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Sunday, January 06, 2013

Sunday funny. Well....maybe not so funny.

The story most likely to spoil your Sunday. A bit.

Selangor Wanita Umno chief Senator Raja Ropiaah.
Doesn't she look like an over-aged member of the Mickey Mouse Club? 
Oh wait. She IS a member of a mickey mouse club!

A RM100million contract to build a defense studies facility (What the fuck is that, by the way? Other than another way to spend our tax money and line your pockets?) has been awarded to a 
company that is owned by Selangor Wanita Umno chief Senator Raja Ropiaah Abdullah.

MACC is still trying to think how they are going to handle this so have so far done fuck-all. And the Senator perhaps taking the cue from her, bovine-excrement-expert boss, has not said anything so far either.


DAP flers showing solidarity after the big party polls fuck-up.
Kit Siang and Karpal have this "I am getting too old for this shit!" look.
Guan Eng looks like he's thinking of char koay teow.

And in the other circus ring the DAP flers are still caught with their tongues sticking out of their faces after the polls 'miscount' embarassment. What a fuck-up!!!



Anonymous said...

RM 100 million contract saja mah! you should know the money will change hand very soon by you know who!
Now you know ler!

KY Ong said...

You know why DAP use UBAH as their motto????

"Becos they like to UBAH their own election results".

Anonymous said...

Nfc scandal not prosecuted, so wanita umno getting bold with corrupted practices.