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Monday, January 07, 2013

Vision 2020. Believe it or not.

Mahathir promised that Malaysia would achieve developed nation status by 2020. What does that mean? Really. Here is a layman's explanation of Vision 2020. Read it and worry. Why should your Monday be any better than mine? Hahahahaha...

In its own way: Let me try my hand at explaining. The Mamak (that's Tun Dr. Mahathir to you - ed.) said we will achieve RM 17k per capita in Wawasan 2020. Najib lowered the bar and said "High Income Nation at RM 15k per capita" instead. Factoring inflation using gold as the bench mark (deflation of RM relative to gold over past 40 years), at RM 15K in 2020, we are worse off than our per capita GDP in 2009. Meaning our per capita in 2009 can buy more stuff than RM 15 k per capita in 2020. So in our own way, we guarantee you are worse off than before. To achieve that, we print RM like crazy to create inflation and skim off the money today to let you pay the debts tomorrow. Sorry, that's why our projects have to be at least 5 to 10 times the real cost. How do we protect ourselves - Buy gold. Ehmm, not Genneva please.



Anonymous said...

You know what!?

If voters re-elect BN in GE13, then I can tell you - Malaysia will be be bankrupt first by 2018.

What Vision 2020?? That's only through evil Mamak's tamak eyes - 20% first before project start and and another 20% on project completion - otherwise no go!!

The sneer on his face? Tells you he's never satisfied. Long may he live to witness all his greedy and megolomaniac ideals get torn apart.

Shadower said...


It is USD15,000, not MYR15,000. The argument still holds. Inflation alone will chip away at our purchasing power. And do not forget, in 2020 Singapore would be sitting at more than USD70000 per capita, likewise Australia at AUD70000. Go figure. We are truly stuck in a middle income trap, what with these retarded jokers running the country to the ground.

pilocarpine said...

That's what Losmah been doing - buy gold, more gold, and gold with Diamond - big big ones..

wongty robert said...

Mamak's computation lah! Make certain they stay just above poverty line. Give them plenty of visions, slogans and every now and then, give them something to nourish these visions, hopes. And they will continue to stay asleep with contentment!

Anonymous said...

Looks like bn is enriching rakyat with BR1M, then saddle their cucu cicik with hutang.

Anonymous said...

i think we should refer chinese as chinks.since ,they love to call others names.

Ana Solehah said...

I read your interview in a local mag that only politician left behind legacies.

I thought your legacy is your golden voice behind the malaysia4change video.

Hope you can continue the effort.
Ubah and change!

Anonymous said...

I guess u should juz migrate.Duh!