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Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday funny

Malaysian highway deals. Talk about handing over stuff on a silver platter!!!

YAY!!! It's Friday! The weekend's here! I knew there'd be some funnies in the media today. And I found a good one when browsing through The Sun this morning.

The story was headlined "West Coast Expressway to cost RM6b".

What's so funny about that you ask. Wait. Doesn't the headline tell you that whoever announced that wanted to make the audience feel that it is such a piece of good news? And true enough the report starts like this....

"The construction cost for the West Coast Expressway, linking Banting, Selangor, to Taiping, Perak, is now 15% lower at RM6 billion compared with the initial estimate of RM7.07 billion a year ago."

Phwaar! So good ah? Save so much money issit? Good la. But then....

"Of course, the highway is also shorter at 233km compared with the earlier construction distance of 316km."

Oh, I see. where is the good news? Oh wait some more...

"The highway project, which is on a build-operate-transfer (BOT) basis, will also have a shorter concession period of 50 years, compared with the initial reported 60 years."

GREAT!!! Remember we all kicked up such a fuss when we heard about this highway concessionaire being awarded a toll-collection period of 60 years?! Now we endure 10 years less of being fucked up the ass. Huh? What?

"The concession period will be extended for another 10 years if the agreed targeted internal rate of not achieved."

Hahahahahahahaha....I don't know about you but I find this incredibly laughable. The BN government thinks we are stupid or what? Yes they do. And in case you're planning to write to your MP, stage a protest or plan a demonstration at Stadium Merdeka or a place that the PDRM approves of after the Home Minister has okayed somewhere else............

The concession agreement was signed between West Coast Expressway Sdn Bhd and the government on January 2, 2013.


p/s actually hor? Reading Malaysian news is a good way to diet. It turns you off your food. No?


Anonymous said...

Where got cheap?
1)initially 7.07bil for 316km which works out to be 22.37mil per km.
2)now 6bil for 233km which is 25.75mil per km.
Anyway,I just puzzled why to built one km of highway will cost more than 22mil?

Anonymous said...

i can build with half the cost, and still make profit......If not believe me and (see the fastest raiway in china conecting different states.) cheaper than malaysia + super highspeed coach.
BEWARE YOUR KARMA BN it will goes to your next generation on this karmic debts.
Pity your next generation.....

Anonymous said...

my calculations :
COST 7.07-6=1.01= 14.3% bukan 15%.

DISTANCE 316-233=83= 26.3% SHORTER !

Anonymous said...

233/316 =74%.shorter. So it should be 26% cheaper. Whose pocket did the balance millions go to?

AlphaGuy said...

Nothing that this UMNO govt does can tell Malaysians that they are above board .... NOTHING !! All big contracts given out stink like a rat. If yesterday's Peoples' Uprising rally is anything to go by, then they had better take stock that they are going to have a rough ride come, GE13.... unless, obviously, they resort to cheating to win.

Anonymous said...

Is this link even needed? I would have thought highway-ing up the likes of kuantan to kota bahru would be more useful. Or kota bahru to seberang prai?

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,

Wonder why there is this phenomenon about the lack of knowledge of simple arithmetics (the act of counting) occuring nowadays.

Now everybody cannot count???


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