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Monday, February 04, 2013


Have just got home from a fortnight's visit to Penang where I performed with the cast of Philadelphia, here I come. Thank you to all the Penang folks who came to support Malaysian theatre and am so glad that most of you enjoyed the show.

It's been a tiring start to the new year, 2013. Phew!!! So I am going to take a rest before coming back full-time on Facebook. To all my friends on Facebook, thank you for your support without which I would not have survived some really trying times.

And to all the Patrick Teoh 'haters' who came by on Facebook and vocalised their thoughts, outrage, anger and calls for homicide, thank you too.

You have given me a full hard look at my country. It is an eye-opening experience. Thank you. And yes, I will defend to the death your right to speak out just as I am sure some of you will do the same for me or anyone else. And that is why, other than the offending post, nothing has been shut down. Nothing has been deleted. Nothing has been covered up.


Anonymous said...

To all Patrick Teoh 'haters'...NIAMAH!!

Serious Shepherd said...

Your blog is better than Tan Keng Liang's that does not allow any comment so that I can ask him whether sexy girls are deemed sacred in Chinese community and part of 'adat resam' of the Chinese, or I can comment on his silence towards Jakim's anti-Valentine campaign.

Zak Zaidi said...

Patrick should know that he does not have the PDRM or MCMC immunity like Ibrahim Ali.

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear from you again Patrick and welcome back. Looking forward to reading more great stuff from your blog.

Anonymous said...

do what you need to do pat, i love your joke, it is just that you need to draw a line on something to make joke of... as a muslim myself you are forgiven for what you have done.. as a fan of yours... well you are funny... your critical jokes spot on... there are a lot more worth hating out there...

mitchell said...

Welcome back "The Voice",
Have a good rest and am looking forward to your "funnies"...To you and all Malaysians, "Gong Xi Fa Chai"

firdaus said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You should have stayed in Penang to oppa BN style with Auntie Yen Yen on CNY2.

Anonymous said...