase rates. And still the government pays them??? I don't get it la.

Can some genius economist please explain to us poor working middle-class slobs ah? Thank you.
People have been accusing Attorney-General, Ghani Patail of receiving bribes to lose our claim over Pulau Batu Putih at the International Court of Justice. Now Ghani says that he is prepared to allow his bank accounts in any country, Hong Kong, to be probed for the millions of dollars that have purportedly been deposited into his accounts as bribes.
Come on la people. Why go through all that? Give him the fler the benefit of the doubt la. Maybe he lost the claim simply because he was incompetent leh.
Bank Negara says GST can eradicate trade mis-pricing that fuels illicit capital outflow
Many have told us how GST can do this and that. Yes, everything except how or if it can alleviate our cost of living expenses. How?
China has landed a rover on the moon. Imagine this. Millennia from now, intelligent beings on other planets on other galaxies will be arguing if they or the Chinese arrived there first.

Monday, December 16, 2013

1 Malay, 1 Indian, 1 Chinese

1 Malay, 1 Indian and 1 Chinese walk into a bar.
The bartender says ......
"Fuck Off! Malay fler can't drink. Indian fler has a couple and makes hell of a noise. Chinese baarger will want a discount."

1 Malay, 1 Indian and 1 Chinese walk into a theatre......

1Malay (Art Harun)
1Indian (Vinod Sekhar) 
1Chinese (Patrick Teoh)
On stage.
An interactive talk-show.
Raw & Uncensored.
Friday, December 20, 2013.
PJLA, Jaya One, Jalan Universiti.
Tickets now available at

Friday, December 13, 2013

Hello everybody. I shall be hosting a group of orphaned children to a pre-Christmas dinner at
Damansara Village Steamboat Restaurant
1067, Jalan Jenjarum, Kg. Sg. Kayu Ara,
off Jalan SS23/10, 47400 Petaling Jaya.
on Saturday, December 21, 2013 from 7PM.

 The children's ages range ...are 3 (1 child), 7 (3 children), 8 (2 children), 9 (2 children),
10 (2 children), 11 (2 children), 15 (1 child).

If you'd like to participate and make this a memorable Christmas for these children come join us on that evening. Bring along a gift for the children. It need not be a big gift. Anything that you think children of that age will enjoy opening for Christmas. Toys, books, candy, ang pows etc.

Come. The children will be so happy and surprised to see you. Maps and addresses HERE.
We have been blessed. Now we just pay it forward.
Thank you and have a Merry Christmas.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Come meet Edward & his friends.


Friday, November 29, 2013

So many Niamah's, so little time

Apa lagi saya mahu? Apa lagi lu ada?
"Malays and other Bumiputeras will be unable to enter the automotive business without the AP system because they are unfamiliar with the market" - Dr Mahathir
If you're unfamiliar then LEARN. Don't ask for handouts! Whoever started out being familiar with anything already? Did Mahathir asked the university to give him a degree because he wanted to be a doctor but was unfamiliar with how to become one properly?
This headline in The Malaysian Insider caught my eye......

Dr Mahathir says ending APs means ending Proton and Perodua

As a Malaysian consumer I say that I could care less. What do you say?

Read the whole ridiculous story here...


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bumiputra Schmumiputra!!!

If my limited understanding of Bahasa Indonesia is correct then I am every bit as much of a Bumiputra as this Zahid baarger claims to be.

Selamat kembali ke tanah kelahiran. Indeed.


Niamah boo toot la ni!

We must look at it from both perspectives. Both. You know what I mean? Two sides.

Good morning. I just read in The Sun that Syed Hamid Albar, the boss of SPAD told bus operators asking for fare increases that "we just can't simply increase the fares. We cannot just look at one side. We have to look at it from the public's perspective...they don't want any rise in bus fares."
How nice! Have you noticed that these flers are so so sensitive to our perspective and needs when it suits them?
Then how about temple demolitions.
Rise in electricity tariffs.
Sugar subsidy cuts.
Increase od DBKL rates.

In those cases the rule then changes to, in the words of that Tengku fler, "I will decide what is best for the rakyat."


Alcohol-free zone. Tobacco-free zone. And you say PAP never give anything free. Hiyoh!

Our right-wing flers better get their act together or those pesky Singapore baargers will outdo us. Again! I just read that one of their PAP Ministers (Is there any other variety down there?) has proposed ALCOHOL-FREE ZONES in the city. On ...the positive side, maybe they are learning the finer points of knee-jerk reactions from our YB's. Cross border cooperation.
 And by the way, next time you want to know things about us just ask nicely la. No need to spy spy all. K?
Sorry lor for spying on you baargers. Don't angry ok.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Some juicy bits you might have missed

I read this headline in yesterday's edition of The Malaysian Insider......

The Malay rulers: To be feared or respected?

I don't know about being feared since I have no experience in that area. But being respected. Do we respect them? Sure...
, if they walked into a room I would respectfully stand up to welcome them. Sure, I would never use coarse language in their presence. Sure, I would even pull to the side as their motorcade comes howling by. But RESPECT? Hmmmm...I am not so sure. What have I, as a ordinary citizen got to go by? Other than the good princess, the consort of the Sultan of Johor who regularly goes to the ground to do good work for the less fortunate residents of the state, I cannot remember the last time I've ever heard of another member of Malaysian royalty doing anything that I would respect them for. Don't get me wrong. Perhaps they all go about doing wonderful work on the quiet and the Malaysian media never give them space or time. And if that is the case how do we know if they are deserving of respect? Right or not?
This headline in The Malay Mail made me...I also don't know what la.

PM tells ‘silent majority’ to drown out extremists

Najib said, "diversity should be celebrated and the right to co-exist should be defended. We cannot afford to allow voices of extremism to dominate the political discourse."

This is the most schizophrenic prime minister we've ever had.
Why is it that whenever our government is questioned about anything, some moronic YB or other will quickly draw comparison between us and something else. Remember the old joke about us being better than Ghana? And of course our petrol is ch
eaper than (insert country name here). Our sugar is cheaper than (you know the drill)

 The latest "comparison" is when the minister in the Prime Minister's Department, Shahidan Kassim said that the RM2.2million electricity bill for the PM's official residence last year was "among the lowest in the world"!!!

But when pressed further Shahidan said that he needed more time to compare Seri Perdana's utility bill with other official residences in the world.

Yes I am sure he will find some other banana republic to compare us to.

But for those of us Malaysians still struggling to come to terms with paying more for petrol and our daily meals Shahidan had one last barb to stick under our fingernails. He said that the multi-million Ringgit utility bills for the PM and DPM residences were because of the "frugal" system adopted.

There you go folks. So don't be so spendthrift okay. Full story HERE
"Why should the marginalised support a political system if it only widens the gap between the rich and the poor?" - Najib Razak, Prime Minister, Malaysia.

Yes, Najib. Why indeed. And while you're at it, why is it that after so many years
of affirmative action by the BN government, Malays remain the poorest in the country?
You got the answer?
People of various races (must) embrace two fundamentals of harmony - work together in a strong bond of friendship and allowing richness of culture to flourish. - Najib Razak, prime minister.

 Anybody knows what that means exactly? Thank you.
Deputy Finance Minister, Ahmad Maslan says that GLC's have been directed to spend more advertising money with Umno-linked newspapers Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian. Why? The YB says it's because "Malay language newspapers must receive mo...
re support in light of their “struggle” for the country

I am now struggling to understand that logic from one of Putrajaya's finest.
Now ya'all have a great week ahead ya'hear?


Friday, October 25, 2013

Oi! You laughing at me?

Oi!!! Who you calling stupid?

Aiyoh!!! I am getting really confused la. I keep reading on the Internet that the world is laughing at us. Mostly about our continuing debate on who can use the word Allah and who cannot. But then recently, no less than the flers in the United Nations applauded our Najib for painting a picture of our country as a model of moderation. In everything. Even President Obama heaped praise on us when he didn't show up for his visit due to his country shutting down. Papers in the Middle East and even Pakistan are giggling if not laughing out loud. At US!

 So what names is the world calling us now? Can they use it or not?


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

You just tell us, we know the problem already.
We order parts now. You wait la.

Don't know how long.


Let me tell you a true story and you tell me what's wrong with it.

Fri - I call Sony Malaysia to ask for repair service for my Bravia TV. The colors were distorted. I am told that since it is Friday my service request will be attended to on Monday morning. I was assured that the technician will call me on Monday.

Tuesday - I call Sony to inform them that the technician did not call as promised. They check. "Yes sir, the technician has informed that they have ordered the spare parts to service your TV." But nobody's even seen the TV so how do they know what to order. "Okay sir, I will make sure the technician call you." Nobody called....

Wednesday - I call Sony to inform them that it's been almost 3 days since I was promised some service for my Bravia TV. "Wait. Let me check, sir. ..... Yes sir, the spare parts are on order." But how do they know what parts to order? "Our technicians are very experienced so when you tell them the problem they already know roughly what is wrong and the parts that are needed. Did the technician call you?" No. "Let me check." I was also told that since my TV is at least 5 years old parts were not so readily available and they have to be sourced from Singapore or Japan. And sometimes they need to be MADE!!! "Sir, I have spoken to our technician and he says that they have ordered the parts." But how do they know what parts? "Okay, sir I will ask my technician to call you today before 6PM is that okay?" Errr...I suppose so.

For the past 30 years whenever there was a need to buy a TV there's never been any hesitation on choosing Sony. This will change. And that is not a threat.

p/s  Oh ya. I forgot to tell you all that in the last conversation, the nice Sony lady did also tell me that the promised call from the technician today is to inform me how much the parts will cost. HUH???!!! So they have ordered parts ahead of my approval and consent to purchase? Can one ah? And if I follow this thread of action it will be a month before my TV problem can be resolved. Wah!!!
Update @5:52PM Wednesday 23 October, 2013
This is almost tragically funny. The Sony technician just called me.
"Your TV color got discoloration right? So that means your panel got problem. Replace new panel will be RM2,872 not including service and transport. So better you buy a new one. Now new one with Internet only about 2-3 thousand. And I suggest when you buy new one you better get extended warranty because the new panel osso don't last long one. I don't want to come your house to tell you because I tell you like this but if I come to your house then I have to charge you RM70. Okay ah. Thank you."

And so the Sony customer service saga draws to a close. Bottom line, my Sony LCD TV didn't last 5 years (my last Sony CRT TV lasted almost 18 years) and I have to go spend some more money and get a new one. Won't be a Sony. Thank you.

Update @ 5:54PM
The Sony lady called again. "So my technician called you already, right? Anyway, I spoke to my supervisor and he has asked the technician to go over to your house and double-confirm (I love this Malaysian phrase, don't you?) the fault is that alright? I will also come over."
Not that the visits are going to do me much good, TV-wise. But it will be double-confirmed la. That my TV is DEAD! 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

What is Your name ah?

Actually, what is your name ah?

God has been in the news a lot lately. Mostly about what His name is. I don't see what the big fuss is about. What's in a name? We all believe there is only one God, right? Well, I am not talking to my Hindu friends la. They've got so many they can't remember all the names so names ain't a big thing for them. But, so what is the big deal with God's name? Why can't I call Him what I wish. With respect. With love. With understanding. For all we know, God's real name might be Jimmy. Or Hassan. Or Moorthi.

Actually, does anyone think that God really bothers what you call Him? Personally, I think God is big enough to be over all that. As long as we follow His teachings. As long as we love each other as we love ourselves, like He taught us. He will be happy with us and bless us. But we have not been doing His will nor have we been following His teachings for a long time, have we? Not really.

And then some more ah...... think about it......when I get the chance to meet God face-to-face and had only 1 question to ask the Supreme Being, the One who knows the true meaning of life, the Omnipotent One who knows the answers to all questions ever conceived. Would I go up to Him and ask, 

"Excuse me. Actually, what is Your name ah?"


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hey!!! The old man finally says something sensible. Thank you, Dr. Mahathir.

So come on, Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary, Daim, Nazir Razak...and also Vincent Tan, Ananda Krishnan and Gnanalingam and those flers with all the AP's selling Porches, Ferraris and Lamborghini's. Do your patriotic duty wor. Hee hee hee...

Can work ah?



" is time for the massed ranks of the moderates everywhere to stand up and to say to the extremists with a single breath a firm, resounding “no”....." - Najib Razak

My friend, Art Harun posted the speech transcript below.
This was a speech made by Najib in 2012.

After I read it, all I could say was CIBAI LA. NIAMAH!!!

" we can best foster tolerance and understanding not by silencing the voice of hatred but by making the voice of reason louder" ah?

Yormarder la!!!

A great and magnificent speech about the goodness of moderation. This is an example of how a great leader can change the world by espousing moderation to fight extremism.
 This should be emulated by every leader in the world.

 "In Islam, the Prophet Muhammad counsels that “moderation is the best of actions”; in Christianity, the Bible says “let your moderation be known unto all men”; and in Judaism, the Torah teaches that moderation in all things is a “way of life” in the truest sense of Jewish custom.
 But if moderation has long had a home within the world religions, then the reverse is also true: extremism has never been welcome inside our mosques, churches, synagogues and temples. Perpetuating hatred is, by its very nature, a lonely pursuit, flying in the face of widely held morality – and it is this dangerously untethered animus, coupled with a head-in-the-sand refusal to acknowledge the views and the values of others, that makes extremism such a potent threat.
 And yet, time and again the side of righteousness has triumphed. History has been made not by those who espoused extremism but by those who, without surrendering their beliefs, stayed true to the path of moderation. We are all familiar with the extraordinary strength of will and leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Aung San Suu Kyi, but you don’t have to be a world leader to be an inspiration. Moderates can make a difference wherever they make a stand – and it is time for the massed ranks of the moderates everywhere to stand up and to say to the extremists with a single breath a firm, resounding “no”.
Because one thing is clear: we cannot rid the world of extreme views by force. Violence begets violence – so we can best foster tolerance and understanding not by silencing the voice of hatred but by making the voice of reason louder. Persuasion, negotiation and co-operation: these must be our weapons in the face of enmity and malice." : End quote
 Date : 17/01/2012


HUH??? How come like this one?

Some are just more equal than others.

When I read this headline in The Malaysian Insider today I did a double take.

Pro-Putrajaya senators slam PCA critics, say law defends basic rights of majority 

A law that only defends the basic rights of the MAJORITY???

Wasn't it always the case that the MINORITY needs defending? Or have things changed that much in our world?


Why you all so like that?

Hiyah! Why you all so like that? Small thing only ma. Every department also lose things what.

The Auditor-General says that we are angry at the government over his findings of wastage because we have not read his report properly.

He said the main reason behind the wastage and asset mismanagement is due to civil servants not adhering to procedures and guidelines.

"In many instances, problems arose simply because the proper procedures had not been followed"

Yes, Tan Sri. So procedures were not followed. So who is responsible for making sure procedures are followed?

So sad. Now the Auditor-General also thinks Joe Public is stupid. Sigh.

But the most shocking thing I read in that Malaysian Insider story is that the Auditor-General wondered why the police were under the spotlight over the RM1.33 million in lost assets.

He basically said, "Hiyah! Why you all so like dat? Other departments osso lose assets what!"

I don't know la. This is a very strange country I live in.


Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Hiyah! What have we become after 56 years of nationhood?

While on the way home just now I drove past a bunting advertising......


Can anyone think of another country in this day and age, with the possible exception of North Korea, where this kind of thing is allowed to happen? Seriously.


The comedy is becoming a little scary

By now, a lot of us would have heard the Zahid fler's speech threatening the press at an Umno event in Malacca.
He couldn't give a flying fuck what you think about him. He is the Minister. He is riding high. He is a damn shrewed politician. And I think it would do us well to learn to live with and deal with this arrogant piece of shit in the years to come.
Below is a reprint of the MalaysiaKini report on this latest step in the direction of ketuanan something or other.

Zahid's speech was mainly about his role in securing amendments to the Prevention of Crime Act 1959, or what his described as "my law", that was... peppered with jokes about Malay gangsters and some off-colour comments that are bound to annoy the Indian and Chinese Malaysian communities.

About 11 minutes in, Zahid appeared to be aware that there were journalists in the room and instructed them to omit certain parts of his speech.

"Sorry. If there are reporters, don't write this," he said.

However, towards the end of the event, Zahid appeared to have a change of heart and warned journalists, in a loud and angry tone, not to write about the event or their newspapers would be closed down. The transcript of this portion of his speech follows:

"They (journalists), don't write. This is closed door session, please. Don't write anything. Don't take any photograph of me and the crowd. I do not allow it. This is a closed-door session.

"I don't want; as informed by the CM (chief minister), this is a closed-door meeting; this is only for Umno delegates. If any news about what I say appears in the newspapers, be it in Malay, English or Chinese or Tamil, I will shut down that newspaper.

"Do not write, I say do not publish, do not put on Facebook, do not anything... [inaudible]."

The remarks were followed by loud cheers and shouts of "Keluar!" (get out) from those present.

Read more here:
Have you noticed that an ex-prime minister is appearing more often in all media, and saying lots more about everything from public safety to economy to Bumi rights than the prime minister?
The Chinese president comes to visit and is welcomed by only the Malaysian minister of health. Correct protocol meh? China is Malaysia's biggest trade partner wor.

 There! It's confirmed true. The minister has said it. Now SHADDUP or emigrate to another country if you don't like it.
And before that you thought it couldn't get any worse after......
Aiyooooooh!!! How to top comedy material like this la. Baarger! Even here also the garmen want to pecah our rice bowl meh?
If you are Muslim and are about to bite into that McDonald's cheese burger, DON'T!!! You may unwittingly be contributing to attempts by the USA to colonise Malaysia. Or rather YOU in particular.
The Malay Mail story HERE.
Okay, the big guy has said it. So no more arguments okay?
NEP does not benefit cronies - Dr. Mahathir

The old man says the NEP is not about cronysm. And that no one is going to lose anything from t...his policy but will gain from the growth of the country and share what they get from the growth.
He also said that the NEP is to distribute wealth to everyone.
I wonder how the mak cik and pak cik in the kampungs feel about this when they light the fire to boil the water they'd carried from the polluted river 2km from their leaky house?
 It's not often that 1 politician can come up with 2 great comedy routines within the space of a week. Comedic masters though they may be. But this fler managed it la. His name is Shahidan Kassim and he is a minister in the prime minister's department.
First, he said............
Malaysia antara negara terbersih daripada perbuatan rasuah. (Malaysia is a country that is totally free of corruption)
and then he followed it up with this howler. He proudly announced in Parliament that it was Mongolia and Israel who copied our slogan ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES and not the other way around.
Phew!!! What a relief. Now I can leave my gates unlocked. My wife can put her handbag on the passenger seat. Safely. My children can play in the park by themselves. Thank you Kerajaan Malaysia for passing The Prevention of Crime (Amendment and Extension) 2013 Bill. Ha??? No meh? But you say one ma. If got PCA then all the bad guys will be put in jail. No more crime ma. No ah? Then we are fucked. Again!

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

I was thinking of buying a couple of tickets and go with my wife to watch some stand-up comedy at PJLA tonight. But after reading this I changed my mind. I haven't stopped laughing la.

The missing guns may have fallen into the sea - Malaysian Inspector-General of Police explaining the disappearance of 44 guns from the police armoury uncovered by the latest Audito-General's Report.

The full ridiculous story HERE

NIAMAH!!! to the max lor!!!

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The NEP benefits all Malaysians. But of course some benefit more than others. Natural ma. Isn't it?
The statement most likely to cause you severe heartburn and much shaking of head in disbelief...

NEP does not benefit cronies - Dr. Mahathir

The old man says the NEP is not about cronysm. And that no one is going to lose anything from this policy but will gain from the growth of the country and share what they get from the growth.
He also said that the NEP is to distribute wealth to everyone.
I wonder how the mak cik and pak cik in the kampungs feel about this when they light the fire to boil the water they'd carried from the polluted river 2km from their leaky house? Maybe in another 56 years their share of the NEP will arrive. Oh they'd be dead then wouldn't they? Sorry ah?

It's alright one. Don't worry.

Najib at the United Nations telling everyone how moderate he/we all are in Malaysia.
And how we all live in perfect harmony. They applauded him too.
Proves that the world is ruled by idiots.
God help us.
The government wants to amend the Prevention Of Crime Act (1959) which will include detention without trial for up to 2 years. They tell us not to worry. It is not the same as ISA. Najib, himself re-assures us that the powers to detain indi
viduals without charge or trial would be removed from the hands of the home minister under the new amendments.

“But this time (under the amended PCA), the decision will be made by a judge. So, if the police were to arrest anyone, they have to convince the judge that the particular individual should be detained”

The only thing wrong with the PM's reasoning is that these days not many Malaysians trust in the impartiality of the judiciary. Any more.

And some Perkasa fler says “If no offence has been committed, why is there a need to fear (the PCA)?”
Maybe he should talk to some of those people who have been detained under the old ISA. It all depends on whose interpretation of "offence" is being used at the time I guess.

The Perkasa fler also said ".....those who do not want the PCA, there must be a reason. Maybe they want this country to be in chaos or they have plans to create chaos in the country”

Really? I think Perkasa is doing quite well already in the chaos creating department. And they didn't need the PCA either.
What la!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Snippets as we near the weekend

Let's go now. They won't be looking for us.
Do we look like ash to you?

This is quite funny......

"All entry points into Malaysia (are) monitored and men alerted to prevent remains of Chin Peng to enter the country," - Inspector-General of Police, Malaysia.

No wonder, crime these days seem to be the preferred vocation for many. The police are too busy being on the alert for dead people.

Somebody suggested that Chin Peng's family should check out the Sulu route. Apparently, can come through that way into Malaysia quite easily.


Malaysia hopes to send more astronauts into space by 2016. Well, I guess it's good to know in advance where some of our GST money is going. I also read that when the first fler went into space in 2007 he carried out experiments including on cancer cells and leukemia. I am sure that we, who paid for his trip will get to know the results of those experiments. Eventually.


The tapering of the fuel subsidy by the government, which has resulted in a hike in fuel prices, will only have a minimal impact on the country's inflation, says Treasury Secretary-General Dr Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah.

 Really? I... am not an economist or accountant. All I know is that everything that my family needs to survive not cost a lot more than they used to. So why is my government still telling me that the rise in fuel prices will only have a minimal impact. Maybe the impact on paper is minimal but to us people on the street the impact is not minimal at all. Or is it?
So now a government-owned company is taking over the whole operation of the AES traffic/speeding policing system. The street edition of The Sun today carried a front-page quote about this from the Minister of Transport which is quite funny.

"Under my watch, nobody is going to profit from this" - Hishammuddin Hussein, Minister of Transport.

Hahahahaha...of course! Nobody! Else.
There's something about this that I don't quite understand......

“Right now, the GNI of Bumiputeras is RM56 million. So to achieve RM900 billion by 2020, the government must provide funds worth RM1.4 trillion to Bumiputeras” - Ibrahim Ali, Perkasa.
This one also quite confusecations......

"How many non-Malay conglomerates benefitted from government funds and contracts. We now only have one Malay tycoon. Is it wrong if we want two or three more?” - Ibrahim Ali, Perkasa.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Come for some laughs

The show starts next Tuesday, 24 September at the Petaling Jaya Live Arts centre (PJLA)
Buy your tickets now.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Some weekend Confuse-ments

Here are some things to confuse the hell out of your weekend............

“If that is government policy, why didn’t he stop it? Is he going to lie to the commission and claim that I ask him to do all these? He should know, he was my deputy" - Dr. Mahathir when questioned about Project IC.

I am a little confused....

If it is government policy how can anyone stop it? And if it is government policy how could the Prime Minister not have known about it? Can one ah?

 Anyone know?
I am confused by this subsidy thing also. Najib says Malaysians cannot continue to have the subsidy mentality and expect things to be subsidised. So he pulls back petrol subsidy and raises petrol price by 20 sen. Then almost with the same breath he promises that there is a possibility of increasing the amount of the 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M) from the current RM500. That's subsidy too, right? No ah? Then how?
And finally, a piece to sweeten your weekend or otherwise. Hee hee hee..........
And who says Perkasa's Ibrahim Ali is stupid? The man is a genius. Read this. In one sweep he has

a) refuted all the YBs and scholars' claim some months ago that we were NEVER colonised.

"........since this country has been colonised b...
y the British for more than 400 years, the Malays have been subjected to all kinds of disadvantages such as suppression, deprivation, marginalisation, and even humiliation."

b) stated the BN government's modus operandi for the past 4 decades.

"This deliberate colonial policy was to ensure that they (the Malays) remain poor, backward, cornered, and doomed so that the British (ed. substitute any Malaysian political party name here also can one) can perpetuate their rule and colonisation for as long as they can."

There's more of course. Including blaming ...... the Chinese for the woes of everybody else...... it should be the Malays who should be shouting for better treatment ...... 65 per cent of the population be given just 30 per cent of the economic cake. Is this a fair division of the economic cake?

The "wisdom" of Ibrahim Ali. Read about it in The Malay Mail.