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Monday, January 07, 2013

Monday funny #2

Shit! I almost missed the fine print in the Muhyiddin Yassin story.

In The Sun report he said "What matters most is to decide the country's direction for the next seven years as former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad had envisioned Malaysia to become a fully developed nation in its own way by 2020."

...Malaysia to become a fully developed country in its own way??? What the fuck does that mean? So when 2020 rolls up the BN will tell us that we are a developed country already? And even if we are really not they will qualify by saying "In our own way ma!" And if they are not in Putrajaya anymore and Malaysia does really achieve developed country status they will deny it is true because it is not in the way it should be. Wah! I tell you ah all this political talk is making my head spin la. And it's only Monday!



Malaccan view said...

Bro...BN-UMNO version of developed by '2020' meant Petronas will leave with only a hut instead Twin Tower,Rakyat will live on top of Pokok Sena , our education will be at par with 'yet to be name' newly found country far far away,Proton will be making buloh cart..UNMO cronies enjoying their life in extragavant style.

foo wy len said...

Hiyah, "in its own wat" just like our Education system la........we have students who score string of A's increasing year after year BUT their performance in any INTERNATIONAL ranking/tests DROP year after year! So much for 'our own way"..........