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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Do it yourself la!

The world's most clue-less Home Affairs minister perhaps?

I was browsing through The Malaysian Insider this morning when I came across this headline...

Assembly organisers must ensure there is no rioting, says Hishammuddin (Malaysian minister of home affairs)

What the FUCK!!!??? Hishammuddin must the only home minister in the world who puts the onus of maintaining law and order on the ordinary citizens and not on the enforcers of the law like the police. Your police officers should be there to ensure that everything goes smoothly and peacefully and HELP to maintain order you fucking moron!

I didn't even bother to read the rest of the story but you can if you want HERE.



Malaccan view said...

ya.he is moron..feel sad that our once esteemed ex-PM can have such a stupid and brainless humanoid,sic.

Anonymous said...

We have in our midst the most stupid HM in the world........KNN!

We are fuck for good with such leader in Bolehsia!

Anonymous said...

Whenever I saw his picture,I want to puk!

Anonymous said...

Don't blame him lah...he's not the so bright type. Apart from Khairy and one or two others, the rest of the UMNO goons only has chicken brains thus always talking cock.

aiD_kamikuP said...

Can you imagine the UK Home Secretary uttering such ultimatum.

On the home front, he is a disgrace to the office of The Home Minister.

The late Tun Dr Ismail and Tan Sri Gazali Shafiee who were eminently giants, compared to this puny imbecile, having adroitly held that job in the good old days must be rolling in their graves whenever this Homo Minister opens his mouth (or perhaps more appropriately described in his case as an orifice for the biological removal bodily waste even if not for the insertion of some other parts of the anatomy).

Well, as they say "You can't polish a turd".

Anonymous said...

police maust maintain order and caring for all malaysian, some foreigner will screw us, FROM business to petrolium, SAD indeed police can now rape, bomb away,coverup, very scary indeed.

hope for a better police force can arrive in 2013.

voyance gratuitement said...

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Anonymous said...

What? You forgot that in Malaysia it's guilty till YOU prove your own innocence, not the cops?