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Monday, February 18, 2013

Gua tolong lu. Lu tolong gua.

Nah ambik. Now be grateful ya?

When Najib Razak made his famous "I help you, you help me" speech in Kuching we all thought that it was him who came up with that formula. Now it would appear that he didn't as it is a cultural thing. Well, according to Dr. Mahathir at least. The former Prime Minister said that it is part of Malay culture to help those who help them. He also warned that the country would face instability if this was not followed.

What nonsense la. It is not a Malay cultural thing. It is just good upbringing ma. The rule applies to Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Ibans, Bidayu and every Malaysian who is honest, intelligent and loyal. The only thing is that Malaysians be they Malay, Chinese, Indian or any other ethnicity must decide for themselves how much, if any, they have been helped by the person/s asking them for help in the last 50+ years. Right or not? If they have been helped then they will show their support for the persons/parties that helped them. Of course. 

But got help or not? Getting hand-outs during election time is help meh? It is quite insulting, handouts. Handouts are handed out to beggars. Malaysians are not beggars.



Anonymous said...

meantime, ask this kerala mamak where is the source of billions to fund his family acquisition of san miguel? yup, he expect the majority to be grateful for the RM500 which is equivalent to RM40 per month while billions are siphoned off. moreover, its a damnation on UMNO government for making majority earning less than 3,000 a month, which is barely above urban poverty level. ya, we should be thankful.

pROTon said...

His sons gets Petronas contracts,Bangsar Cows gets RM250,000,000... and Rakyat Malaysia gets only RM500!

Celaka MAHAthir yang PERKASA!!!

hjranie said...

hee, heee. Madeey kata itu budaya kita orang Melayu. Tapi Madeey bangsa apa?

Anonymous said...

That senile old man is talking cock! Better for him to shut up than spewing such nonsense!
The handouts are vote buying.A responsible govt will do whatever is neccesary for the people irrespective whether favour is expected or not.The people will know when to repay good deeds.
Setting conditions to offer help is no different from bribing.

Anonymous said...

Najib simply giving away money
This is criminal bribery
Saying with money Vote for Me
Add insult to injury
it is all our public money.
I will give the money to charity
And vote out Najib and company
When Pakatan Rakyat wins
I will be so happy.happy.happy.

Anonymous said...

Singapore & Hong Kong also got handouts maaa....

Anonymous said...

What a nonsense senile old man who wrote this blog..Trumphing Senile Mother Fucker

wmkon said...

like the railway man,mono mamak will suffer a massive heart attack within 24hrs after the next election.

Anonymous said...

agreed. niamah!

Anonymous said...

agreed.niamah bn.

Anonymous said...

This mamak niamah is desperate for attention... He will shoot his mouth off just so he maintains presence in the press and blogs. Why people bother to listen to him anyway is perplexing.

najib manaukau said...

This grand son of a pariah from Kerala, the shenanigan Mahathir, is NOT A MALAY, so for crying loud please don't speak for or even on behalf of the Malay. He is at best a mamak or just an Umno made Malay, he is not a Malay, period.
The shenanigan just wanted to be known as a Malay just to enable him to enrich himself and also to enjoy all the privileges of a Malay.
Take all these privileges away he would never ever want to be known as a Malay, look at Gandhi from his ancestor's land as an example. Gandhi married an Italian, why didn't he become an Italian or his children and descendants ? They all remain as Indians, or may be Gandhi was a Hindu and whereas this shenanigan Mahathir's ancestor is a muslim ? But the head of Syria is also a muslim he too married a white foreigner and he remains as a Syrian. These examples will go what will this shenanigan will do for money ! Most of all it goes to show what a scumbag and parasite he is. This shenanigan forgets that when he goes to meet his maker he will not only be unable to take along the billions illl gotten wealth with him. He will have to explain to him why and how he calls himself a Malay when only Allah alone can decide who is to be born a Malay, Chinese or a European, it is a choice not for the shenanigan to decide !

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 9:46 am

Singapore doesn't give handouts... They pay their citizens dividends to the tune of minimum SGD8,000 per household every single year. That is distribution of profits that the country makes from it's GLC's. Unlike in Malaysia, the GLC's lose money but politicians reap dividends nonetheless

Anonymous said...

His son who sold 'halal beer' is now the 13h richest scum in Bolehland.

Anonymous said...

Hello Patrick..

Just to note, yesterday, Dr M's facebook reached 2 Million supporters.. on the same day, Doctor Who (British Sci-fi/fantasy) reached 3 Million.. I think Dr M is in competition to beat Doctor Who lar... that's why all these jaguh kampung tactics..

Anonymous said...

Mahathir really means "Lu tolong gua, Lu GILA!". Of course it is 'lu tolong gua, gua tolong lu' when his cronies are involved.

Saya SetengahGila.

Anonymous said...

Why all of you so angry with Mahathir ? Is it because he did not make you or your mother becoming rich ? Be thankful lah Patrick - you are able to work at TV station also becaose of Mahathir including many other idiots here I(of coz you will delete my comment after all)

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