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Thursday, February 28, 2013


When in Ipoh.....

The terrace at Damansara Village@Lost World Ipoh

Why go to a smoky, smelly bar to drink? Come drink and relax in the company of fresh air and a 400-million year old rainforest.
Damansara Village@Lost World Ipoh.

Bucket of 5 SKOL - RM33
Bucket of 5 Carlsberg - RM38
Bucket of 5 '1664' - RM68
Bucket of 5 1664 Blanc - RM68
Bucket of 5 Hoegaarden - RM68
Bucket of 5 Budweiser - RM68
Bucket of 5 Apple Cider - RM68
Bucket of 5 Corona Extra - RM78
Bucket of 4 Erdinger Black 500mL - RM98


Dine on the freshest "live" seafood steamboat 

with our unique Drunken Herbal Pot soup.


Open for dinner daily from 5.00 PM

For reservations please call

+605 545 0384

Damansara Village@Lost World Ipoh
1A, Pesiaran Lagun Sunway 1
Sunway City Ipoh
31150 Ipoh


Farouk said...

patrick is it halal...? if it is i would like to be there having some meal... there was one chinese seafood restaurant somewhere in stulang laut, and i like the ketam goreng cili kering... wow.. dont know if it still there, it was 1998 when i fist taste the ketam...

patrickteoh said...

Hi Farouk. We do not have a HALAL certificate but our restaurant does NOT serve pork. And pork has never been brought into the kitchen. Our chicken which is used for the soup are from supermarkets so they are HALAL.

I must inform you though that Damansara Village@Lost World Ipoh serves seafood for steamboat and we do not serve the ketam that you mentioned. But our steamboat seafood is delicious so I hope you will come and try one day.

Thank you for your interest.

Anonymous said...

Patrick be careful of the raiders of Jakim.

Anyway, San Miguel beer should be halal since the owner is a Muslim son of our ex-PM, right?

Anonymous said...

...pollution comes to the forest....

patrickteoh said...

Anonymous 4:30 pm, I understand your concern totally. But actually we, have not touched any part of the rainforest by setting up our restaurant. What the owner of the land will do eventually is of course not within our control. Thank you for your concern.

Anonymous said...

it is still there. called genting restoran, I think

Anonymous said...

I don't eat live seafood,is there any others things to eat? Do you have self made fishball?

patrickteoh said...

Dear Anonymous 4:57 pm, yes we have a wide selection of processed items like fish balls, fish noodles etc. We also have paper-wrapped chicken and others. Do come and try.