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Saturday, January 05, 2013

P-P-P-eeing against the wind

I think by now a lot of Malaysians would have watched, and enjoyed, the DAP video parody of Oppa Gangnam Style. (If you haven't you can scroll down this page and there is a link there to it.)

So now let the real clowns come in....TADAAAAAAAAAAA...

The PPP (People's Progressive Party) and some NGO's including the Malaysian Consumers Development Board (LPPM) have lodged a police report claiming that the video tarnishes the image of the country leaders. What the FUCK!!! One of the complaining flers even said, "This is an insolent act which the people cannot accept..." Well unless you've been asleep the last couple of weeks you would know that a lot of people have not only accepted but also enjoyed the video. For whatever reasons, not limited to political ones.

The PPP chap claimed that the video clip produced by the opposition parties featured several cartoon animations that resembled Malaysian leaders. Really? The only resemblance to anyone living or dead that I recognised was the talented actress who played a big lady with a big hair-do and big handbags. With a little imagination you might think the character resembles Rosmah Mansor. But I don't hear her complaining. Do you? Maybe she has the sense of humour you don't.

Anyway, PPP and you other complaining flers, please remember la our leaders have much thicker skin than you give them credit for. And as for tarnishing their image...come on la! Nobody can do what has already been done to perfection. By the leaders themselves. So lighten up and try to get votes some other way. This one won't work la, thamby! You might want to try for a bigger flower garland?



alex - klang said...

Good one ma. Must scratch the bosses bottom to be seen to do some work; that's what these flers are doing.

Kok Keong said...

These complaining flers are so typical of the mindset of people in BN. Whenever people complain about or parody them, their only defence: forcing others to shut up, as only their way is the only way allowed. They cannot use their own brains to come up with better arguments or parodies. They just want to act Big Brother. Is it any wonder many Malaysians are so sick of the likes of these complaining flers? Grow up, flers, use your brain, and if you don't have one because you always follow what BN has been telling you, then shut the fuck up...

KY said...

I simply see DAP's version of UBAH cum Oppa Gangnam Style as a BIG TIME ciplak production.

Firstly, it shows DAP simply lacks creativity & would conveniently duplicate a song simply becos everyone is singing "Oppa Here & Oppa there".

Secondly, I CAN'T see much of a good thing coming from a party of which is NOT capable to even conduct a proper election counting process but yet they have the cheeks to harp on the Election Commission's electoral roll. This is likened to a 5 years old boy trying to tell an adult that the answer for the equation of "1 + 1 = 11".

However, I suspect the mistake wasn't actually a mistake. The mistake is just an excuse so that a MELAYU guy will be voted in & this would make DAP to look more multi racial aesthetically. As for that poor CINAPEK guy of whom were firstly voted in & then now is voted out....*sigh*...I wouldn't be surprised if the LIM DYNASTY had paid that dude a fair amount of money as compensation or he will be given a safe seat come the G.E. After all, DAP is also compliant to the motto "You tolong I, I tolong you".

Should my suspicion be a wrong guess, then, I think DAP is filled with a bunch of donkeys. If they can't even tabulate simple mathematics; would you think they are capable to govern the country. They might end up counting the kerbau, kambing & lipas as part of our Malaysian population. It's really amusing yet ironic to know that despite DAP having so many so-called 'highly educated' people of whom some are MBA holders & PhD holders, such kindergarten error could still happen. Would I be wrong to say their qualifications are actually fake ones being bought underground????

That's the JOKE of the century & ....

"NIAMAH la"!!!!

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, Patrick sometimes you wonder are these really NGO's? You have NEVER heard of them and you really would like to know what are they fighting for, you don't hear them in Lynas, Pengerang but the ONLY thing they seem to do is "to defend their great leaders". More like "bodeking" if you ask me. Anyway, if their great leaders never even let out a whimper, why are they sooooo "kaypochi"?

Anonymous said...

Im very distressed lah !
How can an " ah long" like KV Arse aka kulathavel subramaniam talk about morality..
He in cahoots with Md. Ashfar ali {another lawyer} do "networking" on the side.
After obtaining the " datuk " title, he resigned from PPP.
This pundek is so shy of the name given by his father is now called or known as Kayveearse.
Cunni arsehole.
All he wants is to comtest and lose his deposit.
He secured the ambassadors post to some forsaken country for his wife .No more cheat cheat ah Kv arse.

Anonymous said...

bet they're working on a counter video now. Consultants making money making money!

Anonymous said...

Rosmah is a leader? Very solli. I did not know!

Now that Mr Kayvearse is definitely a leader, leading the once grand PPP to its end.

YSL said...

Ali Rustam also cannot tahan them. So that says a lot dont you think?

Anonymous said...

KY should use his talent to provide feedback to BN to change their ways before it is too late.

Whatlah said...

KY jelly, you lubricating DUMNO arsehole kah?